Front-end WordPress account creation and login form.

The WordPress account creation and the login form is an extension that will allow you to add a front-end form to the site.

Our front-end WordPress account creation and login form allow a company to redirect users to any website page. Indeed, by default, WordPress proposes the wp-admin or wp-login.php link to connect. Both of these options are the targets of cybercriminals. This is the reason why we offer you this extension.

How does our solution work?

After downloading the extension, you will have access to a configuration screen. Via this screen, you could for example  :
  • Choose the default role for your users
  • Add additional notification emails. By default, the primary owner will receive an account creation message. If you want other users to receive it, you can add their email.
  • Select the page where you want your form
  • Disable the default login link if you want.
Once you are done with the setup, you will see the login form if you visit the page you selected. You can also not select a page but use the shortcode on your pages.

A Note About Our WordPress Login and Account Creation Form

  • The account creation and login form only appear on the page when you are logged out of the website. That said, you must validate in private or offline mode.
  • If the account creation form does not appear, you must validate that you have activated the account creation mode. This option can be found in the General Settings tab

Expected results

Account creation, login and password reset forms should be on the same page. In addition, each form appears intuitively with each click.  When creating an account, the user will mainly provide his email address and username. He should receive an email confirmation with a random password. We opted for this approach for security reasons.

Some features of the extension

Here are some features of the extension.
  • Available in French and English. But, you can do the translation in any language thanks to the .pot file.
  • Mobile friendly. It is equally compatible with mobile phones, tablets or desktop screens.
  • We wanted the most straightforward and ergonomic extension possible with very few redirects.
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