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We offer a wide range of services using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and PHP frameworks.

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Why choose a custom solution?

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Flexibility and security of your solutions

Open source solutions sometimes rely on external resources that may be beyond your control. Customizing may give you more power to handle all the security aspects or change things at your own will.

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Go beyond the technological limations

Any solution you pick on the market has limitations. However, handling things with customization may allow you to give free way to your imagination. You can, for example, use CMS or Framework as a starting point.

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Make it easy to continue your project.

Starting a project from scratch and documenting all the process steps is an ideal way to facilitate continuity. For instance, most solutions handled by a third party do not always align with your vision in the long run.

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You lead how you want your solution to go

Working with third-party resources sometimes comes with its disadvantages. And at a point, you can't rely upon or trust at 100% that you will maintain your project eventually. However, the custom solution gives you more flexibility in the management of your projects.

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Your vision or purpose is not biased

When thinking about building a solution for a business, Some CMS or Framework will force you to change your initial vision. However, if you start with customization, you will choose a tool and adjust it based on your idea.

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Avoid competitively outreach

Most templates or plugins you buy online are most of the time open to the public. It is easy to guess and copy your ideas. Anything you do internally and with custom options can limit being bypassed by the competition.

Prositeweb Inc.

What you want is what you get.

One of the advantages of custom software is that it enables you to choose a tool based on your requirements. And also, you can do all the necessary customizations to achieve your goal.

Invest in the future of your business

There is a general tendency to copy and paste templates or software. We strongly believe that if you want to be different from other businesses, you need to do something different. Custom website development is all about having a website that saves time and generates more income for your business.

Prositeweb Inc.
Convert your HTML design or PSD into a WordPress template

Convert your HTML design or PSD into a WordPress template

With our solution, you will be able to turn any of your static HTML websites into a dynamic WordPress Website.

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A diversified set of services in web design and development.

All our services include these options. Work with experts to improve your ranking on the web.


SSL Certificate

Free SSL certificate installation on your website or application



Training after the development of your platform



Detailed documentation to facilitate post-service continuity



We provide hosting services with options to manage all the technical support on daily basis


Custom extensions

We are experts in custom modules and extensions. If needed, we can build tools that fit your business needs.


Technical support

At your disposal to help you with all technical problems.


Creation of themes and extensions

We assist you in the design and development of your themes and extensions.



Support in the development of your web solution

We work with companies from various industries in Canada

We proudly work with Canadian companies in the design and day-to-day management of their website. Our expertise and professionalism allow us to forge long-standing relationships with our clients.


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Frequently asked questions

Some answers to common questions

We talk about a custom website when we customize web design based on your requirements. When we work with a content management system or a Framework, we define the project in alignment with the limitation of the solution. The process is different with a custom website; we first understand your goal, go for a tool that best fits your needs, and finally customize.
The time to build a custom website depends on various parameters: Your requirements, features, the type of website and even options you want to include. Based on our expertise, we evaluate 1 to 3 months to build a good website. The time may vary depending on who is doing what. For example, if you provide content or photos for your site, it may be faster if you provide everything on time.
We can recommend a tool if you provide more details about what you want. In other words, there is not a fixed answer to what tool to use when it comes to building a custom website. However, some solutions are more for eCommerce, whereas others are the best for a coporate website. Contact us today, and we will be happy to evaluate your project for free.
The cost of your website will always depend on what you want. During the evaluation of your project, we take time to understand your needs, goals and long-term visions. Hence, there is not a fixed price for the development of a website unless we have requirements. Based on our expertise with other projects, it may take 40 hours to build a good website. If we apply that number of hours to our hourly rate, you will need to pay a minimum of $3200 CAD
There is no 100% guarantee when it comes to development. However, we believe that we have the skill and expertise to provide the best out of the most popular development tools. Moreover, we are used to going beyond technological limitations building the solution that our customers need. Contact us, and we will be happy to evaluate your needs and come back with a more accurate answer.
Prositeweb is a team of dedicated website and software developers. Over the years, we have worked with various businesses building and maintaining their websites and applications. One kind thing about us is that we are always eager to learn. Hence, learning every day to ensure that our customers always get the best is why you should work with us.
Yes. Our work with you does not stop after the development process. We are always available to assist with anything related to your website. Also, we provide three months of free support to fix any bug or problem on your website.
Most of the time, we choose a tool based on the requirement of companies. For example, for corporate websites, we used software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Laravel. On the other hand, if you want to build an eCommerce, we can work with Magento, woo commerce, Shopify or PrestaShop. Now, choosing between those solutions in a specific area depends on your team, budget, and goal.

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