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We are pleased to introduce our HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion Extension. It is a module that uses the ACF (Advanced Custom Field) to facilitate the development of a WordPress template. If you are a WordPress expert or a lover, you must agree that the themes you buy online sometimes have additional features that weigh down the site. On the other hand, it's not always easy to find a theme that fits 100% with our needs. With some knowledge of PHP and our WordPress extension, you will be able to create your theme from an HTML design.

How does our HTML to WordPress theme conversion plugin work?

The mode of operation is simple and very fast. Before you start, you must make sure you have the ACF extension. Indeed, most of the functionality depends on this extension. Once you have the ACF extension, you can download our extension from our website. Then, it will be a question of downloading or designing your HTML theme that you will section and use for your project. We usually provide training and resources for developers who want to use our approach.  Here are the main steps:

Installed and configured the extension

In the extension configuration, you must specify the name of the folder located in your themes where you want to add the blocks.

Split your HTML design into sections

HTML themes often have several parts with texts. For example, you can have the header banner, a section discussing you or your services. You must section your pages into several blocks. Then you will convert the blocks to PHP versions. After that, it will simply be a question of changing the extension “.html” in extension “.php.”

Replace texts and images in your blocks with ACF variables.

We have in our extension predefined essential variables that you can use. Namely, title, description, subtitle, and photo.  You will see in the documentation how to use them.

Import the blocks into your WordPress theme folder in order to use them

Once you are done adding the variables to your blocks, you need to import them into your WordPress theme. The extension will take care of creating the elements for you. You should be able to section them in the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

About ACF

ACF is a prevalent WordPress extension on WordPress. This extension has the particularity of allowing you to create blocks for the new WordPress editor easily. You will have a lot of fun using it if you are a WordPress theme developer. Very often, if you want to make significant changes to your site, a solution like ACF can help.

Why our HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion Extension?

For several months, we experimented using ACF for designing WordPress templates. For a developer with minimal experience, it seems a nightmare to complete a project. Our extension allows us to simplify the understanding of the ACF and to ensure that the less experienced can complete their project. Below are some advantages:
  • Save time when developing your WordPress themes. Several ACF configuration steps are included in our extension.
  • Work with a team of multiple developers while efficiently delegating tasks. Entrusting part of the development project can be complicated, especially when you have people with less experience on the team. With our extension, it's easy for everyone to understand how to create a site.
  • Earn money. You will take less time to develop your websites.

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