Joomla Website development

Is Joomla Website an option for your business? Our team of experts can assist you in the development, maintenance or redesign. Hire us today. More than 6.5% of the websites are with Joomla

Joomla Website development

A turnkey solution for managing your business

Joomla is a free content manager that promotes custom website design. Indeed, millions of people use Joomla. He also has third place in the rankings. And this ranking is due to its ease of use and features. If you want a platform that is easy to manage and has a lot of features, contact us. Joomla Development could be an option.

A turnkey solution for managing your business

About Joomla

In the global rankings, more than 6.5% of websites use Joomla. It is a free manager that you can use for the development of all types of web solutions. Indeed, whether you are a blogger, a company or a merchant. You can find your account. In web jargon, "free" or "open source" means that you can download and use it as you wish. The software download is on the official platform of Joomla. There is also a "self-hosted" version; that is, do not ask you to have a server. This version is in the form of a subscription. You can find out more via this site.

What we offer

It is evident via the above description that you can use Joomla and create your website yourself. Now the question is, what do we offer then? You should note that the fact that the tool is free involved that you necessarily have the competence to use it. If you want a straightforward Internet site, you can, in a few hours, purchase accommodation, install and integrate design. However, to have a much more professional platform, you may need the input of the experts. Below are some elements that could make a difference.

Nine years of experience at your service

Joomla development is our business, and in addition to 9 years, we had the opportunity to help several people to set up their Joomla site.

An expert team with design and backend skills

Website development sometimes requires changes and adaptations that need skills. Our team works daily on design, coding and more.

We build only the Joomla website that generates money

We firmly believe that the goal of any site is to make sales or generate leads. With our experience in marketing, we help you in this direction. Contact us for a free evaluation.

What we offer

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Some of our recents projects

As professional full-stack developers specialized in Custom website, mobile application and software, we contributed widely in the completion of this wonderful project. The Owner entrusted us with the project, and we were so delighted to offer a solution that can help generate more sales for their business.

All you will get with our services

We are partner to your success online. We want to ensure that you get more income from your website. See some of our features.

1 year free hosting

If you don't yet have a server, Prositeweb Inc can host your website for one year without any additional charges. That will also help in the update and monitoring any issues that may arise.

2 hours Training

To help have full control over your website, we provide 2 hours of comprehensive training on how to use WordPress. Our training session will teach you all you need to know about WordPress.

3 months of Support

On request, our team will always be at your disposal to assist you with any technical issues. Knowing that they might be things that we forgot to handle during development, we provide three months of support.

Social Media connection and email marketing tools

We connect your WordPress website with social media for easy sharing. There are features of WordPress that can help you increase your ranking quickly. As a bonus for working with us, we establish the connexion for you.

SSL Certificate

We install an SSL certificate on your website for Free. Moreover, our team will help you extra security features to make sure you have all you need to start online.

Third-party Integration

We will assist you with the connexion of your website to any third-party software of your choice. We have experience with API integration. Some of the tools are email marketing tools, CRM or Projects management software

Our Services

Our professionals in web development, eCommerce and management tools offer you unique and personalized services based on your company needs.

CMS Integration

Are you looking for a professional agency for your CMS Integration? Let work together. We have experience in CMSs like WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, Drupal. If you have your template and want to implement it, our team can work with you.

custom template development

Do you have an HTML or PSD design that you will like to turn into a CMS template? We can help you achieve that. With Experiences in various CMS, we have created many custom templates from scratch. We can convert your design into a Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal theme. Contact us to find out more

Plugins or extensions Development

Plugins or extensions can help you to put in place extra features for your websites and applications. In fact, most of the CMS or framework comes with basic features. And as such, you need third-party features such as plugins. Prositeweb Inc can help you build plugins.

Third-party Software Integration

Third-party software is essential for your business. As a matter of fact, no application will incorporate all the features that you need for your business. That is the reason why we provide third-party Software Integration services.

Website maintenance

Do you need website maintenance on your current website? We can work together. With experiences in various tools, we can both maintain your CMS or Framework. Some of our maintenance services are SEO, speed optimization, regular updates.

Website security

Website security is vital for the protection of your data and those of your customers. At Prositeweb Inc, we build only fully secure websites. We can secure your website with an SSL certificate or third-party tools.

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