We help your company to develop a tailor-made web application.

We help your company to develop a tailor-made web application.

We can offer you the ideal solution if you want to set up a web application to manage your activities better. Indeed, for almost six years, we have been working with companies like yours to set up management tools. We have expertise in using PHP-derived applications such as Laravel or Symfony. Contact us for a free evaluation.

A set of tailor-made solutions to set you apart from the competition

Web applications and management tools help you improve your daily life. Indeed, thanks to the advancement of the web and Artificial Intelligence, you can considerably simplify your daily life.

A set of tailor-made solutions to set you apart from the competition

Connect your website application with external resources

Our team can help you develop tools to connect your site with external resources. We can accomplish this through APIs or by making direct connections. It is also possible to develop modules to perform real-time synchronization.

Advice in choosing a web application

Developing a web application costs you time and money. This is why we also offer you a consultation. Thanks to this service, you can compare tools to see if they can meet your expectations.

Development of web application or custom applications

For whatever reason, you may want to develop your web application. Indeed, applications on the market do not always meet your needs. Alternatively, they are sometimes very costly or burdensome. Prositeweb can work with you to develop and implement the solution you want to have to stand out.

Improving or managing your web applications

Managing software takes time and knowledge. For a company, the ideal would be to focus on the main objective. That’s precisely why we work with you to help you improve or manage your applications.

Some answers to common questions

Do you have any questions? Here we offer some answers to your questions. Leave us a message if needed.

A web application is a custom application that allows you to partially or fully manage your business. As a business, you can use software to increase your productivity and save time in your daily activities.

The cost of a software depends on your projects, features and sustainable vision. Most software ranges from $15 to $120 per month. As for bespoke software, we can give you an appropriate estimate if we have an idea of what you want.

We focus on custom business software and software integration. We can work with you throughout the process to ensure we develop a software that best suits your needs. Additionally, if you have a software that you would like to add to your existing solutions, we can assist you with the integration.

Most SaaS software offers limited customizations. You can, for example change your user interface, that is choosing a different design, changing the position of elements or adding additional functionality. But, you do not have access to the original code of your SaaS application. Thus, you are bound to the options suggested by the owner of the SaaS.

In most cases, you own your data in a SaaS application. It depends on the agreement you have with the SaaS company. Most of them will allow you to find your data if you want. This is the more reason why you should read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up with a SaaS company.

It would depend on how the seller went bankrupt. If, among other things, they had problems with their data center before going bankrupt, it would not be easy to find your data. The answer to the latter would be to start from scratch. Also, if you can find your data, you can see how to have a backup and use it for an alternative provider. We strongly recommend you have a copy of your data locally to avoid such an issue.

The ideal option for any business would be to have a custom web application. However, developing, hosting and maintaining self-hosted software is not always easy. So, before deciding whether or not to go for SaaS or self-hosted, you need to assess the cost of the project, the benefits, and probably all the resources. Nevertheless, self-hosting is the best option for applications to perform specific tasks inside your organization. By comparison, SaaS is best if you can afford self-hosted software.

One of the reasons businesses sign up for software is to save time and money. Therefore, before choosing any software, you should compare the features with your needs. In other words, you need to ask yourself if software increases your productivity or makes it easier to run your business. Also, regarding the cost, evaluating how much you will save with software can help you ask questions about the benefit. Finally, read the terms and conditions.

Some ready-to-use solutions

We are proud to present to you some solutions we have developed as part of our in-house and R&D projects.

Do you have a project in mind? Contact our web agency for a free estimate.

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