Does your business need a web application to manage its activities, Symfony may be the solution that best meets your needs.


About Symfony

Symfony is a PHP framework used primarily for corporate web applications. Indeed, it offers several features allowing companies to develop robust applications.

Why such a solution?

It has several advantages, including flexibility, reliability and its community.


The flexibility of applications made with Symfony is unparalleled thanks to the bundles and components it additionally contains.


It is considered to be one of the most reliable frameworks in PHP. The use of its components by other platforms, including Drupal, Magento, and many others, demonstrate its reliability.

A large community

Symfony enjoys unparalleled community support compared to many other PHP frameworks on the market.

Some features of Symfony

The Symfony framework offers you several features. Below are just a few:


bundles function simply as plugins that allow developers to implement all the functionality they need. Indeed, you can reuse the bundles in several projects. As advantages, the development of future projects is getting easier and easier.


The autoloading system allows you to automatically load your project classes if it respects the PHP conventions. So, if you stick to the development process, the continuity becomes effortless.

Some disadvantages of Symfony

Since no PHP framework is perfect and everyone has their flaws, she is no different in this regard.

Performance issue

Therefore, its applications are cumbersome and not very suitable for applications requiring a real-time and faster loading capacity.

Longer development time

Symfony applications require a lot of testing due to the constant use of pre-built design patterns with multipurpose code lines.

Learning not effortless

For new developers, it is not effortless to understand like other PHP frameworks.

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