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ChatGPT… Your Automated Content Creator


A WordPress plugin that uses the ChatGPT API to auto-generate content for your website. It's very easy to configure and use.

ChatGPT… Your Automated Content Creator

ChatGPT, thanks to its API, gives you the possibility of setting up an automated content creator. Indeed, with the ChatGPT API, you can perform exactly the same tasks that you do on chat.openai.com from your website. To make your life easier, we offer our WordPress plugin. With our plugin, you will be able to connect the ChatGPT API to your website, create a knowledge base, and autogenerate the content of your website.

How does Automated Content Creator work?

The principle is very simple, once you have installed our plugin, you will simply give it a list of content to generate and the frequency. The tool will take care of creating the content for you and you will just make revisions. But, before getting to the configuration and queries, here are the steps to follow:

1- Create an account on openAI.com to generate the API key

To use our plugin you will need the ChatGPT API key, and for this you need to visit the OpenAI website . Once you create the account, you need to copy the API key and your organization key. ChatGPT API allows you to access version 3.5 and 4.

2- Get a copy of our WordPress plugin — Automated content creator

To obtain a copy of the plugin, you simply need to fill out the form below. We will contact you and send you the plugin. You will find the documentation via this link . The documentation will tell you how to better configure the plugin. For example, you will learn:

  • How and where to add your API keys
  • restrict the API to your industry
  • Add the short code to your web pages

3 – Define the topics you want your Automated content creator to write about.

The key to getting better results with AI is defining the right queries; what we call Prompts, you must therefore define the different requests or themes on which you wish to write. If you have defined a posting plan, you can enter them in the posts categories tab. And, in the description, write the instructions for ChatGPT.

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