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Some main reasons for the failure of web projects.

Some main reasons for the failure of web projects.
Today, we are going to talk about a common and unfortunately often fatal phenomenon for emerging web projects: the temptation to replicate the web giants. On several occasions, clients have called me with an admirable ambition: to create the next Amazon, Facebook or Airbnb. But as I have often found, the path to success is much more complex than simply copying an established model.

Don't just rely on the finished product

The first mistake many entrepreneurs make is relying on a finished product. Seeing Amazon's success today, for example, is like admiring an iceberg without considering much of it hidden underwater. It's forgetting the years of effort, mistakes, learning and adaptation that were necessary to get to this point. Web giants have gone through many phases, faced countless challenges and had to constantly adapt to meet the changing needs of their customers.

The magic recipe does not exist

Many customers think that if they can simply replicate what Amazon or any other web giant does, they will have the same success. However, copying a formula without understanding the context, strategy, and underlying mechanics is a recipe for failure. It's a bit like trying to cook a complex dish only by looking at the final photo without following the recipe.

Investment is essential

Creating a website like Amazon or any other giant is not an easy task. You have to be willing to invest time, energy and resources. Some customers want a world-class product, but are not prepared to put in the necessary resources to make it happen. It is vital to understand that to achieve a quality result, it is imperative to invest accordingly.

What can entrepreneurs do?

  1. Evaluate your real needs : Before trying to imitate, take the time to analyze what your target market really needs. Perhaps a simplified version or a specific niche will be enough to fill an unmet need.
  2. Distinguish yourself : Rather than copying, seek to innovate. What will make your project unique? What added value can you bring that will set you apart from the giants?
  3. Be patient : Success doesn't come overnight. It is crucial to be patient and persevere, even when things seem difficult.
In conclusion, while the ambition to match or surpass the web giants is laudable, it is essential to approach this desire with realism, preparation and a deep understanding of what has made these giants so successful. The key is to find your own path, understand your market and offer something unique and valuable.

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