reCAPTCHA for WordPress account creation and login page (v2 or V3)

Our reCAPTCHA extension for the WordPress account creation and login page protects your website from spam.

The reCAPTCHA for the WordPress account creation and login page protects your website against spam. Indeed, the extension uses Google's solution to detect if the user is a robot. This is especially useful when you have a website with multiple users and don't want to encourage brute force attacks. We offer you here a description of the characteristics of the extension.

What is the extension — reCAPTCHA for WordPress account creation and login page (v2 or V3)?

It is an extension that you should download and install on your WordPress site. After installation, you will have access to an extension configuration screen. Via this screen, you will have, for example, the possibility to  :
  • Choose the version of reCAPTCHA you want to use (v2 or V3)
  • Enter your reCAPTCHA key. This information is available on the Google website. You will have detailed documentation of the steps to follow. We offer you this article which explains how to protect your website with reCAPTCHA.
Once you finish the setup, you will see the reCAPTCHA icon on the account creation or login page. Version 2 is generally a box that the user should check to validate that he is not a robot. However, version 3 uses a user score system to protect your website automatically.

The advantages of the extension

Using our extension or a reCAPTCHA, in general, can have several benefits. Indeed, in daily website management, we are never safe from cybercriminals. Protecting your website helps protect your data, customer data and our reputation.

Protection of our website

You protect your website by preventing cybercriminals from accessing it through multiple login attempts. The reCAPTCHA sends you data related to a challenge validation failure. For this fact, the user has no choice but to be physically on a computer to access your website.

Your customer data

A cybercriminal who accesses your data usually attempts to capture your customers' data. This could constitute a danger to personal data. A reCAPTCHA is, therefore, one of the measures you can take to show customers that you care about their data.

Protect your reputation

A perverse effect of spam is the constant receipt of unwanted messages. This has the impact of affecting the reputation of your emails or your business. A reCAPTCHA also helps protect your reputation. If you like this solution, you will find others in our shop.

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