Website design: You may be eligible for website design at a lower cost

Conception de site web : Vous pourriez être éligible à la conception d'un site web à moindre coût

Do you want to design a website for less? We tell you how to do it with the Government of Canada program. Combined with this offer, we offer you a discount throughout March. If you knew, as part of the economic recovery, the Government of Canada and several provincial governments have introduced aid. This government aid is aimed, among other things, at companies in need of assistance to relaunch their activity better. We are particularly interested in offers in the digital field.

Why help companies design a website at a lower cost?

Designing a web solution is not always within reach of all companies. Indeed, the costs can relatively climb, especially if you want a customized solution. Government supply can help cushion costs and better prepare for digital.

Having a website is essential for all companies wishing to position themselves better today. It gives you the ability to hit a more prominent target while drastically reducing your time doing certain things. You could for example:

  • Automate the ordering process
  • Detail your offers and services
  • Automate the delivery process

We can work with you to organize a solution that best suits your needs. You can discover via this link the services we offer.

Who can benefit from the government offer?

To benefit from the offer to create a website at a lower cost, you must meet the following conditions:

Combine the government offer with our offer

To contribute to the economic recovery of Canadian businesses, we are offering you a $2,000 rebate on the cost of designing your website. This offer could allow you to have a solution that best fits your business objectives.

You can contact us using either a phone number or the contact form to benefit.

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