e-commerce development  with Woocommerce
e-commerce development  with Woocommerce

e-commerce development with Woocommerce. Plugins Template Development

We offer website development and integration services through Woo Commerce. A team of experts supports you in your process from start to finish.

e-commerce development  with Woocommerce

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We are a Montreal-based website development professionals. We offer a set of website building services for a better positioning on the net

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Why use Woocommerce for the building of your e-commerce?

Woocommerce solution offers several advantages. Below are some examples.

A 100% free solution

The open-source version of Woocommerce is 100% free. Indeed, you can download, install and customize it as you wish without having to pay a single penny.

An open-source solution

All Woocommerce programming codes are accessible. Also, you are free to make changes to perfect your site.

Several ready-to-use features

The basic version of Woocommerce allows you to manage your e-commerce without the need for an external resource. You have the features like the method of payment and delivery.

An easy-to-use solution

Unlike many e-commerce solutions, Woocommerce is easy to use. Being a solution that works under WordPress, you can easily learn how it works.

Improve the performance of your e-commerce

Your e-commerce success starts with better performance. Indeed, the faster your website, the better. Get a performance report and advice on optimizing your website.

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What we do to improve the conversion on your website

Are you having trouble getting enough customers on your Woocommerce website? Prositeweb Inc. can help you improve your solution for better performance. Below are some actions we can take.

Reduce the number of CSS and JS files

The number of resources you use on your website can impact performance. Indeed, each resource affects the loading time of the website to a few seconds. The more resources you have, the more the accumulation of these resources is a brake. We can work with you to compress and merge resources to improve performance.

Simplify the payment process

An e-commerce platform with multiple steps before payment is a conversion problem. Indeed, people feel discouraged when they have to provide additional information. You can reduce the process and only ask for the essential information.

Choose a payment gateway well known to the public

Security breaches are widespread on the net. Because of this, no one would want to add their banking information if the platform does not inspire confidence. That being said, you should choose a payment gateway that is fairly popular and easy to use.

Improve the ergonomics and adaptability of your website

WooCommerce allows you to develop a website 100% adapted to mobile phones and tablets. As much as possible, you should make sure that your website is easy enough to navigate any device type.

Improve your search form

Woocommerce’s default form does not always return the desired information. However, you can find features to optimize the form to allow customers to have more desired results.

Analyze data for better improvement

Statistical data collected through tools such as Google Analytics can help in decision-making. For example, you can have information such as keywords, visitor region or referral links.

What Prositeweb Inc. offers you as a Woocommerce solution

Prositeweb Inc. is a full-stack developer team with several years of expertise in designing e-commerce solutions.

e-commerce development  with Woocommerce

Creation of e-commerces

We are professional Woocommerce developers with diverse skills in the field of various CMS. Also, our team can help you build a professional website at an affordable price.

e-commerce development  with Woocommerce

Woocommerce Website Update or Redesign

Prositeweb Inc. helps you improve the performance of your website. Also, we help you maintain and update your e-commerce at your current convenience. Some of our maintenance services are Woocommerce SEO performance, repair speed, and repair of code errors.

e-commerce development  with Woocommerce

Development of Woocommerce models.

Also, we develop and personalize the Woocommerce template based on the HTML or PSD templates. So contact us now to see what we can do for you.

e-commerce development  with Woocommerce

Creation of Woocommerce extensions

Also, we have professionals in building Woocommerce extensions. We can therefore develop one based on your specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a series of questions and answers to help you better understand Woocommerce

What is Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is a WordPress extension that allows the design of e-commerces. It offers several features that you can use to get started in e-commerce.

How much does the Woocommerce extension cost?

Woocommerce is an open-source and free extension. You can download it from the Plugins tab on WordPress. Also, you have the possibility to modify or customize your e-commerce as you wish.

How much does your WooCommerce development services cost?

The amount we charge for developing an e-commerce with Woocommerce can vary between $3,200 and $20,000. The cost depends on the complexity of your project, which could lead to much more development time. To have a fixed estimate, you can contact us.

Why choose Woocommerce for my e-commerce?

One of the peculiarities of Woocommerce is its simplicity. Indeed, you can install it in a few minutes and start using it using short codes. Considering that it is a plugin that works under WordPress, you can easily make adjustments to your pages by modifying your theme.

Do I need WordPress to manage my Woocommerce ?

Yes. You cannot use Woocommerce without going through WordPress. The initial step for installing Woocommerce is to install WordPress. Don’t worry; installing WordPress is also a very easy process.

Why work with your e-commerce agency in Montreal?

Our e-commerce agency in Montreal can guide you daily to improve your online presence. We ensure the adaptability of your website to different platforms (Mobiles and tablets). On the other hand, we have skills in all aspects of web development. Namely: design, backend development and optimization for search engines. Contact us for a free evaluation.

Would you like to hire a consultant or trainer to learn more about Woocommerce?

We master all aspects of Woocommerce development and can assist you in this regard. Contact us today to find out more.

Some Woocommerce training that we offer

If you want to improve your knowledge of Woocommerce or have the knowledge to manage your store easily, here are some training for you.

e-commerce development  with Woocommerce

Understanding Woocommerce Admin Panel

This tailor-made training aims to explain how to use the Woocommerce administrator panel better. For example, you will have the opportunity to understand how the basic functionalities are laid out.

e-commerce development  with Woocommerce

How to integrate Woocommerce with WordPress

In a few hours, we’ll explain how to integrate Woocommerce with WordPress. At the end of the training, you will install Woocommerce and make some adjustments to your theme if necessary.

e-commerce development  with Woocommerce

Integrate a payment method on your e-commerce

There are several payment options that you can use for your Woocommerce website. Several of them are accessible through the administrator panel. Thanks to a little training, we will see how to integrate it.

e-commerce development  with Woocommerce

How to change the theme of your Woocommerce

We can teach you how to change the theme of your e-commerce. During the training, you will be able to understand how to do it, and also, we will see the necessary adjustments so that your new e-commerce has no impact on the visual.

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