Development of online stores.

We support you through the process of planning and designing your online store with WooCommerce. Our work will consist, among other things, of choosing the excellent tools, developing as needed and integrating.


Development of extensions and modules

You can quickly boost the quality of your website with extensions. Indeed, an extension or a module is an application independent of the theme, making it possible to fulfill a set of tasks. Contact us to find out more.


Redesign or migration of your store to WooCommerce

The world of the web is evolving. Your business should become too. This is why we offer you the redesign or migration. Migration can be beneficial when you no longer like the current solution.


Consultation and custom development.

You can contact us for the support of your online store. We do, among other things, custom development, modifications and the choice of tools to improve your website. Contact us for a free evaluation.


Are you looking for the ideal solution for your online store?

We can work with you to set up and manage your online store. We have worked with Canadian companies’ in-store design for nearly six years.


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Several clients have trusted us and are satisfied with our services. Check out some testimonials.

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I have collaborated with the Prositeweb team on several projects and I have never been disappointed. Honest, affordable and highly professional, they are the CMS experts in Montreal.

Some testimonials
Theodore Rigas

Having worked with Prositeweb for several months, I recommend it thanks to its responsiveness and expertise in development/Full Stack/Magento. They have a team of experts in E-Commerce.

Some testimonials
Edgard You

Some tools we use to design websites

Prositeweb usually develops personalized websites using modern tools available on the market. The choice of a tool often depends on the type of project and the customers’ needs.



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WooCommerce Payment

WooCommerce Payment

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Most used tool in the design of online stores.

If you want to design an online store, WooCommerce could be the ideal solution. Indeed, the WordPress extension offers multiple features that place it at the top of web tools. You can, for example, convert your corporate website into a store in minutes. In addition, if necessary, you can access a bank of tools to propel your store.

A large community of developers

The strength of WordPress and these tools is its community. Indeed, with thousands of contributors worldwide, you have the assurance that you are not alone. In case of need, you will always find a developer to help. For this reason, the platform also has revolutionary web design tools.

Several out-of-the-box features

If you are looking for a platform that offers ready-made tools, you must help with this online store option. Indeed, via the extension or theme tab, you will easily find tools that you can use to launch your store. To make sales online, you don’t always need to engage in complex development. This is why opting for an easy and fast platform can help.

Simple to use even for non-developers.

You don’t need to be a web expert in navigating through WordPress. Tabs are easy to understand by default. In addition, the documentation is very precise. Unless your website developer takes a different approach, you’ll have less difficulty adapting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? We have put together a set of questions we usually receive from our customers and visitors. If you still need an answer after going through the list, consider contacting us.

WooCommerce is an open-source content management system that can help you build your online store. It uses WordPress and is among the best software you can find for your e-commerce business. It provides various features which can help in having a website.

The cost of a Magento site depends on your projects, features and sustainable vision. At Prositeweb, we estimate a minimum of 40 hours to build an excellent WordPress site. Therefore, if we use our hourly rate, you may need to spend at least CAD 3,200 on your website. It is essential to point out that the price of a website depends on whoever builds it. A freelancer may charge less and offer fewer options for adding features. Whereas with an agency, you have a team of professionals who care for various aspects of your project.

The way WooCommerce works is straightforward. If you have a WordPress website, you can install WooCommerce by searching the extensions tab. Once installed and activated, you can prepare your products and add them to your website. It would be a pleasure to provide training on how to use WooCommerce. Contact us to find out more about the terms and conditions

WooCommerce is a great solution to start selling online. It’s easy to install. Indeed, WooCommerce is an extension grafted onto an already existing WordPress site. Thanks to this world-famous solution, you don’t need to worry too much about the complexity of programming a store. You will easily find extensions that can allow you to do a set of things.

First of all, WooCommerce is not automatically compatible with all WordPress themes. Then, it does not necessarily adapt to extensive e-commerce sites either. So, if your business requires selling thousands of products and more, you will need to opt for a more complex e-commerce platform. It should also be noted that certain notions in web development may be required to obtain an online store that perfectly reflects your business. This is the reason why you must turn to professionals to assist you.

The server is the fundamental difference between WooCommerce available through self-managed WordPress and WooCommerce available through Indeed, with the version under, you do not have to worry about hosting or server updates. However, with the version, you have more flexibility when making adjustments to your website.

WooCommerce has a community of developers who collaborate to ensure the application’s progress. The simplicity of WooCommerce is such that many developers find it fun to work with daily. You will always find someone to help you with your online store projects under WooCommerce. However, the person you work with will determine how good your outcome will be.

We have been working with several clients for almost five years. Our relationships begin with their website design. After having developed your solution, we remain at your disposal for any need relating to the development, maintenance, updating or redesign.

Other technologies

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