Your specialized Shopify and Shopify Plus agency based in Montreal

Your specialized Shopify and Shopify Plus agency based in Montreal

We are dedicated to propel your online business to success through a full range of services: from tailor-made website creation to SEO optimization, through the development of specific features, migration to Shopify, technical support and Training. Our mission is to turn your vision into reality, providing customized Shopify solutions that perfectly meet your business needs.

Why Prositeweb?

Prositeweb is your Shopify Agency based in Montreal with expertise in website creation, functionality and maintenance.

Certified Shopify Expertise

As Shopify and Shopify Plus experts, we have a deep understanding of the platform and know how to leverage it to maximize your online success.

Tailored Solutions

We offer solutions that go beyond simple website development. Whether it's SEO, development, or migrating to Shopify, our team ensures every aspect of your online store is optimized for success.

Complete support

At Prositeweb, we are committed to providing ongoing technical support and training to help you manage your Shopify store with confidence and efficiency.

Why Prositeweb?

What customers say about us

Edgard You

Having worked with Prositeweb and Gilblas for a few months, I recommend it thanks to its responsiveness and expertise in development/Full Stack/Magento.

What customers say about us

Marketing Coordinator @Always

Martin Beaudet

At the beginning of 2024, we worked with Prositeweb, Gilblas and it was a real pleasure and success. It comes down to follow-up, communication and competence. This is what we are looking for when we entrust a personalized web mandate (API) like ours. Chapeau, Prositeweb, Gilblas, I recommend it and I will work with it again without a doubt.

What customers say about us

President @Authen-tic

Tchetcha Dany Jauresse

Prositeweb uses the latest technologies in website development and software. Also master e-commerce marketing.

What customers say about us

Executive assistant @Dany Jauresse Tchetcha

Lucy Vannelli

Professional and very competent x

What customers say about us

President @DressScoop

Some recent achievements

Partenaires Immobiliers

Partenaires Immobiliers

Partenaires Immobiliers is an agency of real estate brokerage experts in Boisbriand. Indeed, we have worked with her on various web projects

Conception de site web — International Mobility Consulting Services Inc.

Conception de site web — International Mobility Consulting Services Inc.

We had the pleasure of working with International Mobility Consulting Services Inc to set up their website.

site web — Oneevo

site web — Oneevo

We are happy to have worked with Oneevo for the design of its website. Find out more about what we've been up to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to launch a Shopify store with Prositeweb?

Development time varies depending on the complexity of your project. We are committed to working efficiently to launch your site as quickly as possible while ensuring quality and satisfaction.

Can I migrate my existing store to Shopify?

Absolutely. We specialize in migrating stores to Shopify , ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting your business.

Do you offer SEO optimization services for Shopify?

Yes, SEO optimization is at the heart of our services. Indeed, our Shopify Agency ensures that your store is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also performs well on search engines.

Ready to turn your vision into digital success?

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