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Why choose Shopify?

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No need for a server to start

Shopify is a Software as an application (SaaS), and you don't need to worry about the hosting or most of the technical parts. You need to create your account and set up your website by following some steps or guidelines.

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Relatively low start-up cost

The options that Shopify offers are ideally suited to your budget. For the modest sum of $ 14 per month, you have the option of having an online store. If you compare that to the costs of web hosting or server maintenance, it is relatively less expensive

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Shopify is a turnkey solution

With the contribution of thousands of developers around the world, you don't longer need to build everything from scratch. You can, for example, buy a template or application online and customize it to fit your requirements.

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Multilingual Content Management Systems

You can use Shopify in your local language. For instance, Shopify is available in various languages, both in the front-end and backend. Moreover, the software already has a built-in feature that you can use to translate your website easily.

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You can easily find ready-to-use templates online.

Subscribed e-merchants can choose from a variety of free and mobile responsive themes. Premium (paid) themes are also available for merchants who want more options.

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Access to thousands of features

The administrator interface is easy to understand. So, you don't need long hours of training to figure out how to manage your content. In addition, you have access to reasonably detailed documentation to support you if necessary.

Prositeweb Inc.

Build your Shopify Store the right way with Prositeweb.

Shopify offers great features to build and maintain online stores quickly. However, the proper process to achieve that is sometimes misused or unexploited. At Prositeweb, we follow the guideline to ensure that you have all you need to succeed with your business.

Supercharge your Shopify store with revolutionary features

Artificial intelligence has become the new trend in the business world. We bring the revolution of AI to your doorstep so that you can take full advantage of current technologies. Contact us today for a free quote.

Prositeweb Inc.
Convert your HTML design or PSD into a WordPress template

Convert your HTML design or PSD into a WordPress template

With our solution, you will be able to turn any of your static HTML websites into a dynamic WordPress Website.

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Our Web Development Process.

To offer you a quality service, we respect the seven phases of web development which have been proven.


01 – Analysis

In this phase we take into account the needs, objectives and target audience for the site to be developed.


02 – Planning

In this phase, we draw up the site plan and its structure and choose the appropriate technology if the client has no idea.


03- Design

We create the mock-up and prototype of the site based on UI and UX methods.


04- Content

We produce content tailored to your solution and photos and videos tailored to the context. This will be beneficial for better positioning on search engines


05 – Development

We set up a database that will fit the problem perfectly, as well as the different development environments.


06 – Quality assurance

All our products respect standard development qualities. All our assets are properly tested before deployment.


07 -Deployment

We ensure the deployment how on the production server. The host can be provided by us or the client


08 – Technical support and maintenance

Once deployed, we support you in the first months of administration of your project. We also make updates according to your requests.

We work with companies from various industries in Canada

We proudly work with Canadian companies in the design and day-to-day management of their website. Our expertise and professionalism allow us to forge long-standing relationships with our clients.


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Frequently asked questions

Some answers to common questions

Shopify is a SaaS-based, proprietary model-based e-commerce platform that enables users to build and run their online stores. As a business, you can use Shopify to make your website without worrying about hosting and the complexity of core features.
To use Shopify, you need to use the following step: — Create an account, buy a template, and get applications that you need to complete your store. We can work with you to plan and elaborate a strategy that will enable you to build a successful online store.
The cost of a Magento website depends on your projects, the features, and your vision in the long term. At Prositeweb, we estimate a minimum of 40 hours to build a good WordPress website. Hence, if we use our hourly rate, you may need to spend at least 3200 CAD for your website. It is essential to point out that the price of a website depends on who is building it. A freelancer may charge less and provide fewer options when it comes to adding features. Whereas with an agency, you have a team of professionals handling various aspects of your project.
You can't host Shopify on your webserver. The owners fully manage the server and all the core features of Shopify. As a software application, all you can do is create your account, install your themes and applications.
Shopify is a relatively popular and growing solution. The most important advantage of this solution is that you don't have to manage or maintain a server. Some benefits are: — A less expensive solution. Shopify's starting subscription is $14 per month. This amount is less than a self-hosted solution that requires you to manage the server. — It's relatively easy to have a Shopify team member on the phone or email with a problem with your store. — There is a growing community of developers interested in Shopify. Over the past few years, Shopify has developed a commission model to encourage developers to join their concept.
Building a website with Shopify depends on many criteria: The complexity of your projects, your requirements, the content you provide, the approach you choose, and so on. From our experience, it may take within one month to 4 months. For companies that provide content on time or already have a pre-defined design, it is faster.
Shopify has a fast-growing community of developers that work together to ensure the progress of the software. The CMS's simplicity is so that many developers find it fun to work on it daily. You would always find someone to assist you with your Shopify projects. However, who you work with will determine how easy or good your result will be.
Yes. Our work with you does not stop after the development process. We are always available to assist with anything related to your website. Furthermore, we provide three months of free support to fix any bug or problem on your website.

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