Custom website design – Development of web solutions

We are a team of professional website designers based in Montreal. Our team can assist you with your website design and feature development.

Custom website design - Development of web solutions

A set of diversified services to propel your activities

Custom models and designs

Our team of front-end and back-end developers can assist you in designing your website

Creation of Extensions and modules

We have many years of expertise in developing custom extensions and modules

Redesign and redesign of your website

We are able to radically change your website to adapt it to the current context

Development of new websites

Developing a website is much more than design and integration; you need a team of experts to guide you

Integration of third-party modules

To accelerate the growth of your business, you sometimes need external tools such as CRMs, ERPs or marketing tools. We can assist you in the integration

Search Engine Optimization

Performance, security, and SEO are key to generating revenue for your business. We can work together to ensure your website reaches its full potential.

Why Prositeweb?

Stand out from the competition thanks to innovative web solutions

Have an ergonomic website

Ergonomics consists of adapting your website to current users. In other words. You need to ask yourself whether your website is suitable for all types of users.

  • Mobile phone and tablet. More than 70% of users browse on their mobile phone and tablets
  • Desktop computer users.

In this case, we could also talk about the possibility of accessing your website on all types of browsers.

Go beyond technology to design a web platform

One of the particularities of prositeweb is that it is not limited to the original functionalities of an application. We assume that you need to achieve your goals and adjust the solution accordingly. So you can easily move forward in your business with fewer constraints.

Performance and security at the heart of your web development strategy

With over 1.8 billion websites currently hosted on the net, you can't just be like everyone else. Your website should consider a set of parameters to promote conversion. We support you throughout the process.

Designing a website at prositeweb is much more than integration

To stand out from your competitors, you need a lot more than installing software and doing integration. Prositeweb works with you on a personalized strategy to give you the opportunity to take advantage of your web solution. We have expertise in both backend and frontend development.

A proven development process.

To design your ecommerce, we generally follow the following steps.

We take the time to gather enough information about the purpose of designing your website, your competitors and your target audience.

Better planning is a guarantee of the success of your project. This includes, among other things, setting timelines, identifying available resources and deciding who does what.

The design will consist of working with our graphic designer to establish a basic model of your site. Indeed, the basic model will establish the layout of the elements in order to make a design that meets your expectations.

To develop your website, we usually use modern software. Our team is also open to exploring a tool of your choice.

We always perform a set of tests before the stores go live. Among which we have the validation of the syntaxes and the performance of the website.

After completing your e-commerce, you perform a deployment on your servers. We also offer hosting on our servers to allow you to focus on your core business.

A team of full-stack developers at your service.

We work with you on site development projects, custom themes and extensions.

Migrating websites to other software

If the solution you currently use for your website no longer seems to suit you, we can migrate to a modern solution. Indeed, there are several modern applications that are easier to manage and ergonomic.

Redesign of your website

Do you feel that your website is no longer adapted to current realities? We can help you make a complete design of your website. Our team can assist you in implementing the solution that best meets your objectives.

A team of full-stack developers at your service.

Development of themes for web solutions

Our website redesign service also includes the development of themes for websites. We had the opportunity to develop themes for WordPress , Magento, Drupal and Joomla content managers.

Improvement of existing solutions

We can work with you to improve existing solutions. Indeed, for a company, it sometimes happens that the tools you have do not facilitate the progress of your activities. For this, we will work with you to fix the bugs, adapt the solution to your expectations.

Do you have a project in mind? Contact our web agency for a free estimate.

We are a team of dedicated front-end and back-end developers based in Montreal. We help businesses to build and maintain their websites and applications.
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