Online training on how to use of WordPress

Learn how to manage and optimize your website

With our WordPress training workshop, you will be able to learn the basics necessary for the configuration and use of WordPress. For instance, you will also have the opportunity to understand the usefulness of extensions. The final goal of this first workshop is to get used to the WordPress tool and its advantages.

Workshop schedule

During the training, we will cover several aspects of WordPress. You will, for example, learn the following:

Introduction and animation of pages

It will be a question of understanding how to update its content in WordPress.

Make basic configuration under WordPress

The purpose of this section is to inform you about the necessary settings, modifications and available features. You will be able to make some essential changes.

Choice and installation of web themes

This part will aim to learn how to choose a subject and install it on WordPress. You will understand the different methods to do it.

Extensions and Utility

This section will be about understanding the use of extensions for a website. Through a series of examples, we will learn how extensions can facilitate the creation of a website. We will also see the drawback of specific extensions.

Widgets in WordPress creation

We will learn the utility and how to use widgets in WordPress website creation. You will have the opportunity to see where to use them and when to use them.

Creation of pages and categories

It will be a question of learning how to create a static page or pages dedicated to groups. This part will be more focused on the design already present in the chosen theme.

Personalization of pages and unique design

We will see via this part how to personalize a page. You will also learn the basic techniques for editing a page or adding functionality.

Tools for training

To be able to take the training, here are the things you need:

a computer

a computer

To access the online training



To be able to follow the instructor

Broadband internet

Broadband internet

Training is online and requires internet

Training Software (to be provided)

Training Software (to be provided)

We will send you the link for the software after registration