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Phoenix – Website creation redesigned and made simpler

Phoenix revolutionizes the web creation approach by automating a large part of the process and integrating functionalities directly into the client's project.

Phoenix – Website creation redesigned and made simpler Phoenix – Website creation redesigned and made simpler

What Phoenix can do for you.

1. Significant reduction in development time

1. Significant reduction in development time

Thanks to automation, we work efficiently on the development of your website. Our system is designed to generate a set of components for your project based on your specifications.
2. Almost non-existent recurring cost

2. Almost non-existent recurring cost

Third-party solutions often involve recurring costs in the medium or long term. With our approach, we directly integrate the necessary features into your project, thereby reducing subscription costs.
3. Centralized security management

3. Centralized security management

Security risk is increased when you rely heavily on external resources. With our approach, you only have to maintain one code, simplifying security management.
4. Improved performance

4. Improved performance

We only add necessary components to your website, avoiding unnecessary options that can slow down your site.
5. Improved continuity

5. Improved continuity

Our concept generates components while respecting the recommendations of the community of the solution used, thus facilitating the maintenance and management of your website.
6. 100% turnkey website

6. 100% turnkey website

You can manage your website with complete peace of mind without depending on a developer, thanks to a user-friendly administration interface.

Phoenix is compatible with WordPress, Drupal and Magento.

The Phoenix Process in 3 Simple Steps

The Phoenix Process in 3 Simple Steps

With Phoenix, creating your website becomes a smooth, efficient and affordable experience, without compromising on quality.

  1. Needs Assessment : We begin with a detailed analysis of your requirements to fully understand what you are looking for in your website, ensuring a solution that is perfectly aligned with your goals.
  2. Design and automation : Based on this assessment, our team creates an HTML design tailored to your needs. This design is then integrated into Phoenix, our innovative system, which automatically generates a custom WordPress theme, speeding up development while maintaining high quality.
  3. Content integration and publication : Once the theme or template is ready, we proceed with the integration of your content, refining every detail so that the site meets your expectations. After checks and adjustments, your website is ready to be published.
Commitment to excellence despite challenges
Commitment to excellence despite challenges

Commitment to excellence despite challenges

Since its creation in 2015, Prositeweb has faced several challenges, including:

  • A limited marketing budget
  • A small team
  • Prejudices based on skin color

These obstacles have made it difficult to acquire large-scale projects. In response, the company adopted a budget-friendly offering strategy to attract customers on a budget who wanted a quality website. This approach made it possible to take charge of numerous projects, revealing shortcomings in terms of security, performance and high development costs. To address these challenges while maintaining a high level of service at an affordable price, Prositeweb has developed Phoenix, an innovative concept that automates nearly 70% of the WordPress web development process.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is your concept open source?

Although the version we deploy is open source, our solution is not. Once a client's website development is complete, we deploy the functional theme and its content to their site.

Do I need to work with you to manage my website?

No, we are following community recommendations to ensure continuity. Although we want to stay with our customers, you can easily continue with other businesses or your team.

How long do you take to create a website?

Creating a website with our approach often takes three weeks. However, this may vary depending on customer resources and specifications. We guarantee that it is relatively faster compared to the lead times in the market.

What types of websites can I create with Phoenix?

With Phoenix, you can create a wide variety of websites, including blogs, business sites, online stores, educational portals, and much more. Our flexible and automated approach helps meet a variety of needs.

How do you manage security updates?

We provide centralized security management for all sites created with Phoenix. Security updates are applied quickly and efficiently to minimize risks and keep your site secure.

Can I add custom features to my website?

Yes of course. Phoenix allows you to integrate personalized features according to your specific needs. We work with you to define and add the necessary components to your project.

What support do you offer after the site is created?

We offer comprehensive support after site creation, including tutorials, user guides, and technical support to answer all your questions and help you manage your website.

What are the costs associated with using Phoenix?

The costs associated with using Phoenix are primarily related to the initial development and integration of features specific to your project. Unlike other solutions, we reduce recurring costs by integrating the necessary functionality directly into your site.

How do I get started with Phoenix?

To get started with Phoenix, simply contact us for an initial assessment of your needs. We will then guide you through the steps of the process to create a website that perfectly meets your expectations.

Is Phoenix compatible with WordPress plugins and extensions?

Yes, Phoenix is fully compatible with WordPress plugins and extensions. We ensure that our solution works harmoniously with the tools you want to use to extend the functionality of your website.

Can I migrate my existing site to Phoenix?

Yes, we offer migration services to help you move your existing site to Phoenix. We ensure a smooth transition while retaining your important data and functionality.

What are the advantages of Phoenix over other website builders?

Phoenix stands out for its advanced automation, centralized security management, and personalized approach that minimizes recurring costs. We offer a turnkey solution that makes it easier to manage your website while ensuring optimal performance.

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