PrestaShop is a web application for managing e-commerce content. Foremost, it is open-source software; however, for the average user, this point seems to have little interest because it is mainly about the availability of the source code to the public. But in practice, software that is open source can also be tailored and customized to your company's needs and services.

What is PrestaShop use?

We will give the role of PrestaShop in two main points:First, it is an online platform that allows users to create an e-commerce presence, enabling them to sell products and services over the internet to an online audience. Business owners who want to take their company online can use PrestaShop to build their website, add features and thus collect payments with SumUp. PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce platform, just like WooCommerce. This means that the original source code of the software has been made available to the public. This also means that users can customize the software to their individual needs, and can therefore continually improve and update what is offered. The software is written in the PHP programming language and is released under the Open Software License.

What is the particularity of PrestaShop?

The unique feature is that there is also a trial version that you can test. This is a massive bonus for potential PrestaShop customers, allowing you to explore the platform, discover the features and get used to the software before committing to it.On the other hand, the extent of support they offer is encouraging for an e-commerce platform. The company provides training for new merchants and developers. You can therefore take courses, in person or online, to familiarize yourself with the software. In addition, they also have very active forums where users can discuss updates and new features, as well as share tips and tricks with the community. Customers automatically receive three months of integration support by purchasing the Sum Up payment integration.

Some advantages

Simple installation

It is easy to install. On the official website, you can download the file. Once you have downloaded the file, creating a responsive and functional online store is just a few clicks away.Relatively affordable price: It has an open-source shopping cart that is free. Merchants looking for a minimal investment can depend on PrestaShop because it is open-source and free software. Easy and intuitive customization: it is straightforward to customize a shopping site. Depending on your needs, it is also easy to add or even remove features. It is, therefore, very flexible, so it is easy to customize specific store areas when developing an eCommerce site. Easy to use: PrestaShop custom design is convenient and straightforward. No technical knowledge is required here to manage a PrestaShop online store. It has a simple design and a user-friendly back-end interface. Secure payment: the main attraction of PrestaShop lies in its reliable and convenient price. They use payment options such as Google Checkout and PayPal. These payment methods are secure, and there is no concern for fraudulent activity.

The disadvantages

One can see a disadvantage:Limited evolution: limited evolution is a significant drawback of PrestaShop that should not be neglected. This e-commerce platform is suitable for small and medium-sized stores. But PrestaShop is not the ideal choice when the platform needs to expand. Unprofessional design: for the low-budget store, PrestaShop has a decent arrangement. However, the plan is not attractive or even suitable for department stores. It is because PrestaShop designs lack a professional touch, even though they have essential functions. No official support: we will not find any PrestaShop experts or support team. This is one of the main drawbacks of this e-commerce platform. However, users don't consider this a disadvantage because there are more than 700,000 active members who always support users whenever confusion arises.

How to start using PrestaShop?

To start using PrestaShop, you must go to the site and click "Start." Then you need to enter your email address, password and store name. Even if you install PrestaShop on your computer, you must also have a server on which you will store all the files and information of your online store. On a Mac, MAMP is a well-known and widely used local server. You can download it for free.


PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to pay for goods, receive payments, or even send and receive money. It is the undisputed world leader in online payment. This bank belongs to the leading eBay group. And generally allows you to send and receive payments online. PayPal is therefore an issuer of electronic money and not a bank, and therefore does not offer bank cards, remunerated accounts, or other financial services.

What is PayPal used for?

PayPal is an American company used to offer online payment service systems worldwide. The platform also serves as an alternative to payment by check or credit card. The site operates here as a payment method for e-commerce sites, auctions and other commercial uses for which they receive a fee in exchange for profit such as a one-click transaction and a registration of a password. The PayPal payment system, which is also called PayPal, is therefore considered to be a payment platform.

What is special about PayPal?

PayPal has the particularity of helping to protect your credit card information thanks to the best systems on the market for security and fraud prevention. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never communicated to the merchant, this is one of the peculiarities of PayPal.

The benefits of PayPal

The advantages of PayPal are numerous and diverse, we can mention:
  • Secured.
  • No charges.
  • You don't need to insert your credit card number on suspicious sites.
  • PayPal is used both on PayPal and several other merchant sites such as Cdiscount for example.
  • If you do not receive your item after paying by PayPal, you are automatically refunded.
  • By using PayPal, you receive your money directly and do not waste time with unnecessary trips to the bank.

The disadvantages of PayPal

PayPal not only has advantages, it also has several disadvantages including:
  • Using PayPal may seem incomprehensible at first.
  • If your password is stolen, anyone will be able to make purchases without your permission. It is therefore essential to choose a fairly complicated and non-intuitive password.
  • Another of the disadvantages not to be overlooked: these are the fees and commissions charged if you do not pay in euros or if you do not make purchases in the EEA, this unlike a credit card which is theoretically accepted everywhere

How do I start using PayPal?

Creating a PayPal account is done in a few minutes and very simple. All you have to do is enter your contact details and your credit card number. So, in this way, you will never have to indicate it again. Once the PayPal account is created, just browse eBay looking for the products that suit you. If any of them interest you, it will be enough to bid or make a purchase immediately. Finally, to pay, you will need to connect to PayPal and click on the payment validation button. Thus, your credit card will be debited without you even needing to bother to insert the codes.

web host

A web host is a service provider or company that provides internet servers for publishers or website owners. Servers are storage spaces for files of a website, which will be distributed on the Internet and seen by all Internet users. These spaces are composed of memory, hard disk and operating system. A host therefore allows you, among other things, to make your domain name accessible to all Internet users and in addition to having servers, the web host also ensures the security of all the files stored on the servers. He installs, updates and takes care of the maintenance of the servers. Below are some projects or articles related to web hosting.

What is a web host used for?

The web host offers you a storage space on a server continuously connected to the Internet or has various tools to configure it, FTP access to release data and an SSL certificate in order to secure it. The principle is therefore simple, the owners of the website deposit their data on the servers of the web host, and the latter therefore ensures that it is put online. In addition, he ensures that the content reaches Internet users 24 hours a day. It also provides other services like backing up websites and managing servers.

What is the particularity of the web host?

In addition to having servers, the web host also ensures the security of all files stored on the servers. He installs, updates and takes care of the maintenance of the servers. They also offer server management, IT support, or security solutions (anti-virus, anti-hacking, website backup, etc. They can also support customers in setting up and using servers. The type of hosting depends on how the information or even the files of your website and / or blog will be stored on the server but also, it can depend on the type of technology used, available resources, etc.

The different types of web hosting

A web host can provide four types of web hosting, namely:
  • shared hosting
Hosting is shared when several websites (from 1000 up to 3000) share a single and unique server.
  • VPS hosting
Virtual Private Server hosting offers a server shared by about twenty sites. Each site gets the same amount of space and memory on the server.
  • Dedicated hosting
This is a solution that offers a single server for a single website. It is intended for sites that need an ultra-efficient confidentiality system.
  • Cloud Hosting
It is a type of hosting that offers the possibility of using the resources of several servers on an identical network. It has increased computer security.

A few reasons why one needs hosting.

  • Hosting your website on a server will undoubtedly allow you to make it accessible to everyone via the Internet.
  • We are going to call on companies specializing in this field for two main reasons: reliability and cost.
  • Indeed, the (good) hosting companies first had to make substantial investments to obtain powerful and reliable servers.
  • Then, these hosts will offer to rent us part of their server, or even an entire server in some cases, so that we can place our installation there.
  • We can compare this process to MRI (medical imaging) for example: the machines used to make MRIs are extremely expensive. So when you have to have an MRI, you're not going to buy the machine yourself; you will rather go to a specialized clinic, and pay a certain price for the use of this machine.
  • The hosts, in addition to having very powerful servers and connections, will generally also offer third-party services such as customer service at your service, automatic installations of certain software, access to ready-made site themes, etc.

web server

The expression Web server (also known as http server), refers to any type of server that allows Web content to be distributed over the Internet or Intranet. As part of a computer network, the web server transmits documents (from a web page to a browser for example) to what is called a client. In other words, the expression web server can in general refer to two different things: either the software of a web server, or the machine on which the program is executed. When it comes to the second definition, we generally speak of a host or a host (such a host can house several Web server programs).

What is the web server used for?

A web server is basically used to save web content and also to ensure its accessibility to users in a safe way. When you load an Internet address into your web browser, what you see on a page is always sent to your computer from a web server. For a website to be accessible at all times, the web server on which it is hosted must be permanently connected to the Internet. On the other hand, if you want to launch a website on the Internet, you must therefore use a web server. Large companies and organizations very often have their own web servers for their intranet and internet content. Most website administrators very often use data centers hosted by Internet service providers. It doesn't matter if you have a dedicated server or rent one externally, you will always need software to manage a website's data and keep it available to stakeholders. To do this, you can choose from many web server management programs designed for different operating systems and application areas.

What is special about web server?

A web server has the distinction of being a program that accepts requests for information and sends the required documents.

The benefits of web server

Web servers have the advantage of being able to store many websites and fully control their infrastructure. The web server here benefits from high-level security. Moreover, as you and your collaborators are the only ones to have access to this server, you have very little if not even no chance of being hacked. Another advantage of web servers is that it is much more stable and efficient than a shared server because it belongs to a single owner.

The disadvantages of web server

The first and biggest disadvantage of a web server is its price. This type of server is generally expensive and not available to everyone. Before opting for this solution, it is necessary to determine if it will really solve your problem.

How to start using web server?

To get started with the Web server, you must first open the Port Forwarding section (or NAT/Virtual Server or its equivalent, the name varies according to the manufacturer). In the Application field, type Web Server and in the IP Address column, enter the IP address of the PC that hosts your Web server. If you want to visit a website, you must therefore enter the corresponding Internet address in a browser. In other words, the browser sends a request to the web server and the latter sends it a response in the form of an HTML page.

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