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Creation of custom extensions and themes for websites

Creation of custom extensions and themes for websites

We create custom plugins and themes for WordPress and Drupal content managers.

  • Easy to install plugins and themes
  • Compatible with all types of devices.
  • 100% adapted to your needs
  • Continuous training and improvement
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Frequently Asked Questions

At Prositeweb, we offer two types of extensions. First of all, the extensions developed by our agency for R & D purposes. And, also, the projects you have in mind.

Our extensions

As part of the development of our clients' projects, we sometimes take the initiative to create extensions to improve the quality of our work. For this, we will offer you these tools via our online store or publication platforms. You will find, for example, extensions that we have published on .

Our clients' projects

When our customers contact us to create their extension, we establish an agreement which transfers the rights to the customers. In this case, they have exclusivity on the module. For this type of project, we publish them on our achievements page as a reference of the type of project we are capable of carrying out.

At the end of the extension development process, we offer our customers a user guide. On top of that, we'll usually write an article explaining how the extension works.

The expansion guide

The extension or module guide is usually a document called README which you will find in the main module directory. Our team will also take care of making videos that could help.

Blog posts

We also provide articles that you can use to install Extensions and themes. Our blogs will usually go into more detail explaining the technical aspect and external resources.

You simply have to send us a message via the contact form or by email. Our technical support team will take a look to assist you.

Yes, we offer the custom extension development service. You can leave us a message to get in touch with an expert to assist you in this regard.

We usually offer you a demo video to better explain how our modules work. If needed, you can email us and an expert will contact you for a trial.

A custom template gives you more flexibility to optimize your website. Most of the models you will find on the Internet come with features that you don't need. Still, it affects the loading time of your website. Usually they connect to external resources which can increase your business vulnerability. Over the year, we have noticed that improving a generic theme takes more time and money than creating one. Below are some advantages.

You will get what you need.

With your custom design, you can only install a few plugins or features to enable your website. For example, all of your website components are in your current template.

Reduce the use of external resources.

Let's say you want to create a WordPress website. Then you decide to buy a generic theme online. However, most of them will come with plugins from different developers. Therefore, you will have to rely on other developers to update their plugins. However, with a custom appearance, you significantly reduce the number of external resources.

Limit security risks

One of the direct implications of the previous point is security. You can set up all the security measures for your website. But, if a developer fails to update a plugin, a vulnerability can also affect your website. Statistically, most hackers exploit some widespread plugin vulnerabilities to hack websites.

Get a one-stop solution.

It can be useful to have a different design than your competitor for branding purposes. Embarking on the adventure of creating something personalized is a good step in this direction.

A template is a user interface for your website or a theme that presents information about our company on your website. Most content management systems or frameworks provide templates that you can use as a starting point for your web development projects. There are generally two types of templates, the general theme (free or for sale online) and the custom template.

What is a general theme?

A general theme refers to the design that you can get for free or at an affordable price online. Developers usually develop it with the aim of meeting the needs of many companies.

We create the themes starting at $1,200. Indeed, to allow you to easily manage your website, we create a design using a template that you can provide. Our team can also create one based on your specifications.

Do you have a project in mind? Contact our web agency for a free evaluation.

We are the experts in creating websites, online stores and functionalities for websites based in Montreal. Contact us today to create your website starting at $1,200.