Website Hosting (mainly customers)

We give our customers the opportunity to host their website directly on our web servers. Focus on running your business.

Website Hosting (mainly customers)

Get up to a year of free hosting for your website

To help you better focus in the management of your business, we offer you the hosting of your website. Indeed, if you create your website or application at Prositeweb, you will have a storage space entirely managed by our team. Our team will take care of the management and the necessary updates so that you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

    Get up to a year of free hosting for your website

    What we offer you

    Below are some offers related to the hosting of your website.

    Hosting of your website or application

    Host your website, online store or application directly on our web servers.

    Web server management

    Entrust the management of your web server to the Prositeweb team. We help you with updates and configurations.

    Modules et applications

    If you want to make your web server compatible with your applications or website, you sometimes need to install modules. We can assist you in this process.

    Creation of the web server

    We can help you create a web server from an empty space that you could take from a supplier. The process will consist of taking a server and choosing the operating system that suits you.

    Performance optimization

    Performance is essential for better visibility on search engines. Indeed, the slower your solution, the more visibility you lose. Performance also depends on the best server configuration.

    Security of your applications

    Security is very important if you want to have a better online reputation. This is the reason why before you embark on web creation, you must put in place a security process.

    Why work with us?

    If you are looking for support from people who also master the technology you use for your website, you have come to the right place. Indeed, we have advanced knowledge in development tools for websites and applications. Combined with our knowledge of web server management, we can easily provide you with assistance to better optimize your website.

    The choice to move towards open-source solutions was largely influenced by the fact that many hosted software do not give flexibility and ease of learning. In other words, thanks to open-source solutions we are constantly innovating and learning to offer you the best.

    W3C established a set of rules and recommendations to better guide the development approach of web solutions. These recommendations aim to improve the quality of web solutions. Compliance with these rules is essential throughout the development process.

    The primary goal of your website or application being to easily reach your site, we make sure to do all the necessary validations before going online. Our validations can consist in validating the adaptability of the site with the types of screen.

    Cybercrime is a major issue on the net. This is why it is important to establish barrier measures to better protect yourself. Measures include, among other things, the quality of codes and best practices.

    Performance is a key element that you should not neglect if you want to better reach your target. Prositeweb works to apply a set of measures to ensure that your solution is relatively easy to navigate. For this, we adopt good practices and carry out a set of tests before the publication of the website.

    How to benefit from our web hosting services?

    How to benefit from our web hosting services?

    • Submit your requests for the development of a website or eCommerce

      You can contact us through our contact form or by calling us.

    • Get a free evaluation

      A member of our team will contact you by email or phone to better understand your project.

    • Start of the project and accommodation

      We will then start your project if we have an agreement. Thus, after completion of your project, we will host your website if you wish.

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