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Moneris Vault / Moneris Vault – Joomla Module


Moneris Vault offers you a secure approach to enable customers to pay securely. Our Joomla module

Moneris Vault / Moneris Vault – Joomla Module

How it works?

Installation Facile

Start by installing the Joomla module in a few clicks.

Configuration Simple

Simply add your Moneris credentials to customize the module to your needs.

Placement Flexible

Place the module in the location of your choice on your Joomla site.

Why Choose Our Solution

Why Choose Our Solution

Simplicity and Efficiency

Offer your users a transparent and secure payment experience.

Management of Recurring Payments

Make recurring payments easy for businesses and individuals.

Trust and Security

Benefit from Moneris’ reputation as a leader in payment security.

How Moneris Safe Works

When you enter your credit card information once on the merchant website, Moneris generates a unique identifier, which is the key to your secure vault. This identifier, also known as "DataKey", becomes your exclusive reference for future transactions. Once your credit card is registered, you can make payments securely without having to re-enter your card details with each purchase. The process becomes simplified and faster, providing a smooth user experience.

Benefits of Moneris Safe

Benefits of Moneris Safe

Maximum Security

Your credit card information is encrypted and securely stored in Moneris Vault, reducing the risk of fraud.

Ease of use

No more manually entering your card details for each transaction. A simple click is enough to make your payments.

Total control

You have the power to modify or delete your stored information at any time, without having to provide your credit card details again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I use your module on my website?

It offers a secure solution for storing credit card information, simplifying recurring payments and improving user experience.

How do I add a credit card to Moneris Safe?

Once your credit card is entered during a purchase or on a dedicated page, Moneris automatically generates a DataKey, eliminating the need to re-enter information in future transactions.

Is my credit card information safe in Moneris Safe?

Absolutely. Moneris uses advanced security protocols to encrypt and store your information securely, reducing the risk of fraud.

Can I change my card information stored in Moneris Vault?

Yes, you have full control. You can easily update or delete your card information without providing new data.

Does Moneris Safe work with all credit cards?

Yes, it supports a variety of credit cards, providing maximum flexibility for users.

How do I verify transactions made with Moneris Vault?

You can access a detailed history of your transactions through the Moneris dashboard, providing complete visibility into payments made.

Is it compatible with demo and production payment methods?

Yes, you can switch between demo and production modes depending on your needs, allowing testing without impacting actual transactions.

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