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We offer you support in all that surrounds the design of your website.

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Montreal-based web design experts.

Our development tools and sub services

We use modern tools to enable you have the control and flexibility you need.

A development process that has proven its worth.

To design your e-commerce, we usually follow the following steps.

Analysis of your requirement

We take the time to gather enough information about the purpose of your website design, your competitors, and your target audience.

Planning of your e-commerce

Better planning is the key to the success of your project. This includes setting timelines, identifying available resources, and deciding who does what, among other things.


The design will involve working with our graphic designer to establish a basic model of your site. Indeed, the basic model will make it possible to establish the arrangement of the elements to make a design that meets your expectations.


Content is key to your natural position. Additionally, you need to take the time to work on quality content to better orient your customers.

Development of your website

To develop your website we usually use modern software. Our team is moreover open to exploring a tool of your choice.

Testing and Validation

We always carry out a set of tests before the stores go live. Among which, we have validation of syntaxes and performance of the website.


After completing your e-commerce, you deploy it on your servers. We also offer hosting on our servers so you can focus on your core business.

Over 1.8 billion websites are now online.

People are spoiled for choice when looking for a product or service. There are thousands of possibilities on the net. Therefore, to make a difference, you must be better than the competitors. Being better comes through, among other things:


Have a user-friendly website

Ergonomics consists of adapting your website to current users. In other terms. You must ask yourself the question of whether your website is suitable for all types of users.

  • Mobile phone and tablet. Over 70% of users browse on their mobile phones and tablets
  • Desktop computer users.

We could also in this case speak of the possibility of accessing your website on all types of browsers.


Go beyond technology to design a website

One of the peculiarities of Prositeweb is that it is not limited to the basic functionality of an application. We assume you need to meet your goals and adjust the solution accordingly. Thus, you can easily move forward in your business with fewer constraints.


Performance and Security at the heart of your web development strategy

With more than 1.8 billion websites currently hosted on the net, you can’t settle for being like everyone else. Your website should consider a set of parameters to promote conversion. We support you throughout the process.


Designing a website at Prositeweb is a lot more than integration

To stand out from your competition, you need much more than installing software and doing integration. Prositeweb works with you on a personalized strategy to give you the possibility to profit from your web solution.

We have expertise in both frontend and backend development.

Some resources

Our website development services

What we can do for you

Custom template development

Our front-end and back-end developers can work with you in the sketching and implementation of your website.

Plugins and modules development

If you need custom plugins or modules to extend the current functionalities of your website, you are indeed at the right place.

Update and redesign of an existing website

In case you are not happy with your current website, we can work together to improve or redesign

Building a new website for your business

If you plan to build a website for your business, we can work together during all the processes—information gathering, planning, design, and so on.

We connect your website with third-party solutions

To accelerate the growth of your business, you sometimes need external tools such as CRM, ERPs or marketing tools. We can assist you in the integration.

Optimization of performance and SEO

Performance, security, and SEO are crucial to generating revenue for your business. We can work together to make sure your website reaches its full potential.

Some answers to common questions

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to develop a web solution?
The cost of a website depends on your projects, the features, and your vision in the long term. At Prositeweb, we estimate a minimum of 40 hours to build a good website. Hence, if we use our hourly rate, you may need to spend at least 3200 CAD for your website. It is essential to point out that the price of a website depends on who is building it. A freelancer may charge less and provide fewer options when it comes to adding features. Whereas with an agency, you have a team of professionals handling various aspects of your project.
With several years of experience in web development, we have established a standard based on the quality, performance, and visibility of web platforms. Indeed, we firmly believe that a web solution should make it possible to achieve a goal without too much hassle. So, working with Prositeweb Inc. is choosing from a solution 100% suitable for all types of operating systems or screens; optimized for performance and safety. In addition to that, we constantly validate our codes to make sure that they respect the W3C standard.
The tools you may want to choose for your project depend on various considerations. For example, if you intend to have a single-page website, HTML might be an option. For a transactional website, you may consider tools like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. If you are planning to sell on your website, we can recommend WooCommerce, PrestaShop or Shopify. As for the best tool, we need to understand your need and resources to provide a suitable recommendation. Contact us.
Time to spend on a project can be influenced by several factors. For example, we will spend less time on projects that are new to our achievement bank. By analogy, if we have had the opportunity to work on a similar project in the past, it takes less time. In addition to this, if there are several similarities between your project and an in-house realization, the time to spend will be reduced considerably. To summarize, the time spent on a project depends on one hand on our level of knowledge on the subject and on the other hand on the complexity of your project and finally on the availability of the desired solution.
Having a website is not imperative to generating sales for a business. Indeed, many companies have strategies to make money without having to use websites. However, having a website can bring you several advantages. These benefits include, reducing the time spent explaining your services, opening your business internationally, easily growing your brand and much more. We believe that a site in this age of technology is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.
In addition to a website, you need to have a marketing and sales strategy. Having a website is only the first step. This is a plus since you can easily position yourself differently against the competition. As examples, we can cite: explain your activities less, sell 24 hours a day or even develop your brand locally and internationally.
Whether you are a student, local or international service providers or a blogger, a website can be strategic in increasing your visibility. A website allows you to better develop and present your products or services to potential customers. Via your website, you can attract potential investors or partners.
We have been working with several clients for almost five years. Our relationships begin with the design of their website. After developing your solution, we remain at your disposal for any needs relating to development, maintenance, updating or redesign.