All the contents of a static website are in the code. Whereas, for a dynamic website, most of the contents are in a database. In order to build any website, you have to take a decision whether to go with a static or a dynamic. But the question is, why choosing a static website when you can get a dynamic website at almost the same price? The purpose of this article is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both types of websites. We will be more focus on CMS.

Static websites and some of the advantages

I personally believe that HTML, CSS, and JS are the easiest languages to learn. On the other hand, you can do without them as they are prerequisites for the development of any website. You can fully build and maintain your website will only those three languages. Some of the advantages are:
  • A static website is quick to develop as you just need to change information between HTML tags.
  •  You won't spend much to develop - you can buy or download any template and customize your website  easily
  • You can host it easily -  A static website usually require less space or memory and you don't need many configurations on the server side.
  • It is more secure than a dynamic website, as long as you don't include any external files(usually JavaScript)
Despite those great advantages, a static website becomes difficult to handle when you want to have many pages. Adding to that, the management and update can be the cause of many errors or much works. For example, if you decide to change an information to a page that should be applied globally, you might have to do that on any single HTML file.

Dynamic website and some of the advantages

Unlike a static website, the contents of a dynamic website are in a database. Unless you have some back-end changes to do,  you won't need a help of any developer to update your website. Some of the well-known advantages of a dynamic website are:
  • Much of your contents are stored in a database, given you the option to change your design without much effort. Also, you don't necessarily need a technical skill to manage your website.
  • You can easily record any valuable customers information and implement a marketing strategy to close more deals.
  • With dynamic websites, you can easily create as many pages as you want in a few clicks.
  • Most of the popular tools such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla ... has a large community of developers working daily to maintain. Hence, you can easily use extra features like plugins to improve your website.
Even though a dynamic website is great, it surely has its own disadvantages. Most of the problems of dynamic websites are related to security, performance or coding. For example, If you build your website based on Magento or WordPress you might need to take into consideration server requirements. If you don't implement proper security measures, your websites can easily be hacked.

Why choosing a Static website over a dynamic website?

You surely decided to build a static website either because of the cost of development or lack of much information. After reading this article, you will agree with me that a dynamic website is far better than a static website. Prositeweb Inc. can help you to convert your current static website to a dynamic website. If you want to find out more, contact us today. You can also visit our solution page for more details.