Hassle free WordPress development services

Trust the most popular CMS to build and manage a website for your business.

Hassle free WordPress development services

Full range of WordPress development services for you

As WordPress development Experts, we can build practically everything you want with this great tool. You have endless possibilities to grow.

Adding expertise to the WordPress infrastructure gives something unique.

Using Content Management is not about adding a lot of plugins that open the door to low performance and security risks. These are what we can do for you by reassuring you to offer most of the features custom to your vision.

Website and web application development
Website and web application development

We can use powerful features of Wordpress combine with our expertise to build a brand new solution for your business. There is room to work together on any web solution - Corporate website, eCommerce or web application. Our team can offer you what you need to enjoy using WordPress.

Custom design or plugins development
Custom design or plugins development

Almost 100% of the template that you get online has additional features that might harm your business. For instance, creators added plugins or extra code that you don’t necessarily need. If you want something custom for your business, we can work together. We can build WordPress design and plugins from scratch. Moreover, based on your specifications, you have the guarantee of unicity.

Website redesign or Migration from other CMS
Website redesign or Migration from other CMS

It comes a time when you feel like the technology you are using is not what you taught. For instance, some CMS will make you spend much time on maintenance or coding. If you want to move to WordPress or want to redesign your website, let work together. We have the perfect migration and redesign plan for you.  

Website redesign or Migration from other CMS

Why should you use WordPress

There are endless reasons that make WordPress the best tool for your business. Below are six advantages

Open-source CMS
Open-source CMS

The fact that you have access to all the code of WordPress for customization is advantageous. For instance, as an Open-source CMS, you mix it the way to want.

Free for Download
Free for Download

The open-source version of WordPress is free. You can get it on the wordpress.org platform. The only thing you will pay is web hosting and development services.

A large community working on it
A large community working on it

One of the advantages of working with a Community is each one contribution. WordPress opened doors to contributors. And those contributors are working daily to make it remain the best

The simplicity of the platform
The simplicity of the platform

WordPress is one of the most straightforward software you will ever find. For instance. The default version of WordPress has less than ten tables for the database. Adding to that, anyone can manage it.

Flexibility in customization
Flexibility in customization

With development skills, transforming WordPress to adapt to a business goal is easy. Unlike the widespread habit that people have to install plugins for each feature, you can have everything custom on your website.

Well-documented CMS
Well-documented CMS

Just by using WordPress as a business owner, you can get to learn a little bit about web development. WordPress has opened documentation easy to understand. It is available online and updated regularly.

Do you want to know why you should work with us?

As experts in Website development with expertise in WordPress, we offer excellent services. Our primary purpose is to maximize conversion and improve your website performance. Below are three reasons to work with us.

We build WordPress based on data

The idea behind having a website is to have more sales or leads. And with more than 1 billion websites, currently on the internet, you need more than a site to achieve that. We offer you a personalized strategy that facilitates your growth.

Get a plugin less website

Too many plugins will kill your site. For instance, when the number of plugins you use is excessive, you have less control over security and performance. As an expert, we offer you the ability to build most of the features of your WordPress website from scratch.

Custom design development

We help you maintain the integrity of your WordPress site and achieve what you want with custom design development. With experiences working on WordPress for more than nine years, we can work together on any WordPress related project

Want to build a WordPress website today?

Want to build a WordPress website today?

We provide a website, 100% responsive, SEO ready and fully secure.

Trusted by the experts

What Customers Are Saying

Several companies have trusted us for their website development projects. Below some testimonials.

What are the steps to build a WordPress website?

There are generally 7 phases in website or software development. And those phases are the following:

  • 1- We analyze your business. Our team takes some time to understand the purpose of your website, your goal and your target audience.
  • 2- We draw a plan for your website. We define the sitemap, the structure and the technology.
  • 3- We design your website. Our team works with you to choose together on the wireframe model, visual style and usability of the User Interface.
  • 4- Content of your website. We use modern techniques such as Google Trends, keywords planners to find the right wording related to your industry.
  • 5- We develop your website. We use WordPress and all the great features that it offers to build your website.
  • 6- Testing of your website. There is no way we can develop a website without making any mistakes. That is the reason why we make sure to test all the features during the WordPress development process.
  • 7- Deployment of your website. Once we complete the development of your website, we deploy it to your server. And within the previous weeks or months, we keep an eye on your website to make that you achieve your goals.

Can I use WordPress for my eCommerce Business?

Yes, you can use WordPress for your eCommerce Business? As mention above, WordPress is one of the tools that allows you to build any web solutions. With this software, you have access to a feature called WooCommerce, specially made for website owners that want to start selling online. The feature is available for free in the form of plugins. You can, for example, download it directly from your WordPress Dashboard, or you can go on the WooCommerce website. In case, it is an option that you want for your website, and we might have to check if your current design support WooCommerce. If that is the case, upon activation and configuration of WooCommerce, you will be able to generate pages for your shop. Otherwise, we can make some changes to your template.

How secure is WordPress for Website development?

Opinion about the security of WordPress may differ from one person to another. But the fact is, for any website, security threat comes when we don't take time to secure some aspects. For instance, to improve the security of your website, you need to avoid too many plugins, respect some basic best practices, and so on. That is the reason why you need to make sure to work with Experts that understand the value of the security. These are some essential security measure that you need to follow to ensure that your WordPress website is secure:

  • 1 - Minimize the number of plugins. One of the advantages of WordPress that turn out to be a problem is that you have easy access to free plugins. Because it is free, many people tend to install plugins for any little feature. The more you avoid overloading your website with plugins, the more you have control over security.
  • 2 - Update your Wordpress website and plugins regularly. Applying updates on a WordPress website is easy and straightforward. Unlike many CMS, you don't need technical skills to achieve that. However, if you don't make sure to apply updates, you are exposing your website with the security threat. As you probably know, each new version comes with security updates.
  • 4- Moreover, the WordPress dashboard can notify you if a particular plugin is not up-to-date.
  • 5- protect your forms with Captcha - Captcha will automatically block spammers from sending emails through your forms.
  • 6- Use SSL certificate encrypts communication between your web server and your user browsers.

Can I move my HTML website to WordPress?

Yes, you can move your HTML website to WordPress. For instance, as an expert in WordPress development, we usually build a WordPress template using HTML design. If you currently have your site on HTML, moving it to WordPress will be the same process. And by achieving that, you can have the same design if you want with more customization options. Contrary to your current website, you can, for example, edit your content from WordPress dashboard, add extra features to your website, and improve your website ranking. The steps to move to WordPress will be as follow: Creating a new website using the CMS, copy your content in WordPress database and create a template with your current design.

Some of our recents projects

As professional full-stack developers specialized in Custom website, mobile application and software, we contributed widely in the completion of this wonderful project. The Owner entrusted us with the project, and we were so delighted to offer a solution that can help generate more sales for their business.

All you will get with our services

We are partner to your success online. We want to ensure that you get more income from your website. See some of our features.

1 year free hosting

If you don't yet have a server, Prositeweb Inc can host your website for one year without any additional charges. That will also help in the update and monitoring any issues that may arise.

2 hours Training

To help have full control over your website, we provide 2 hours of comprehensive training on how to use WordPress. Our training session will teach you all you need to know about WordPress.

Third-party Integration

We will assist you with the connexion of your website to any third-party software of your choice. We have experience with API integration. Some of the tools are email marketing tools, CRM or Projects management software

Our Services

Our professionals in web development, eCommerce and management tools offer you unique and personalized services based on your company needs.

CMS Integration

Are you looking for a professional agency for your CMS Integration? Let work together. We have experience in CMSs like WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, Drupal. If you have your template and want to implement it, our team can work with you.

MailChimp API Integration

We connect your Website to your MailChimp account through API. Are you using MailChimp as your email marketing tool? Let work together. In fact, as professional full-stack developers, we helped various companies to configure their account.

Website maintenance

Do you need website maintenance on your current website? We can work together. With experiences in various tools, we can both maintain your CMS or Framework. Some of our maintenance services are SEO, speed optimization, regular updates.

website optimization

Are you looking for website optimization services? Let work together. No one will like to stay on a website longer if it is not fast. For instance, the more your website is slow, the more you stand a chance of losing all your customers. At Prositeweb Inc, we help you to improve the load time for a better conversion rate.

Website security

Website security is vital for the protection of your data and those of your customers. At Prositeweb Inc, we build only fully secure websites. We can secure your website with an SSL certificate or third-party tools.

WordPress Template Development

A WordPress template bought from the themes market can come with various features that you may not like. Additionally, extra features could make your website less performant. At Prositeweb Inc, we build a WordPress template from scratch. All you will need is either a PSD design file or an HTML template.

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