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Below are some simple steps to use our SEO checker.

We break down steps that you need to follow to reach your goal. Although we can claim to have the only way, following our instructions can help.


Analyze your web page in less than 2 minutes

If you enter your URL(for example, in the form above, our tool will generate an SEO report. For instance, in less than 2 min, our software will be able to analyze your website to find SEO mistakes. You will see display recommendations and things to fix. For example, you will notice recommendations in three different colours. SEO for a particular error is not good if you see a red colour beside the guidance. The yellow colour means that SEO is average, and green means everything is Good.


Read recommendations carefully and update your website

You have two options if you want to apply our guide for better improvement. The first option will require you to read on-screen and fix your web page. And as for the second, you can download the report in a PDF format. I would personally recommend downloading so that you can document your changes. To give an idea on how to use the tool, let say, for instance, that you see a recommendation about the SEO title. In general, you will see something like "your meta title is too short" or "your meta title is too long." Updating your website will only require to increase/shorten the length of your meta title.


Run another SEO analysis test to see SEO updates

If you fix some(all), the SEO mistakes pointed out during your first analysis, and you can run another SEO test to see updates. For instance, if you follow instructions and apply recommendations carefully, you should be able to see a difference. For example, if your score was 78% and you run another test, you might 81% or maybe more. Running another analysis is simple; enter your URL on the form once again and click on review. The software can redirect you to the previous report. If that is the case, click on the orange button bellow your SEO is saying, "Update." In this case, there are two scenarios; the analysis will run another time; otherwise, the tool will ask you to log in. To log in is straightforward; you can do that either with your email id or your social media. We have Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Why Should you care about SEO?

SEO is not the only way to get traffic online. Moreover, you don't even need to optimize your website to generate money. However, if you do optimize your website, you could save some money that you spend on marketing in the long run. Below are some advantages of SEO.


Improve your Organic reach

Your potential customers are likely to come to your web pages naturally. In fact, with SEO, you have chances of getting more organic traffic from search engines.


Spend less in the long run

Making sure to apply better development practices enable you to have more visitors naturally. Hence, you spend less on trying to get customers or visitors on your website.


Increase your trust in the internet

People usually tend to believe that results at the top of the search results are the best. For this reason, if you work on your SEO, you will build more trust with your target audience.


Better User Experience

The more you practice SEO, the more you improve the quality of your website. In order words, you make your website easy to navigate, and your visitors stay longer on your website.


Spend less time explaining what you do

One of the rules of SEO is the quantity of your content. When you improve the quality and quantity of your content, your visitors would have a clear understanding of what you do.


Close more deals and generate more prospects

By making sure to improve your SEO, you stand a better chance of having good quality traffic on your website. With more good quality, you might close more deals or have more prospects.

What exactly is SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Through this video, we give you a basic introduction to SEO. And we further explain how it can help to improve your ranking on search Engines

Are you interested in working with a team of experts instead?

It is not everyone that would have the patience to fix SEO mistake themselves. If that is your case, we can assist you.


Unlimited Analysis

Run an extensive analysis of our most powerful servers. Stored reports make it easy to view progress and past work.


In-Depth Reviews

With our detailed website analysis, learn how to fix your SEO issues with clear definitions for each SEO metric.


Competitive Analysis

Side-by-side SEO comparisons with your competitors. See how your SEO can improve against the competition.

Some to help you improve your Website

We use modern tools to ensure to improve your SEO score.

Improve the performance with

GTmetrix is ​​one of the most popular platforms for analyzing the performance of websites. You can download a PDF report or apply recommendations by looking for results on-screen. Prositeweb makes use of this platform and implements the proposals to bring a better return to your site.

Use our Software to improve your SEO is a web-based application for troubleshooting repository errors. It has been put in place to allow its users to enhance their visibility in search engines. Via our platform, you could, for example, have a detailed PDF report with all your SEO mistakes. The report also contains recommendations for better results.

Validate the syntax of your HTML documents with

The validator of w3c is an apartment website at that defines standards on the web. The platform aims to analyze web pages and display HTML code errors. You will also find the lines of code to modify. It is only logical to make mistakes during the development process. W3C can help you to fix them

Use Googe Mobile-Friendly Test tool to check if your website is responsive

Google suggest a free tool that you can use to check if your web page is responsive. As you probably already know, responsiveness plays an essential role in SEO. Hence, making sure that your web page is accessible on mobile and tablets is critical. If you want to use the Google tool, follow this link. If you don't want to changes pages one after another, you can submit your sitemap on Google Search Console.

Practical advices


Update your meta and alt elements

With less effort, you can improve your SEO just by adding meta title, description and alternative title to images. Part of the job of Search Engines bots is to scan latter elements to have a basic idea about your web pages. To give you an example, Let assume that your web page is talking about "Montreal Restaurant," and you want to appear in the search result for that keywords. What you will need to do is adding the meta title and description by including your keywords. You will also make sure it appears at least once on the alternative title of your images. In addition to that, you need to include at most one h1 element on your page.


Write good and quality content

Improving visibility on search engines is not only about adding keywords to the meta elements or content. With time, Search Engines are becoming more and smarter to detect people that try to fool them with random keyword occurrence. Hence, besides adding information on meta and alt elements, make sure to write quality content. To achieve that, you can do some research about your niche. And then, provide as much information as possible so that your content will outbid that of your competition. You need to keep in mind that it might take time to reach the top, but the more value you provide, the better you are likely to improve your traffic.


Improve the quality of your website.

Some of the critical SEO killers are performance and non-responsiveness. For instance, no one will be likely to stay longer on your website if a page takes more than 10 seconds to load a page. Moreover, if your visitors on mobile phones and tablets can easily access your website, you will lose most of them. In other words, making sure to have a good website will also help in improving your ranking. Some of the aspects that you need to take into consideration are the speed of your website, responsiveness, security, and browser compatibility. If you use our SEO tool, you will generate a full report with what to fix.

Are you looking for SEO experts to improve your organic traffic?

If you don't have time to work on your SEO yourself, we can work together. As SEO experts, we have designed a custom strategy to help you improve your ranking. Our team can help you to achieve the following.


Analysis and Optimization of Web Platforms

By making use of modern tools, we analyze and optimize the web platforms for better performance. Indeed, all the analysis software used generates a report with elements to improve. We use these remarks to improve your website.On the other hand, we offer you a web platform without code error or blocking. At the end of our intervention, we guarantee you a fast, ergonomic platform (100% adapted to all types of the screen) and more secure. Our team can also install monitoring tools giving you the ability to receive weekly notifications.


Updating servers and code

Most of the solutions for website development improve their functions or systems to fix security issues or buggies. It is, therefore, essential to update your codes and server to take advantage of these updates. Prositeweb can assist you in the process. With several years of experience in backend development, we had the opportunity to work on several types of servers. We, therefore, master the configuration you need and the features to take into account. Contact us today for a complete audit of your site. For example, we can provide you with personalized advice on the safety and performance of your infrastructure.


Monitoring your traffic

We offer you a personalized service in monitoring your traffic. Indeed, to avoid the loss of traffic or unexpected problems, we automate monitoring. Our intervention allows you to receive a detailed weekly report of performance, areas for improvement and more. A dedicated expert works with you every day to help you always have the upper hand over your competitors.


Consulting and Training

Would you like to have the necessary knowledge to improve your natural referencing by yourself? This service can be useful to you. Indeed, having had the opportunity to work with several structures in projects for optimizing and improving web platforms, we have put in place a strategy that could help you. Our services consist of training you on referencing tools and optimizations. We also give you techniques to implement the recommendations. Contact us today to learn more.


Are you ready to improve your visibility?

Use our tool for free to improve your SEO score, or you can hire us. Our team will make sure to automate some of your SEO tasks and generate a weekly report.

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