WordPress Plugin - Property Valuation Request Form

The Property Appraisal Request Form is a real estate brokerage WordPress plugin. The main goal is to allow brokers to assist their clients in evaluating their residence. Indeed, many customers sometimes need to know how much their house could cost if they put it up for sale. For this, he may seek the advice of experts responsible for making an assessment. This extension will allow WordPress users to download and install it to move forward with their projects quickly.

How does it work?

The way to install and use the extension is as follows:
  • First, purchase the extension from our website. The first step will be to purchase the extension. You can make the purchase directly from this page.
  • Next, download your copy of the extension. You will have access to a configuration link directly from your administration panel.
  • When you go to make the configurations, in particular, add your Google Map API key or choose the page, you will see the form on the site.
  • You can optionally add the form to any page on your site with a shortcode. The documentation is available after download.

Important tool to configure the evaluation request form

Below is a list of items you will need if you want to use the module.
  • A WordPress site. The extension is for WordPress websites; therefore, make sure you have a website before downloading. However, we can adapt it to your solution; Contact us for more information.
  • Google Maps API credentials. The module uses Google Map API credentials to suggest addresses to users. Thus, you must have these credentials. You will see the details for getting the Google Maps API key in the documentation.

Why opt for our extension?

Many companies pay a relatively high amount to develop an evaluation module for their website. Our solution will allow you to achieve your goals without spending a lot. Below are some advantages.
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme. We developed the plugin because you will install it on your WordPress website.
  • Adaptable to your needs. We can make adjustments to ensure that the extension fits 100% of your needs.
  • Lifetime updates. We provide expansion updates to keep you competitive.

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