Prositeweb Inc is introducing a new plugin for SMS subscription. If you feel like email marketing is not working for you, you may try SMS. We are currently completing a Wordpress Plugin that we believe would help you considerably to reach more customers. Adding to that, you add it to your strategy and probably get more results. The purpose of this post is to talk more about our project and raise awareness about this business opportunity that you may not have noticed.

How does SMS Marketing Work?

The idea behind SMS marketing is quite similar to Email marketing; at the slightest difference that you will only send short messages. In general, you have a list of contact with their mobile phone numbers. And each time you have a piece of news or an update about your business, you send a bulk message with links or offers. Below are some advantages of SMS marketing :
  • The market is not yet saturated. Unlike email that the open rate tends to fade over time, there is still a lot of opportunities with SMS marketing.
  • More and more people tend to spend time on their mobile devices. Hence, unless you bug them with too much SMS, you are likely to have much open rate.
  • It is fast and increases productivity. Imagine a scenario where your customers buy products from you and are expecting your products; sending them an SMS instead of an email might be more welcome.
  • Increase the security of your systems.  Many website owners now use SMS to improve safety with two factors authentication. The user will receive an SMS with a code to validate his/her identity after registration or login.

More about our project

The program we are creating is simply a Wordpress plugin that can enable you to add an extra field for phone number on your registration form or newsletter form. Adding to that, the user may choose its communication preference. You could then decide to communicate with the customers by email or SMS.  The plugin is with Twilio API, and Below is the steps we implemented.
  • Download the plugin
  • Install and activate form your Wordpress dashboard
  • After the activation, you can get your Twilio API credentials and phone number from the Twilio dashboard.
  • And once you add your pieces of information, you can go to the tool under your Wordpress Dashboard and from there, you have a form to send SMS to your SMS subscribers.
The form gives you the option to select multiple users and customize the message so that each user may receive something personalized.

Screenshots of the steps

1- Add your Twilio - Phone number and API pieces of information


2- Form to select and send SMS

Send SMS

Front-end consideration

For the front-end registration, we have included a form available through a shortcode that users may use to add the SMS subscription form on their website. The form below is an illustration of how the form will look. Try it yourself and receive the code in return for your website. [sms_subscription]

More thoughts about the project

It is common and popular to see email newsletters form on websites; what do you think about :
  • Having an SMS newsletter subscription instead
  • Or both form with the option to select the communication preference
  • An alternative may be to have separate form one form email subscription and another for SMS subscriptions.

Stay tuned

Thanks for reading this blog. If you have read till the end, I am grateful. If you want to use the plugin on your website, you can use the form below to request the code, and I will be happy to send the code to you for free. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter so that we will send you an email when the project is officially online. Use the information available on this page to contact us.