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How to fix the problem “You are on a domain pending verification.”
Detailed guide to translate your website with the Google translation API or JavaScript?
How to create your website for free? 10 of the best online website builders
How to manage a website designed with a content manager?
How to Automatically Import Data from Centris to Your Website
10 reasons you should use content management systems (CMS) for your web project
How to create a website with WordPress and Elementor (Open-Source version)
How to design a WordPress website with ACF and the ACF Extended module (Prositeweb)
Tips for choosing the best domain name and web host
5 options to reduce brute force attacks on your WordPress website
how much does a website cost ? A consideration of the parameters
website security — How do you know if a website is trustworthy?
Website design: You may be eligible for a low cost website design
How to install PrestaShop on a webserver for the design of an e-Commerce?
How to limit your website to users from a country?
 How to restrict the use of your email address by hackers?
How to fix the problem of emails going to customer spam boxes
Triple sales on your online store with 5 tips
How to create a website that stands out from the competition?
4 tips to make money on the internet with existing tools
How to improve the performance of your WordPress site?
What is the QR Code?
5 tips to protect your website against hackers
How to choose the best design tools for your website?
Do we really still need a website?
How to create your first website?
WooCommerce Plugin to Customize the product page
How to use a domain name with special characters like à, ç
Why and How to create a child theme on WordPress?
5 reasons not to use a free theme for your website
6 tips to ensure better continuity of your website.
How to translate a WordPress plugin
Add the PayPal payment form to any page of your website in minutes
How to Connect GitLab to sourceTree for web project management?
How to embed a youtube video without iframe in order to improve website performance
A comparison between wix and WordPres (open-source)
how to create a Cookie Free domain?
6 different approaches to reset a WordPress password
How to do SEO Optimization with our free software
What is the WooCommerce extension and how do I use it?
How to choose a technology for the design of your website?
Difference between magento and prestashop
Importance of Drupal for website design.
How to integrate the Mailchimp api on your website
Optimizing the performance of a website in a few steps
Six Tips to Help You Improve Your Website Security
My Magento 2 Command Line List
Here are 4 different approaches to reset Magento 2 Admin password
How to integrate the Stripe payment module on your WooCommerce website?
How to update your WordPress website or any other CMS?
A security certificate: How to install one for free?
Kaspersky researchers found that some hackers are using Google Analytics to steal credit card information
The 7 Best Multi-Vendor Sites for E-Commerce Owners
Data analysis in website development
The end of maintenance for Magento 1 is scheduled for June 30, 2020. What other options do you have?
Payment gateways – Selection criteria and configuration prerequisites
How to use Google Map API and HTML 5 to get user’s current position (the point A) and draw the direction to (the point B)
6 elements to validate on the website before going online. [developer and website owner guide]
Difference between error code 404 and 410
The outline of your web development process in summary
How to host your YouTube channel on your website using the YouTube API key and your YouTube channel key
How to protect your website against spam with Google reCAPTCHA V3 or V2 [PHP + Extension WordPress]
How to send SMS from your website using Twilio [code to download available]
Replace the “Add to Cart” button link with a custom link on the WooCommerce product page
Improve the web content of your site
Website Optimization | 11 tips that can improve your positioning on Google and Bing
How to install a local XAMPP server on a Windows operating system
Google migrates insecure “mixed content” to HTTPS in Chrome and blocks all insecure content by default
5 tips to boost the conversion of your website
How to fix spam issues on your website?
Save time and money by automating these six tasks
Comparison between Shopify and WooCommerce
Differences between WordPress versions: and
How to start a business selling affiliate products? Some reference solutions.
10 steps to successfully build your e-commerce website
How to generate money through your website (blog)?
How to convert a static site into a dynamic site managed by WordPress?

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Extension WordPress — Import automatique des données Centris à WordPress
Analyze the SEO of your website for free
Extended ACF (PSW). HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion Plugin
Generate and add a QR code to your photos in seconds
Convert HTML Theme to WordPress Template
Extension to Automatically Block Unwanted Visitors
WordPress Plugin – Property Valuation Request Form
PayPal plugin for WordPress pages
Front-end WordPress account creation and login form.
reCAPTCHA for WordPress account creation and login page (v2 or V3)

Our achievements

Website design — Scam Radar
Design of the WordPress extension – Real Estate Appraiser
Design of the smartest market multi-user platform
Development of the Enoweek platform
Design of the Marie-Céline Montreal Institute website
Plasma Health website design
Magento consulting and development for Alltides Montreal
Creation of the DresssCoop online store
Creation of the Vitali Derma Clinic website
Creation of the effleurescence website
Design of the GTA Telecommunication website
S Kumar Services Inc Website Design
Design of the Giolong Group website
Design of Shinaïs Beauty online store
TrendGate online store design
Website design — Innovation in events
Website design — Oneevo
Website design — International Mobility Consulting Services Inc.
Website design — Garage Nzokou
Development of the Centris data import extension to WordPress
Design of the Motivaudio online store
Real Estate Partners — Website Design and Software
Online Store Design — White Definition
Website design — Meps Air Quality
WordPress Theme Design — Media Technology

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