PayPal extension for WordPress pages

Thanks to our extension, you can convert any page of your website into an online store.

PayPal extension for WordPress pages
Sell on your web pages without installing WooCommerce

Sell on your web pages without installing WooCommerce

Thanks to our WordPress extension to add PayPal on pages, you will be able to add the payment form to any page of your website. Indeed, this extension is an alternative for companies wishing to have a payment option without having to invest in an entire online sales platform. However, it’s for WordPress websites only.

    Take advantage of PayPal's features to propel your business

    Take advantage of PayPal’s features to propel your business

    PayPal is a very popular payment gateway in the web world. It can allow businesses to easily accept payment from their website. Indeed, if you want to sell online, there are very few options to establish a direct connection with a bank account.

    Quite a secure solution

    Manage your billing easily

    Accessible worldwide

    Available in several currencies

    No need to configure an entire e-commerce module.

    Creating an online store can be useful if you have multiple products to offer your customers. However, in certain contexts, being able to sell an item on your site without an entire online store module can help. Our PayPal Extension for Pages WordPress can allow you to occasionally sell on your website. You can, for example, use it to request donations, or sell your training.

    No need to configure an entire e-commerce module.

    How to use our WordPress extension to add PayPal on your pages?

    The mode of use of our extension is very simple. Below are some steps you should follow:


    Order and download

    Order and download our add-on from our website.


    Plugin setup

    you need to make some settings from control panel


    Creation of the PayPal API key

    provide information such as the customer ID (from PayPal) and the currency


    Activating the form on the pages

    You will see the option to activate the extension at the bottom of the pages.

    Frequently asked questions

    Do you have questions? We offer here some possible answers. Contact us to know more.

    The extension is free. However, if you need assistance with setup or help customizing, you must pay us at hourly rates.

    No, you need a PayPal account to install the extension on your website. However, your clients can pay with a credit card or PayPal.

    The terms and conditions for creating a PayPal account depend on your locality or country. We invite you to visit website or contact us if you need help.

    Basically, you don’t need to be an expert to install the extension. You should only follow the instructions and pay attention to the recommendations of PayPal.

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