An extension for real estate brokers

Automatic data import
Compatible with recent versions of WordPress
Requires a server with "CRON JOB" functionality
100% turnkey after configuration
Technical support and regular update
Tested and validated with extensions such as ACF Pro and Elementor.

Items needed to use the extension.

Importing Centris data

About the extension

Thanks to our extension, you will be able to automatically import your Centris data to your WordPress website.

Our WordPress extension allows you to automatically import data from Centris on your website. With this feature, you no longer need to manually download Centris zip files and import data by hand. The extension takes care of everything for you, extracting the data from the zip file and importing it directly into your website's database. But that's not all ! The extension also has a second feature that allows data to be formatted for the web. This means that the imported data will be presented clearly and professionally on your website, with images, descriptions and detailed information for each property. Whether you are a real estate agent, a broker or simply an owner who wants to sell or rent his property, our extension will make your life easier by saving you time and improving the presentation of your properties on your website. Do not hesitate to try it now!

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About the extension

What you get after purchasing the extension

What you get after purchasing the extension

A license of the extension on your website

Our team will take care of installing and configuring the extension on your website

resources for management

We will provide you with resources to better manage the features of the extension.

Support technique

We remain at your disposal to assist you if necessary


How it works

Contact us to buy the extension

We would like to discuss with you before selling you the extension. Indeed, this will allow us to understand your needs and if the extension meets your expectations.

Installation and configuration of the extension

After the purchase, we will take care of making the necessary configurations to adapt it with your website. In particular, we could adjust your WordPress theme.

Configuring the server and starting the import.

We will configure your web server so that it can run the data import code. The import frequency will depend on the repository.


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