What we offer as services

Prositeweb supports you in all aspects of the development of your site.


Wordpress extensions

We go beyond the limitations of WordPress to offer you the solution to your project. Thanks to the development of WordPress extensions, your project has no limits.


WordPress website theme

Are you unable to find a design that best fits your goals? We have the solution. Our team can transform your design ideas into a WordPress theme.


Integration and Programming of sites

We support you in all stages of your development process. With more than nine years in the field, we can, for example, offer you services in design, integration and SEO.


Redesign or Migration to WordPress

Do you have a website that you would like to redesign? We can assist you. Indeed, thanks to the multiple features of WordPress, we can offer you the best. Besides, if your current site is on another technology, we can migrate without losing any data.


A particular focus on the performance of your solutions

At Prositeweb, we place particular emphasis on the performance of your web solutions. Your conversion rate depends above all on the quality of your platform. And condition implies good programming practices, the use of modern tools for optimization. In addition to that, we can be sure of a better continuity of your project.

    Why choose WordPress for your website?

    100% open codes

    WordPress is free software. Indeed, you can modify WordPress as you wish.On the other hand,

    Thousands of features ready to use

    To better manage your website, you sometimes need additional tools or features. Thanks to the contribution of several developers around the world, you have access to millions of plug-and-play extensions.

    A scalable solution

    A large community of developers around the world work daily to maintain WordPress. For this purpose, you always have the possibility of being up to date with current trends.

    A turnkey solution

    With the WordPress application, you have a turnkey solution. In other words. The management, modification or development tasks are 100% up to you.


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    Develop your WordPress site in 4 steps

    Develop your WordPress site in 4 steps

    We have simplified the development process to allow you to focus on the essentials


    Analysis of your project

    You submit your project for evaluation.


    Proposal for designs + applications

    Based on your specifications, we work together on design and applications.


    Development of your site

    Setting up your online store. This step includes updating products and content.


    Tests and validation

    Once we complete the development process, we work together on testing and validation. Besides, our team offers training.

    Amazing teamwork and a professional approach make you the number one choice for new business projects like mine! I would definitely recommend your services to all my friends and associates!
    Peter Jones
    Peter Jones Sport PLus International
    I am grateful for your hard work and dedication to my business project! I did not expect it to be a bomb, but in the end, it was a great success. I like the individual approach and creativity!
    Liam Smith
    Liam Smith Liam Design Group
    Working with you has been a real pleasure! I especially liked your professional and thoughtful technical support team who is always available to help! Thank you very much for helping us with tons of ideas; as well as for the realization of our project!
    Melissa Hunter
    Melissa Hunter CEO at Smartest Market