All our services include

All of our services include these options. Work with experts to improve your ranking on the Internet



Detailed documentation to facilitate continuity after end of service

full audit

full audit

A complete analysis of web and application solutions

indoor Consulting

indoor Consulting

We work with you remotely for the realization of your projects

internal consultation

internal consultation

We come to your offices to offer consultation

night and weekend services

night and weekend services

Emergency service allowing you to have help no matter the time of day or night

staff training

staff training

Training your staff on how to better manage certain internal situations


Consulting and training for business

We offer Consulting and Training to keep you one step ahead of the competition. Our team specialized in web solution development is at your service to offer you training or consultation according to your needs.

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Why choose a consultation

The consultation offers several advantages. Below are some examples:

Quick and easy access to information

First of all, the consultation allows people who encounter a problem or wish to have more explicit information on their site or application. Besides, this consultation gives you quick access to all the information you need without travelling and without having to wait.

Experts always available

Another advantage of a consultation is the availability of professionals. Besides, you have the option of being in contact with your consultant at any time.

Better communication

Thanks to this new consultation system, the consultant ensures better monitoring of the needs of his clients.

A quick and detailed diagnosis

With a consultation, you have the advantage of having a clean and detailed diagnosis of your problem. Also, it allows you to have immediate solutions to these problems. 

Why choose Prositeweb Inc


Long-term collaboration

Doing business with us gives you the freedom to contact us as needed for general questions. Indeed, you can contact us at any time to request our help. With all our customers, we have a long-term collaboration.


All your needs in one place

We support you in all stages of the process, from the conception of the idea to your products' marketing.


24/7 technical support

Our team is fully available for any emergency that may arise after training or your solutions.


We master several tools.

Our team of developers master different modern tools and can easily train you on these tools. So contact us for a consultation.


We consult everywhere and at a lower cost.

We offer you the possibility for developers and individuals to train in various fields online not only in Canada but also worldwide and at a lower cost.


Electronic commerce consulting and tailor-made programming

We can help you with all your ad hoc tasks internally (in your office) or externally (outside your office). Besides, we offer consulting services in e-commerce development, website development and custom programming, and in-depth diagnosis.

What we can offer


Classic consultation

VIP consultation

Diagnosing and resolving the problem

Improvement of your site/solution

Online formation

Do you want a quality website, ecommerce or tools?

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