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Thousands of people around the world trust Shopify for its simplicity, ease of integration, and various options to help your business grow. Combine the power of Shopify with our expertise to triple your online revenue.

Shopify has won over web giants and investors with its revolutionary approach.

Merchants and entrepreneurs are increasingly relying on Shopify for the design and management of their online store.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a solution that enables the design of e-commerce platforms. If you're a business that wants to worry less about hosting your site, Shopify may be the way to go. Indeed, the Shopify provider is responsible for maintaining the hardware, software and security aspects of the platform. As a customer, you are only responsible for creating an account, and following a process (theme and application installation) to configure your website.

Over the years, Shopify has been able to position itself as a leader in website design tools. The interest in using Shopify is growing. It is not a coincidence. Below are some advantages that make this solution a leader.

  • You don't have to worry about hosting or maintaining the server
  • Quite effective technical assistance
  • Several features and modules are ready to use
  • A rather growing interest which favors the evolution

How to create a site under Shopify?

Step 1: Sign up on Shopify

Trade first by signing up on Shopify. To achieve this, go to the Shopify home page and click “Sign Up”. You will simply follow the steps offered by the platform to complete your registration.

Step 2: Configuration of the e-Commerce site

Once your account is created, you must go to the dashboard in order to install your design and the applications. You can use the designs offered by Shopify or buy them online

Step 3: Create Pages on Shopify

After configuring your website, all you have to do is create the pages of your site and integrate the content.

Prositeweb is there to assist you in this whole process. We can help you during all stages of the development of your online store. In addition, we can offer you the support, so you need to generate more visibility online. Contact us for a free evaluation.

Some Shopify Statistics

Below is some important data regarding the use of Shopify.

businesses trust Shopify
Employees around the world
billion dollars in economic activity around the world.
percent of online stores are under Shopify

A diversified set of services in web design and development.

All our services include these options. Work with experts to improve your ranking on the web.


SSL Certificate

Free SSL certificate installation on your website or application



Training after the development of your platform



Detailed documentation to facilitate post-service continuity



We provide hosting services with options to manage all the technical support on daily basis


Custom extensions

We are experts in custom modules and extensions. If needed, we can build tools that fit your business needs.


Technical support

At your disposal to help you with all technical problems.


Creation of themes and extensions

We assist you in the design and development of your themes and extensions.



Support in the development of your web solution

Our recent achievements

We had the opportunity to develop several websites for clients
in Canada and around the world. Discover our recent achievements.

Why a Shopify online shop?

Shopify is a revolutionary solution that has positioned itself in the online business tool market.

Access to thousands of features

The admin interface is simple and easy to understand. So, you don’t need hours of training to understand how to manage your content. Plus, you have access to fairly detailed documentation to walk you through it if you need it.

Shopify is easy to manage

Thanks to the contribution of thousands of developers around the world, you no longer have to pay to develop your solutions from scratch. An application platform is available to give you the ability to find what you need

Multilingual CMS

Shopify is available in multiple languages for both the back office and the online shop. Shopify is now available in the following languages: German, French (international), Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish.

Relatively low start-up fee.

Shopify’s options are perfectly suited to your budget. For as little as $14 per month, you can have an online shop. If you compare this to the cost of web hosting or server maintenance, it is very low.

No server needed to get started

Shopify platform is completely owner managed. Unlike other solutions where you have to subscribe to hosting, this solution allows you to focus on running your shop.

Multiple templates

Subscribed e-commerce merchants can choose from a variety of free and mobile responsive themes. Premium (paid) themes are also available for merchants who want more options.

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Our Web Development Process.

To offer you a quality service, we respect the seven phases of web development which have been proven.


01 – Analysis

In this phase we take into account the needs, objectives and target audience for the site to be developed.


02 – Planning

In this phase, we draw up the site plan and its structure and choose the appropriate technology if the client has no idea.


03- Design

We create the mock-up and prototype of the site based on UI and UX methods.


04- Content

We produce content tailored to your solution and photos and videos tailored to the context. This will be beneficial for better positioning on search engines


05 – Development

We set up a database that will fit the problem perfectly, as well as the different development environments.


06 – Quality assurance

All our products respect standard development qualities. All our assets are properly tested before deployment.


07 -Deployment

We ensure the deployment how on the production server. The host can be provided by us or the client


08 – Technical support and maintenance

Once deployed, we support you in the first months of administration of your project. We also make updates according to your requests.

We proudly work with clients from different sectors

Below are some of the sectors we had a chance to serve.

Secteur Immobilier
Real Estate
Développement de logiciel
Software development
Commerce en ligne
Soins de Santé
Health care

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about web development or our services? Here are some answers.

What is Shopify?
Shopify is an application or CMS from Canada that allows the design of online stores. The solution is mainly subscription based. In other words, you must subscribe to the solution in order to use it.
Unlike other CMS, Shopify is not free. Indeed, when you subscribe to Shopify, you are entitled to two free weeks. Thereafter, you have to pay $ 14 / month for an annual subscription.
The cost of development under Shopify at Prositeweb Inc can vary between $ 3,200 and $ 20,000. The cost strongly depends on the complexity of the project which can affect the development time. We estimate an average of 40 hours of work to develop a good online store. Contact us for an evaluation of your project.
We can take an average of 1 month to complete an online store. Our estimate is based on the time you can take to provide information, the complexity of your project and the options.
Shopify is a fairly popular and growing solution. The biggest feature of this solution is the fact that you don't have to manage or maintain a server. Below are some advantages: A less expensive solution. Shopify's basic subscription is $ 14 per month. This amount is less than a self-host solution that requires you to manage the server. Its technical support. It's relatively easy to have a Shopify team member on the phone or email about an issue with your store. An increasingly growing interest from developers. Over the past few years, Shopify has developed a commission model to encourage developers to join in the development of their solution. Therefore, you can easily find online help for your website.
To create a website under Shopify, it can be influenced by several factors. We work according to your indications and according to your directives in your specifications. If you answer our questions quickly, the project will move faster. We can complete a project in 2 weeks.
After creating a website under Shopify, you should make sure to continue monitoring the site by making updates. For better monitoring, it is preferable to entrust it to a development agency.

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