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27 January 2023 / npgilblas

The options we include in our web design services

Our web design services give you the opportunity to develop an online presence. In this article, we explain the options that we include in our services. Before we start, we'll briefly talk about what you need to create a website. Then we will see our offer and what you must bring either in the form of physical or financial participation.

Elements necessary for the creation of a website

To create a website or website for online sales, you usually need:

  • A domain name. Your address on the internet. It is usually a number and letter combination with a name that symbolizes your brand. As an example of a domain name, we can cite https://www.prositeweb.ca/ or google.ca.
  • Your storage space or the web server. It is a physical or virtual location where you must put your website data. On a web server, we can find the photos, the programming files of your website, the videos, your email addresses…
  • A solution for creating your website. Our web design services include the proposal of the best tools for your website. On the web market, there are several types of solutions. These solutions include content managers (CMS), frameworks and programming languages. CMS and Frameworks often derive from programming languages.
  • Marketing solutions or external resources. To stand out from the competition, you sometimes need marketing tools to analyze your website data. Therefore, these tools can help promote your business better.
  • The designs or the pattern. This is usually the visual of your website. Indeed, to facilitate the understanding of your activities, you must create a structured model that explains your services and products.
  • Extensions which are features that you can add to your website to speed up the development process or better manage your website . In this case, we could talk about contact forms, tools for performance.
  • Your content.

What we include in our web design services

When you agree to work with us, we offer you a set of resources for your project. In the list of items above, prositeweb offers

  • Accommodation. We have web servers that we offer to our customers. You can host your website at Prositeweb from $10 per month.
  • The connection to marketing solutions. Our team helps you connect your website to marketing resources such as Google Analytics or Facebook. We are also able to advise you on the various resources that can better propel your activities.
  • The design or template for your website. We generally have three approaches to website design. Initially, we can use your description to create a design that fits your needs. Alternatively, we can suggest external templates that we will purchase for your website. The last option will be to create a custom template for your web project.
  • Extensions. We have already selected extensions for various website features. Our team has also had the opportunity to create several extensions that we use for our clients' projects.

What you need to provide to speed up the development process

To speed up the development process of your web project, we will need:

  • Content for your website. You must provide us with the texts and photos
  • The list of items you want to include.
  • The domain name. We will discuss with you to buy one or make the necessary configurations on your domain name.