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PrestaShop is one of the most used tools for the development of e-commerce platforms. Ranked as one of the most widely used tools globally, it is widely known for its ease of use and flexibility.

An open-source solution 100% dedicated to the design of online stores

PrestaShop is one of the most used tools for designing online stores. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is open-source, easy to use and most importantly, offers multiple features to be successful online.

What is Prestashop?

PrestaShop is an online store design tool with one of the highest usage rates. Designed only for e-Commerce, it gives you the ability to manage your store without worrying too much about the complexity of the codes in the background. Indeed, you can download the free version (open-source), install it on your web server and configure.

The platform is quite complete. Because, by default, you do not need external resources to start your online sale. A large part of the modules are available in the basic version.

We can assist you on several fronts:

  • The design of your new store. We can work with you from the design phase to the launch of your website.
  • The development of modules. We design PrestaShop modules.
  • Improvement of an existing store. If you have a store that requires restructuring or modifications, we can help you do it.
  • Install features or make updates

How to start using it?

If you want to use PrestaShop for your online store design, here are some basic steps to consider.

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of PrestaShop

PrestaShop is definitely one of the best tools for online stores. However, you must not lose sight of your need and skills. Understanding the benefits can help better judge whether the solution is right for your business structure.

Shop the web host for your website

You need a web server to store your website data. Just like many content managers or frameworks, you must ask yourself questions regarding the technical specifications of PrestaShop. This consists, among other things, of seeing the characteristics of PrestaShop and taking accommodation accordingly.

Analysis and development

A set of processes must be followed to complete your project. This is the reason why Prositeweb wants to work with you. Contact us for a free evaluation

Some PrestaShop statistics

Here are some statistics related to the use of PrestaShop

high quality graphic themes to personalize your store.
Members, ready to help you if necessary.
e-Commerce sites are created with PrestaShop CMS
and more PrestaShop modules to customize your store

A diversified set of services in web design and development.

All our services include these options. Work with experts to improve your ranking on the web.


SSL Certificate

Free SSL certificate installation on your website or application



Training after the development of your platform



Detailed documentation to facilitate post-service continuity



We provide hosting services with options to manage all the technical support on daily basis


Custom extensions

We are experts in custom modules and extensions. If needed, we can build tools that fit your business needs.


Technical support

At your disposal to help you with all technical problems.


Creation of themes and extensions

We assist you in the design and development of your themes and extensions.



Support in the development of your web solution

Our recent achievements

We had the opportunity to develop several websites for clients
in Canada and around the world. Discover our recent achievements.

Why develop your e-commerce with PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is a very popular tool used for designing e-commerce businesses. Here are some of the advantages.

Generate more online sales

The structure of this software has been designed so that you can use it as a stand-alone program. This means that you can concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

Over a million people love PrestaShop.

PrestaShop is widely used all over the world for building online shops. This is because it is an open software with great functionality.

PrestaShop is an open-source software

One of the biggest advantages of PrestaShop is that you can download and install it for free on your server. Also, with access to the source code, you can customize it to your liking.

Save time in online sales

With over 1200 contributors, PrestaShop development will certainly be your best investment. Indeed, you can find connections and specialities with the least effort.

Free platform

The PrestaShop software is 100% free. You can download the software and use it to design your shop without having to pay a single cent. In addition, you have the possibility to transform or customize it as you wish.

Adapted to mobile phones and tablets

Also, PrestaShop is optimized for mobile devices. Moreover, with its version 1.6, PrestaShop integrates a responsive web design theme. This means that this unique theme automatically adapts to the device.

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What we offer

Prositeweb offers a range of services and solutions for PrestaShop development

Development and integration of your online shop

If you want to start a business on the internet, we can assist you in setting up your website. We are familiar with all aspects of PrestaShop development and can support you from the idea stage to the marketing stage.

Updating and maintaining your solutions

To avoid security breaches, you must constantly update your solutions. Prositeweb can assist you in updating the version of your site or the maintenance of the modules. You can also contact us for the management of your server.

Migrating an online shop to PrestaShop

Migrating your online shop to PrestaShop can be laborious. That’s why we offer a migration service from any solution to PrestaShop. A bad migration can impact the integrity of your data. Contact us.

The creation of extensions or modules

It is sometimes difficult to find the desired modules for your website on the market. In this case, a custom option may be ideal. We can work with you to define the right approach to help you achieve your vision.

Optimising your shop for better positioning

To improve your visibility and acquire more customers, you need to optimise your shop. We can assist you. Prositeweb Inc. offers keyword research, optimization, backlinks and usability improvement.

Reinforcing the security of your PrestaShop shop

The security of your platform is the key to your online survival. A poorly secured platform is at the mercy of attacks. As a result, you run the risk of exposing sensitive data. We can help you to strengthen your PrestaShop shop.

Our Web Development Process.

To offer you a quality service, we respect the seven phases of web development which have been proven.


01 – Analysis

In this phase we take into account the needs, objectives and target audience for the site to be developed.


02 – Planning

In this phase, we draw up the site plan and its structure and choose the appropriate technology if the client has no idea.


03- Design

We create the mock-up and prototype of the site based on UI and UX methods.


04- Content

We produce content tailored to your solution and photos and videos tailored to the context. This will be beneficial for better positioning on search engines


05 – Development

We set up a database that will fit the problem perfectly, as well as the different development environments.


06 – Quality assurance

All our products respect standard development qualities. All our assets are properly tested before deployment.


07 -Deployment

We ensure the deployment how on the production server. The host can be provided by us or the client


08 – Technical support and maintenance

Once deployed, we support you in the first months of administration of your project. We also make updates according to your requests.

We proudly work with clients from different sectors

Below are some of the sectors we had a chance to serve.

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Real Estate
Développement de logiciel
Software development
Commerce en ligne
Soins de Santé
Health care

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about web development or our services? Here are some answers.

What is PrestaShop?
PrestaShop is one of the most used tools for the development of e-commerce platforms. Ranked among one of the best in the world, it is known for its ease of use and flexibility.
PrestaShop is open source software. Indeed, it is maintained by a community of volunteer developers who work to improve it. You therefore have the right to download it for free, transform it or customize it as you wish.
The cost of development under PrestaShop at Prositeweb Inc can vary between $ 3,200 and $ 20,000. The cost strongly depends on the complexity of the project which can affect the development time. We estimate an average of 40 hours of work to develop a good online store. Contact us for an evaluation of your project.
PrestaShop offers several advantages to consider when choosing an e-commerce tool. Among its advantages, we can mention: Its Open-source side, you have access to all the codes for modification or customization The cost is $ 0. It's 100% free Several features for managing online stores
After creating a website under Prestashop, you must be sure to continue monitoring the site by making updates. For better monitoring, it is preferable to entrust it to a development agency.

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