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The giants of e-commerce prefer magento for its performance, its innovative side and its security. Work with the experts to focus on other aspects of your business.

Opt for performance and security by using Magento to manage your online shop.

Do you intend to design your e-commerce platform? Magento may be the solution. We offer you a set of services in the design and development of Magento solutions.

A revolutionary solution for online commerce

Magento is widely used software for designing e-commerce platforms. Several companies use it for its flexibility and security. The software is available in two versions.

An open-source version

The open-source version is for anyone wishing to download and install the site on their own server. With this version, you have the possibility to install the site, to make the configurations and to adapt it to your needs. Magento is fairly complete software; in fact, the basic version already offers everything you need for the design and management of your online stores. Below are some features of the open-source version.

  • You need a web server to use this version
  • Have basic Magento configuration skills (or a team of experts)
  • You are responsible for managing site security, updates and issues with your website on your own.

The subscription version

Magento via Adobe offers you the possibility to subscribe in order to design your online store. This option is fully managed by a Magento team. As a company, you can focus on managing the content of your website and get technical support when needed.

Can Prositeweb assist in the design, management and development of functionalities via the two versions. Contact us for a free estimate.

Steps to get started with Magento

To design your online store in Magento, you have two options, Use the open-source version or subscribe to the subscription. Here are some generic steps that can help you in your Magento development process.

Step 1: Choose the option that best fits your goals.

The first step will be to Choose the version that fits with your business objectives. You should also consider your budget and your team. It will therefore be a question of evaluating the pros and cons of the open-source and subscription versions.

Step 2: Shop web hosts (open-source version)

If you decide to go for the open-source version, you need to take the time to shop around for web hosts. Magento needs a lot of resources (Space and RAM) to function. Thus, a bad server can impact performance and security. You can refer to the specifications on the official Magento website to know the features, so you might need.

Step 3: Analysis and development of your website

it is usually a question of following a set of processes to design and set up your website. This will consist, among other things, of:

  • Choose or design your design
  • Have a discussion about the features you want to have on your website
  • Prepare content for the site
  • Develop the site and do the integration

If you want to have the contribution of an expert to better develop your Magento website, contact us.

A diversified set of services in web design and development.

All our services include these options. Work with experts to improve your ranking on the web.


SSL Certificate

Free SSL certificate installation on your website or application



Training after the development of your platform



Detailed documentation to facilitate post-service continuity



We provide hosting services with options to manage all the technical support on daily basis


Custom extensions

We are experts in custom modules and extensions. If needed, we can build tools that fit your business needs.


Technical support

At your disposal to help you with all technical problems.


Creation of themes and extensions

We assist you in the design and development of your themes and extensions.



Support in the development of your web solution

Our recent achievements

We had the opportunity to develop several websites for clients
in Canada and around the world. Discover our recent achievements.

Why Magento?

You must certainly ask yourself why you should choose Magento for your online shop design. Here are some reasons.

Many functionalities at your fingertips

With Magento Marketplace and several other online platforms, you will easily find features to speed up your shop development. The cost of the extensions you will find is relatively affordable. In some cases, you might be able to find features for free or at nominal costs.

A free open-source version

If you like autonomy in managing your shop, you can download the free open-source version of Magento for your e-commerce. With this version, you have 100% freedom in terms of customising your site. As long as you have a good developer, there is no limit to the realization of your vision.

Magento can be used without adding external resources

Unlike many e-commerce solutions that require you to add several extensions, Magento is quite complete. You can use the platform with very few external resources for your shop. This is because the basic version already offers several options for online sales.

A large community of developers who contribute

One of the strengths of Magento is its community. Being an open-source solution, any developer can get involved in its evolution. So, if you are using Magento, you could easily get answers to your questions. You can also share your concerns in the developer communities.

Free security tips

Security plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to online sales. Unlike other types of websites where customers only provide some information, your online platform requires banking information. Thanks to Magento’s security centre, you can automatically manage some security aspects of your site.

Flexible Catalogue Management

With Magento, you can also control in real time the state of your stock. This feature is particularly interesting during sales or destocking periods. This way, you can increase your online sales while having less problems related to the stock of goods.

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A range of services dedicated to the success of your business

Work with us to boost your company’s online sales

Daily management of your Magento shop

A Prositeweb support team is available 24/7 to help you manage your online shop efficiently. Indeed, we work in partnership with several companies like yours in the management and updates of their shop

Performance of your Magento online shop

We work with owners to optimize their shop. Our mission is to analyse your shop, find performance problems and improve them. We offer a guarantee for a successful solution.

The positioning of your shop on search engines

We assist you in keyword research, content optimisation and usability improvement. At the end of our intervention, you will have a detailed strategy and training to ensure the continuity of the work done

Migration of your e-commerce to Magento

If you are not satisfied with your current solution, Magento could be the solution. We can give you the advice you need for a successful migration of your shop. We have expertise in Magento 1 to 2 migrations.

Magento theme development

Do you have a custom design you want to use for your shop? We can help you with the integration. We can transform your HTML theme or PSD design into a Magento theme.

Development of modules for Magento

Magento offers you the possibility to extend the basic functionality with modules. If you want, for example, to have a more powerful search form, you can develop a custom solution. Contact us for more information.

Internal or external consultation

Do you need assistance with the management or maintenance of Magento? Let’s work together. Indeed, we have assisted various Canadian companies in the maintenance and management of their web solution.

Staff training

Prositeweb Inc works with your webmaster or team to help them master Magento. We offer training sessions, coaching and resources.

Our Web Development Process.

To offer you a quality service, we respect the seven phases of web development which have been proven.


01 – Analysis

In this phase we take into account the needs, objectives and target audience for the site to be developed.


02 – Planning

In this phase, we draw up the site plan and its structure and choose the appropriate technology if the client has no idea.


03- Design

We create the mock-up and prototype of the site based on UI and UX methods.


04- Content

We produce content tailored to your solution and photos and videos tailored to the context. This will be beneficial for better positioning on search engines


05 – Development

We set up a database that will fit the problem perfectly, as well as the different development environments.


06 – Quality assurance

All our products respect standard development qualities. All our assets are properly tested before deployment.


07 -Deployment

We ensure the deployment how on the production server. The host can be provided by us or the client


08 – Technical support and maintenance

Once deployed, we support you in the first months of administration of your project. We also make updates according to your requests.


Contact us for a free 30 minutes estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about web development or our services? Here are some answers.

What is Magento?
Magento is a world famous content manager that enables the design of e-commerce platforms. It is available in two versions. A free version (open-source) and a version with annual subscription.
Choosing from one option the other depends on the type of e-commerce you have. It also depends on your budget. The free version is certainly less expensive when you are just starting out in e-Commerce. However, you need to take care of managing your site, server, and technical issues. As for the subscription version, you have access to Magento technical support if needed. In addition, Magento Commerce (subscription version) offers more features.
The Magento solution offers several features that can help you start your e-commerce easily. For example, you have access to several modules already incorporated in the basic version of the platform. Another advantage of Magento is its security. Magento updates are very regular. In addition, there is a security center that can help you get automated advice.
Although Magento is a complete online store development tool, it is not recommended if you are not ready to invest in your store. Managing the platform requires skills that are not necessarily given to everyone. If you have a limited budget, it would be better to orient yourself towards tools such as Woocommerce, Shopify or PrestaShop.
The end of life of Magento 1 was in June 2020. That said, since this period, you no longer have access to the supports of Magento and its community. To this end, continuing with the use of version 1 may have consequences in terms of the security or performance of your website. If you are not able to do the migration, you can work in conjunction with Magento experts for the maintenance of your current site. It could be costly in the long run. However, it is not impossible to continue with your current version.

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