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Web Design with your customer in mind. Modern web design is more involved than creating an attractive website. Consideration of user experience, search engine optimization, ease of use, and technical details are just a few elements that are involved.

  • Responsive Website Design
  • User Experience Design
  • CMS and e-Commerce Integration
  • Website Content Strategy
  • Cross Browser and Platform Testing
  • Usability and Competition Analysis
Our process

Our web development process


Deep Analysis

We collect information about your website objectives and your target audience



Planification de la structure du plan du site et des technologies à utiliser



Development of the visual style and usability of the user interface



Process of choosing the right texts, photos and videos



Creation of the website using different technologies and design of agile devices


Tests and validations

Code testing, browser compatibility and website goal achievement testing



Post-launch website monitoring, future maintenance and bug fixes

What our shopify ecommerce agency can do for you

We are an expert agency offering tailor-made websites. We offer tailored solutions for better positioning on search engines. Contact us today and we will help you establish specifications to better assist you.

Design of your shopify e-commerce or website redesign

Our Shopify website development agency works with you to plan and design your online store. Indeed, our team accompanies you throughout the process of setting up your eCommerce.

Development of modules and functionalities

You may not find the modules you want on Shopify store. In this case, a project manager will assess with you the possibility of developing a personalized tool. We can also help you develop the themes.

Migrating your online store to Shopify

Sometimes the solution you use seems less suited to your needs. Shopify gives you out-of-the-box features that make it easy to reach your potential customers. We can help you migrate from another solution to Shopify.

Technical Support and Consulting

Running an online store can require an investment of time and resources. Our agency offers to accompany you throughout the process. We are at your disposal, for example, for updates and changes.

No need to worry about server management or updates

Creating and managing a website with Shopify is relatively easy. Indeed, you usually have to create an account and follow a few steps to configure your website. Server updates are not your responsibility.

An online store design template that has won over several merchants and developers

Thousands of merchants migrate their online store to Shopify simply because the solution offers several facilities. First of all, you will easily find web developers to assist you. And, the parent company has technical support that encourages traders. There is also the simplicity with which you can modify on your store. Working with a Shopify website development agency like ours helps you better position yourself against the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? We have compiled a set of questions that we usually receive from our customers and visitors. If after going through the list you still need an answer, contact us. You can follow us on our LinkedIn account to earn promotions on our products and services.

Shopify is a proprietary e-commerce platform built on a SaaS model that allows users to build and operate their online stores. As a business, you can use Shopify to build your website without worrying about out-of-the-box hosting and feature complexity.

To use Shopify, you need to follow the next step: — Create an account, buy a template and get the apps you need to complete your store. We can work with you to plan and develop a strategy that will allow you to create a successful online store.

The cost of a Shopify site depends on several factors and who you entrust with your project. Indeed, several elements can be taken into account in the development of an online store. For this fact, the factors can influence the cost. Prositeweb Inc. Rates At Prositeweb, we estimate a minimum of 40 hours to build an excellent WordPress site. Therefore, if we use our hourly rate, you may need to spend at least CAD 3,200 on your website. It is essential to point out that the price of a website can vary from one developer to another. A freelancer may charge less and offer fewer options when it comes to adding features. Whereas with a Shopify website development agency like ours, you have a team of professionals who take care of various aspects of your project.

You cannot host Shopify on your web server. The owners fully manage the server and all native Shopify functionality. All you can do is create your account, install your templates and apps.

Shopify is a relatively popular and growing solution. The most important advantage of this solution is that you don't have to manage or maintain a server. Here are some benefits: — A less expensive solution. Subscription Shopify's starting subscription is $14 per month. This amount is lower than a self-hosted solution that requires you to manage the server. Technical Support It's relatively easy to get a member of the Shopify team on the phone or by email with a problem with your store. The community There is a growing community of developers interested in Shopify. For the past few years, Shopify has developed a commission model to encourage developers to join their concept.

Developing a website with Shopify depends on many criteria: the complexity of your projects, your requirements, the content you provide, the approach you choose, etc. In our experience, this can take anywhere from one month to four months. Delays in development are usually caused by lack of content or a misunderstanding of expectations.

Shopify has a large community of developers who work together to keep the software moving forward. The simplicity of the CMS is such that many developers find it fun to work on it on a daily basis. You will always find someone to help you with your Shopify projects. However, the person you work with will determine how good your outcome will be. Working with a Shopify website development agency that is familiar with the tool and apps can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Yes. Our Shopify Website Development Agency's work with you doesn't stop after the development process. We are always available to help you with your website. Plus, we offer three months of free support to fix any bugs or issues on your website.

Do you have a project in mind! do not hesitate to contact us.

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We have received your message and will contact you soon.

Thank you for choosing prositeweb, your web development agency in Montreal. Please call us at +1 (514) 548-2165 if you need immediate support.

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