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PHP web development  agency in Montréal

Do you have a development project for your website or application?

We are a team of full-stack developers with many years of experience in website development and management. Our team can put its expertise to work to help you stand out from the competition.

Development of websites and online stores.

Prositeweb combines its expertise in PHP with several derivative products to design unique solutions for businesses. Indeed, we have expertise in content management and framework.

Development of modules and functionalities

We have several years of expertise in developing modules for websites and applications. Our team is, for example, able to work with you on more or less complex projects.

Development of templates for websites

We mainly use PHP to make websites dynamic. Indeed, during our web development process, we can combine this programming language with other languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS to develop a tailor-made solution.

Creation of web applications or APIs

When it comes to developing a web application or an API, PHP is very efficient. It offers several features that allow companies to create even the most complex solutions. For example, platforms like WordPress, Facebook uses the PHP programming language.

Do you have a development project for your website or application?

We are a team of full-stack developers with many years of experience in website development and management. Our team can put its expertise to work to help you stand out from the competition.

Some testimonials

Several clients have trusted us and are satisfied with our services. Check out some testimonials.

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I have collaborated with the Prositeweb team on several projects and I have never been disappointed. Honest, affordable and highly professional, they are the CMS experts in Montreal.

Some testimonials
Theodore Rigas

Having worked with Prositeweb for several months, I recommend it thanks to its responsiveness and expertise in development/Full Stack/Magento. They have a team of e-commerce experts.

Some testimonials
Edgard You

Some tools we use to design websites

Prositeweb usually develops custom websites using modern tools available on the market. The choice of a tool often depends on the type of project and the client’s needs.

Symfony is therefore a PHP framework (web programming language) used to develop applications or websites. It is considered as one of the best framework in the creation of web application because it allows to obtain more flexibility

What is Symfony used for?

Symfony is a PHP framework (web programming language), it is used for the development of applications or websites. It is therefore considered as one of the best framework in the creation of web application because it allows to obtain more flexibility. It is also quite easy to learn, thanks to the many documentations available online. Moreover, the debugging tool on Symfony is very powerful. Debugging is used here to identify and fix your faults in the code. This tool therefore saves you considerable time in the development phase of your application. Symfony is therefore a powerful PHP framework used to develop complex or even high-end web applications or websites. Relatively easy to access, Symfony is a set of components or “libraries” that facilitate web development by considerably reducing the time and effort required to create components for the development of a website.

What is special about symfony?

Symfony has the particularity to meet any of your needs for a website. Where a more traditional CMS will meet 70% of your needs, providing sometimes superfluous functionalities or requiring additional customization work, Symfony will meet 95% of your highly customizable needs.

The advantages of symfony

The main advantage that Symfony offers us lies simply in the fact that it is a framework that allows us to save quite a lot of development time. Once you master Symfony, you quickly understand how essential it is. This is therefore a significant help in the organization of our project. The Symfony framework thus prepares the ground by providing a certain structure, thus allowing us to have an organized, well-structured and therefore “tidy” code. A correct and organized architecture is therefore more than necessary today, especially if you are not alone in working on the project. Second, an important point that should not be overlooked is the community. All the developers know it besides, when one codes, Internet is our most faithful friend. In this case with Symfony no problem. It is therefore one of the most used frameworks, the community is very active. As soon as you encounter a problem that you are unable to correct, you can therefore question the community, thus using the framework normally allowing you to be unblocked fairly quickly.

Disadvantages of symfony

Symfony does not only have the advantages, but all the time, if there is a disadvantage with Symfony, it is learning. From the start, this disadvantage can quickly discourage you and cause you to give up. It is more complicated to learn this framework than the language on which it works. The language is therefore quite heavy and complex to handle. You should still know that today there is a symfony agency that can support you in the development of your web project. Finally, not everyone will benefit from using this framework. Due to its size, it is more intended for large projects and does not correspond to small projects, which is why you will not use it, for example, if you want to create a simple website.

How to start using symfony?

To get started with the Symfony framework, you need a few prerequisites, among these prerequisites, we can mention having a minimum knowledge of Object Oriented Programming Understanding how the MVC structure works (Symfony is based on this architecture) If you have already these prerequisites, then you can easily start with Symfony. On the other hand, by their structures, the frameworks can be complicated to handle at the beginning. It is for this reason that it is necessary to have some prerequisites when one wishes to use it. Symfony is a framework written in PHP. It is therefore essential that you have a good foundation in PHP, especially in programming.

A language ranked among the best in the web world

It is a language ranked 7ᵉ among other web design tools. Many content managers or web design frameworks use PHP. As an example, we can cite tools such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Laravel or Symfony.

Combine PHP with our expertise to achieve your goals

We have over 10 years of experience in PHP development. In addition, our team has had the opportunity to work on quite complex projects. For this fact, you can count on us if you are looking for a team to work with Frameworks or CMS. You can also rely on us for development from scratch.

A proven development approach

We have a proven web development approach. You can discover more about our approach via this link. In addition to our approach, we are constantly in learning mode to allow our customers to always stand out from the competition.

Do you have a project in mind?

Get a free evaluation for your WordPress project. Through a series of questions, we will email you a document with the steps we will take. You will also find the costs associated with your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? We have put together a set of questions we usually receive from our customers and visitors. If you still need an answer after going through the list, consider contacting us.

We talk about a custom website when we customize the web design relative to your needs. When we work with a content management system or a Framework, we define the project in line with the expected results. The process is different with a custom website; we first understand your purpose, choose the tool that best suits your needs and finally do the customization.

The time required to create a custom website depends on various parameters: your needs, your functionalities, the type of website and even the options you want to include. We estimate 1-3 months to build a great website. The time may vary depending on who is doing what. Among other things, if you provide content or photos for your site, it can be faster if you provide everything on time.

We can recommend a tool if you provide more details about what you want. In other words, there is no fixed answer as to which tool to use to create a custom website. However, some solutions are more for e-commerce, while others are better for a business website. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to evaluate your project for free.

There is no 100% guarantee when developing a website or an application. However, we believe we have the skills and expertise to provide the best of the most popular development tools. Plus, we’re used to breaking technological boundaries by building the solution our customers need. Contact us, we will be happy to assess your needs and come back with a more specific answer.

Prositeweb is a team of dedicated website and software developers. Over the years we have worked with various companies to create and maintain their websites and applications. A nice thing about us is that we are always eager to learn. Therefore, learning every day to ensure our customers always get the very best is why you should work with us.

Yes. Our work with you does not stop after the development process. We are always available to help you with your website. Plus, we offer three months of free support to fix any bugs or issues on your website.

Most of the time, we choose a tool according to business needs. So, for corporate websites, we can use software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Laravel. Moreover, if you want to develop an online store, we can work with Magento Woocommerce, Shopify or PrestaShop. It should be noted that the choice between these solutions in a specific area depends on your team, your budget and your objective.

Building a website with WordPress depends on various criteria: the complexity of your projects, your requirements, the content you provide, the approach you choose, etc. In our experience, this can take anywhere from one month to four months. For businesses that produce content on time or already have a pre-designed design, it’s faster.

Other technologies

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We are a team of dedicated front-end and back-end developers based in Montreal. We help businesses to build and maintain their websites and applications.
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