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  7. Table of small news and tips in web design and management.

    We share with you a set of new tips in developing websites and applications. Please subscribe if you would like to receive tips straight to your inbox.
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  27. How to find a user location using the IP address from your website? — Restrict access to your website to some visitors

  28.  How to restrict the use of your email address by hackers?

  29. 4 Different Ways To Make Money Using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Or A Website

    Several tools are offered to you to make money on the internet. Via this article, we give you 4 tips that can help you generate residual income online. We will talk about blogs, Adsense, Youtube or selling affiliate products.
  30. How to improve the performance of your WordPress site?

  31. What is the QR Code?

  32. 5 Ultimate tips that will help you protect your website against hackers

  33. How to create your first website?

  34. How to use a domain name with special characters like à, ç

  35. How to translate a WordPress plugin

  36. Add the PayPal payment form to any page of your website in minutes

  37. How to Connect GitLab to sourceTree for web project management?

    Do you want to work on your git repositories more easily? You don’t like or don’t know how to work properly from the command line? In this article, find out how to do without command lines and work on your git repositories in this way.
  38. How to embed a YouTube video without an iframe to improve website performance

  39. How to create a Cookie Free domain on a WordPress website?

  40. 6 different approaches to reset a WordPress password

  41. What is the WooCommerce extension and how do I use it?

    Do you want to start selling online? Woocomerce would be the ideal tool.
  42. Optimizing the performance of a website in a few steps

    Optimizing the performance of a website is a mandatory capability for any developer. You have just designed or put your website online. Hey !!! You have a strange feeling that your pages are loading slowly. If you are in this situation, then there is a good chance that the performance of your website is not optimized.
  43. Six Tips to Help You Improve Your Website Security

    This article gives you 6 tips that will help you improve the security of your website. These tips are as follows: use captcha to protect your forms from spam; use an SSL certificate to encrypt the communication; strengthen the type of password that users type on your website; improve server security; scan your code regularly; automate the security scan of your website if possible.
  44. My Magento 2 Command Line List

    Save time focusing on what matters most with Magento 2’s current command line checklist. I made this list first for those who usually work on Magento 2 projects and then for you who are wondering how to get information from the command line.
  45. Here are 4 different approaches to reset Magento 2 Admin password

    In this article, we show you how to reset Magento 2 Admin password. We explain four ways to do this: reset link, database, command line and a second administrator login.
  46. How to integrate the Stripe payment module on your WooCommerce website?

    Stripe software is a payment method used by millions of businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises. Thus, Stripe’s APIs are used to accept payments, make transfers and manage their online activities.
  47. A security certificate: How to install one for free?

    SSL is a protocol used to encrypt communications between a browser and a web server. A website secured by an SSL certificate can be recognized by a URL in https and by a small padlock icon in the address bar of the browser.
  48. Kaspersky researchers found that some hackers are using Google Analytics to steal credit card information

    Research by Karpesky shows how hackers use Google Analytics to steal credit card information. We explain the measures you can take to protect your website and avoid any problems that may arise.
  49. The 7 Best Multi-Vendor Sites for E-Commerce Owners

    Multi-seller platforms are great tools for increasing online sales. This article presents four of them: Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook MarketPlace, and CJ Commission. Thanks to these sites, you will be able to synchronize your website’s products with their solutions to increase your reach.
  50. The end of maintenance for Magento 1 is scheduled for June 30, 2020. What other options do you have?

    Magento announced in 2018 the end of maintenance for Magento 1.x for June 30, 2020. Here we are talking about the benefits of Magento 2 and other options to consider. If you are on Magento 1, end of support doesn’t mean your site will stop working. However, there are security risks associated with unsupported software. Read this article to understand what you need to do.
  51. How to use Google Map API and HTML 5 to get user’s current position (the point A) and draw the direction to (the point B)

    Using Google Map API and HTML5, you can get real-time positions and direction between two points. Find out how via this article. To follow this tutorial, you must have basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.
  52. 6 elements to validate on the website before going online. [developer and website owner guide]

    If you are a business owner, you have to agree with me that it is sometimes difficult to validate the quality of a website. In this article, I give you some elements that can help you in this direction. Applying these tips does not necessarily require technical skills.
  53. How to host your YouTube channel on your website using the YouTube API key and your YouTube channel key

    Thanks to the Youtube API key, you can connect your Youtube channel to your website. As an advantage, you will no longer have to do it manually, you have the freedom to customize your site quickly, and in addition, you will save a lot of time. The article below explains how to do it.
  54. Adding google reCAPTCHA v3 to a PHP form—How to protect your website against spam with Google reCAPTCHA V3 or V2

    Find out how to protect your website from spam. This article explains how to do it in just three steps using HTML and PHP. We will see how to create Google Recaptcha V3 identifiers (Public key and secret key). Then, we used a case study to integrate the catcha on a form. And finally, we will discuss the options for recovering data through Google ReCaptcha with credentials.
  55. How to send SMS from your website using Twilio [code to download available]

    Would you like to send SMS to your customers from your website? This little tutorial will show you how to achieve this. We’ll see how to create a Twilio account, add an SDK to a project, and complete a form to send SMS in just three steps.
  56. Replace the “Add to Cart” button link with a custom link on the WooCommerce product page

    Editing the “Add to Cart” button with a custom link on the single WooCommerce product page requires three simple steps: Create a custom feature to enable or disable the “add to cart” button, Add additional information to the product page unique and Disable the “Add to cart” field.
  57. Website Optimization | 11 tips that can improve your positioning on Google and Bing

    Website optimization can consist of improving the quality of your website as well as your online reputation. We offer you a guide to easily optimize your website.
  58. How to install a local XAMPP server on a Windows operating system

    In order to create a website on your computer, you need a local server. In this article, we explain how to install XAMPP on a computer with Windows operating system.
  59. Google migrates insecure “mixed content” to HTTPS in Chrome and blocks all insecure content by default

    This article explains how to migrate all insecure “mixed content” to HTTPS and block insecure content by default. Here are some approaches to solving the “mixed content” problem: locate the page template or code that fills the page and change http to https; download external files before making changes; launch a request to apply the changes to the entire http.
  60. How to fix spam issues on your website?

    If you receive unwanted emails through your website, you can use captcha to block security holes on your website. Captcha helps reduce spam and prevent spammers from using a bot to insert errors into your code.
  61. How to start a business selling affiliate products? Some reference solutions.

    Selling affiliate products gives you the ability to sell the companies’ products on your site for a commission. In today’s article, I’m sharing a guide to get you started.
  62. 10 steps to successfully build your e-commerce website

    Are you ready to start selling online? Or do you feel like things are not going the way you want? Download our in-depth guide that explains the steps you need to take into account before getting into e-commerce. If you already have a store, our guide can help you improve your process.
  63. How to generate money through your website (blog)?

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    If necessary, we offer our customers hosting services for their website. Our service includes among others: the maintenance service, updating the website and server. In addition, we ensure the security of your site.
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    We work with you mainly on the technical aspect of your SEO. Indeed, to stand out from the competition, your website must have a certain standard. The standard requires compliance with quality criteria.
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  22. Web design agency in Montreal. Backend and front-end development.

The technologies we use

  1. PHP

    PHP is a very popular programming language in the web world. We use PHP to create websites, online stores and web applications.
  2. WooCommerce

    Power your online store with WooCommerce. We offer services in online store development, redesign of existing sites, training and extension development.
  3. Drupal

    Drupal is ranked as the third most used tool for website design. Indeed, several companies trust Drupal because it is pretty secure, flexible, and open-source. Contact us for quality service
  4. Joomla

    Joomla is ranked second as a website development tool. Indeed, more than 6.5% of websites are developed using Joomla. We are Joomla backend and front-end development professionals
  5. WordPress

    WordPress occupe plus de 37% du marché en développement web. Nous offrons le développement des sites web, thèmes et extensions wordPress
  6. Shopify

    Thousands of people worldwide trust Shopify for its simplicity, easy integration, and diverse options that help your business grow. Combine the power of Shopify with our expertise to triple your online revenue.
  7. PrestaShop

    PrestaShop is one of the most widely used tools for developing e-commerce platforms. Rated as one of the most widely used tools in the world, it is widely known for its ease of use and flexibility.
  8. Magento

    E-commerce giants prefer Magento for its performance, creative side and security. Work with the experts to focus on other aspects of your business.

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