Software and application development
Software and application development

Software and application development. Plugins Template Development

Diversified service in the development of mobile applications. we master modern tools and Android and ios solutions

Software and application development

Expertise in Using modern tools

Prositeweb Inc works with a team of experts in custom website design. We master several tools

Software and application development Software and application development Software and application development Software and application development Software and application development
Software and application development Software and application development Software and application development Software and application development Software and application development

Entrust us with your software development projects

We have been working for several years with companies like yours for the implementation of robust applications. Contact us for a free evaluation.

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Why use a software or application for business?

Software or applications can help you optimize your working environment and save time. Indeed, they offer the possibility of doing more with less effort. Below are some advantages.

Improve your productivity

Several software programs allow you to dramatically improve productivity. Indeed, thanks to certain applications, you can easily manage your team, the relationship with customers and suppliers.

Managing your resources

With resource management software, you can better organize your internal resources. As a result, you can save time and money. Many companies can keep their data secure thanks to applications.

Increase your visibility

A great advantage of mobile applications is that they are referenced on the store according to your choice (Apple Store and Google Play). The fact that the Google search engine also references mobile applications is an additional advantage for increasing your visibility.

Development of a relationship with a specific target

The mobile application is aimed at a potential clientele already targeted and known. If your application respects mobile applications' codes, you are sure to capture the attention of your prospects.

Development of links with your target

The advantage of an app is that you can send notifications to your customers. This allows them to communicate better and more easily attract their attention. So, if a user installs your application on their smartphone, they are already showing commitment to your business.

Do you want an Android, iOS and Hybrid app for your business?

We offer a diversified service in mobile application development, Android and ios. Our team of experts masters Android and iOS solutions.

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Solutions for various industries

We are working with various industries in the development of their application.

Real estate sector

Managing real estate requires powerful software such as CRM, project management tools, and more. We had the chance to build a CRM for one of our clients.

Automotive industry

Working with people from the automotive industry is no longer a challenge. We've helped a few auto business owners get the software they need to run their businesses properly.

Charitable organization

As a charity, you may need tools like project management, an accounting tool, etc. We can work together to provide you with the software that best suits your needs.

Banking and finance

The more up-to-date and specific you are, the more chance you have to close the best deal and focus on the most critical aspects of your business. Contact us for any banking and financial solution.

Travel and Aviation Industry

We have built tools such as flight systems and websites with third-party resources. If you are looking for a way to improve your daily activities, we can work together.

Insurance or immigration consultant

Are you a consultant looking for the right tool for your business? Our team can help you find the solution you need. We have had the opportunity to assist companies in your sector of activities

Our software and application development services

We offer you a full range of services to help you stand out in the market

Software and application development

Self-hosted management software

If you're looking for self-hosted software for data privacy or expense reduction, contact us today. In fact, with the multitude of tools on the market, we can easily find a customizable solution for your needs.

Software and application development

Software integration with third-party solutions

Do you want to connect your website to third software? We use APIs to help you achieve this goal. For example, many software vendors allow their customers to access their system through the application programming interface for smooth integration.

Software and application development

Custom software development

Do you have a software development idea? We can help you build it. With a team of professional full stack website developers, we have worked on many custom software.

Software and application development

Development of mobile applications

Increase your conversion rate and close more deals with mobile apps. For example, a mobile app encourages your customers to stay connected with your services.

Some testimonials

Several clients trust us for the realization of their project. Discover some testimonials

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Edgard You
Edgard You Alltides - ECommerce Manager
Having worked with Prositeweb for several months, I recommend it because of its responsiveness and its development / Full Stack / Magento expertise. They have a team of experts in Electronic Commerce.
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Theodore Rigas
Theodore Rigas Omikron Marketing - President
I have collaborated with the Prositeweb team on several projects and I have never been disappointed. Honest, affordable and highly professional, they are the CMS experts in Montreal.
Marie-Claude Marsh
Marie-Claude Marsh Plasma Health - President
I am very satisfied! Professional, talented, courteous! Thank you so much! Marie-Claude Marsh Entrepreneur, Social worker, nurse
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Odigues Joseph
Odigues Joseph Oneevo - President
PrositeWeb is a very serious company, it has helped me in several projects and I am very satisfied especially with respect to deadlines. She supports us in all our processes, and the quality of the work is excellent. Thank you!
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Commonly, asked questions about software and application development

Do you have questions related to WordPress website development? Below are some answers to common questions from our customers.

Our price per service depends on the availability of the solution. For example, as professional developers of custom software, we already have tools ready to go. However, if not, we may seek third-party solutions for your business. If we cannot get one for you, we may need to charge you for the development process.

There is a lot of custom software that you can use for your business. For example, you can use email marketing software to send a newsletter to your clients or project management tools to increase productivity. If you want a professional team to assist you in your decision, contact us today. Our goal is to compare and provide you with a tool that best suits your needs.

There are many options for connecting two pieces of software or a website to a solution. The most popular techniques are API, direct request, and iFrame. If we have access to any of these onboarding methods, we can easily connect. Otherwise, our team can evaluate the tool you are trying to configure and come up with a solution.

The time required to create custom software may vary. For example, it usually depends on the project's size, whether you can find a related project or which features to implement. If we have a project almost similar to yours, it might take less time. The same will be true if we can find an open-source project.

Some of our achievements

As a professional developing websites and e-commerce, we have had the opportunity to develop several websites and applications. Discover some of our achievements.

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Terms and conditions

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