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Optimize your website for better search engine positioning

Optimizing a website is essential to improve your search engine visibility, user experience and security. Indeed, a well-optimized website in terms of speed, performance or ergonomics encourages visitors to stay longer. In addition, you are more likely to increase your visibility and make more conversions. Being reassured that your website is perfectly optimized is crucial for the survival of your platform. At Prositeweb Inc, we fully analyze your web platform and suggest things to put in place to reassure you a better performance.

We use modern tools to provide quality services

Performance analysis with

GTmetrix is ​​one of the most popular platforms for analyzing the performance of websites. Indeed, via this platform, you can get a PDF report of the performance of your website with the recommendations of what there is to improve. Prositeweb makes use of this platform and applies the recommendations to bring a better performance to your site.

SEO Analysis with is a web-based application for troubleshooting repository errors. It has been put in place to allow its users to improve their visibility on search engines. Via our platform, you could, for example, have a detailed PDF report with all your SEO mistakes. The report also contains recommendations for better results.

Validating HTML Syntax with

The validator of w3c is an apartment website at that defines standards on the web. The platform aims to analyze web pages and display HTML code errors. You will also find the lines of code to modify. Despite our expertise and expertise in web development, errors in programming are not excluded.

What we do

We are the best at optimizing websites, optimizing speed and implementing best practices.

Analysis and Optimization of Web Platforms

By making use of modern tools, we analyze and optimize the web platforms for better performance. Indeed, all the analysis software used generates a report with elements to improve. We use these remarks to improve your website. On the other hand, we are reassured to offer you a web platform without code error or blocking. At the end of our intervention, we guarantee you a fast, ergonomic platform (100% adapted to all types of the screen) and more secure. Our team can also install monitoring tools giving you the ability to receive weekly notifications.

Analysis and Optimization of Web Platforms
Updating servers and code

Updating servers and code

In order to improve the user experience and fix security vulnerabilities, new versions of the codes are developed. It is therefore essential to update its codes and server to take advantage of these updates. Prositeweb can assist you in the process. With several years of experience in backend development, we had the opportunity to work on several types of servers. We, therefore, master the configuration you need and the features to take into account. Contact us today for a complete audit of your site. For example, we can provide you with personalized advice on the safety and performance of your infrastructure.

Monitoring your traffic

We offer you a personalized service in monitoring your traffic. Indeed, in order to avoid the loss of traffic or unexpected problems, we automate monitoring. Our intervention gives you the opportunity to receive a detailed weekly report of performance, areas for improvement and more. A dedicated expert works with you every day to help you always have the upper hand over your competitors.

Monitoring your traffic
Consulting and Training Department

Consulting and Training Department

Would you like to have the necessary knowledge to improve your natural referencing by yourself? This service can be useful to you. Indeed, having had the opportunity to work with several structures in projects for optimizing and improving web platforms, we have put in place a strategy that could help you. Our services consist of training you on referencing tools and optimizations. We also give you techniques to implement the recommendations. Contact us today to learn more.

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