Code Adventure for children – 3 weeks of web development

Code Adventure: an exciting 3-week Boot Camp for 11-15 year olds exploring web development through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No prior experience required, just a thirst for learning and discovering the digital world! It is from July 17 to August 04, 2023.

Code Adventure for children - 3 weeks of web development
Immerse yourself in the exciting world of website creation: join our camp this summer!
From July 17 to August 4, 2023

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of website creation: join our camp this summer!

“Adventure Code” is an exciting and rewarding three-week Boot Camp. The goal is to immerse young people aged 11 to 15 in the world of web development. Indeed, during this program, participants will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and then WordPress. These skills will be essential to create their own websites. Please register your child before June 10, 2023 to allow us to better organize the lessons.

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For what

What are the advantages of such
training for children?

Technical skills

Learning the basics of web development, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, gives kids valuable technical skills that are increasingly in demand in our digital society.

Logical thinking and problem solving

Programming teaches logical thinking and problem solving. Children learn to break down complex problems into smaller, manageable tasks, a skill that is useful in many aspects of life.

Creativity and self-confidence

Web development is a great way to express creativity. Children can use their skills to create their own websites while increasing their confidence.

Preparing for the future

With the increasing importance of technology in almost every field, web development skills will be increasingly valuable. Children who start learning these skills early will have an advantage in their future careers.

Autonomous learning

Programming encourages independent learning. Once children understand the basics, they can continue to learn and experiment.

Communication and teamwork

Working on projects in groups can help children develop communication and teamwork skills.


Here’s what attendees can expect for the Online Adventure Code Boot Camp

Here's what attendees can expect for the Online Adventure Code Boot Camp:

Live Sessions

Children will participate in live sessions on Zoom, where they can interact with the instructor and other participants. These sessions will include lessons, demonstrations and question-and-answer sessions.

Interactive learning

children will learn the basics of web development through HTML, CSS and JavaScript through a variety of interactive activities. They will work on hands-on exercises, group projects, and coding challenges.

Practical projects

Towards the end of Boot Camp, kids will have the opportunity to work on their own website project, using an existing theme as a starting point. The best projects will be selected to be hosted online.

Support and advice

Instructors will provide constant support and constructive feedback throughout Boot Camp. Children will be able to ask questions and ask for help when they need it.

Course material

Participants will receive digital course materials to review and use for practice outside of live sessions.

Attendance certificate

At the end of Boot Camp, each child will receive a certificate of participation to recognize the skills they have learned during the program.


Finally, children will have the opportunity to meet and connect with other young people interested in web development, which can be a source of inspiration and support throughout their learning journey. Please note that parents will need to ensure that their child has access to a computer or laptop with a stable internet connection to attend Boot Camp.


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