Extension to Automatically Block Unwanted Visitors

Do you have trouble managing unwanted visitors to your website? We are pleased to present an extension we developed as part of a client project.  Indeed, the extension allows you to ban unwanted visitors by defining rules.

We never realized the impact of robot visitors on our website until we realized the effect on conversion. Sometimes the cause of security problems is due to visitor control mode.

How does the extension work?

After installing the extension, the website manager will access a tab in the administrator panel. This tab will provide information such as:

  •  The list of visitors, their country and an approximate percentage of interaction on the site. (in total and per minute)

According to his judgment, the administrator can click on a switch to block a visitor.

A tab is also available to define the rules such as:

  • Ban a user if they run queries a high proportion of times per minute.
  • Receive a notification by SMS (Twilio) or Email to warn the administrator of suspicious interactions.

In order to avoid blocking an address known by the administrator, we have provided two fields:

  • The first field for addresses to launder (do not block regardless of requests).
  • A field for addresses to block

Some tools used for the project

  • Twilio — To allow the administrator to receive SMS
  • IPWhois — A solution that ensures to query an IP address to give the details. (We can, for example, use it to have the country, the locality.)

How can our Extension to Automatically Block Unwanted Visitors be useful?

This can be especially useful when you feel you have recurring visitors polluting your web traffic. Indeed, individuals sometimes make requests on your website for various reasons. Generally, they don't make requests for good reasons. For this fact, permanently blocking them from your site can help.  Other scenarios can be:

  • Restricting your website to users from one country.
  • Protect your marketing campaign against the competition
  • Improve your bounce rate to promote better web traffic.

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