All our services include

All of our services include these options. Work with experts to improve your ranking on the Internet

indoor Consulting

indoor Consulting

We work with you remotely for the realization of your projects

internal consultation

internal consultation

We come to your offices to offer consultation

SSL certificate

SSL certificate

Free installation of the SSL certificate on your site or application

Technical support

Technical support

At your disposal to help you with any technical issues.



Training after the development of your platform

Online training

Improve your knowledge of web development through an online training

Prositeweb Inc. offers online training for businesses and individuals. If you want to improve your knowledge of web development, we can work together.

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Why choose online training

Online training offers several advantages. Below are some examples.

An accelerated way to deepen your knowledge.

Through online training, you can access training resources as quickly as possible.

Trainings adapt to your schedules

For example, you have the opportunity to train outside your working hours. In addition, we can schedule tailor-made training courses for you.

Keep a video copy of your training

Unlike face-to-face training, online training allows you to have videos and training documentation at all times. To this end, you can revisit the content as needed.

A great way to explore the IT industry

If you are not in the field, online training gives you the opportunity to learn about the web industry while keeping your job.

Acquiring customers outside your area of expertise

The web world has broken the boundaries of the field of knowledge. Indeed, as an organization, you can take projects outside your field of competence. This is made possible by the ability to train quickly.

Why choose Prositeweb

The prositeweb inc team is known for its expertise in web development. Below are some advantages of working with us.


A mastery of several tools

We can train you in several web development tools. Indeed, with several years in the field, we have been able to acquire the knowledge you need to better position yourself on-the-job market.


We evolve with the market trend

Our training is based on current standards. By working with us, you are guaranteed to only learn tools that can help you. In addition, we keep you informed even after the formation of changes in the market.


Baggage accumulated over several years at your service

A pretty big advantage that you have in working with us is the fact that you get more than you need. Indeed, our team is quite open to the transmission of knowledge, you always go beyond to help you take advantage of the web.


We train everywhere and at low cost

We offer you the possibility for developers and individuals to train in various fields online not only in Canada but all over the world and at a lower cost. Our 100% online training is tailored to your schedules.


Training - content management systems (CMS)

We are the best at tools like WordPress, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and Shopify. Practical training that will allow you to learn by doing. And in addition, you will be able to master good web practices.


Long-term collaboration

Doing business with us gives you the freedom to contact us as needed for general questions. Indeed, you can contact us at any time to request our help. With all our customers, we have a long-term collaboration.

What we can offer

Thanks to our processes and ready-to-use resources, we offer you the support you need to be more successful online. Get the training you need to be successful.

Online training

Staff training

Company seminar

Internal training plan

Individual training

Documentation and presentation videos

Preparation of lesson plans

Student supervision

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