All our services include

All of our services include these options. Work with experts to improve your ranking on the Internet



We offer you the possibility of hosting your solution directly at Prositeweb

custom extensions

custom extensions

Design and development of custom extensions

SEO of pages

SEO of pages

Optimization of each page for better search engine positioning.

Third party integration

Third party integration

Connect your website to third-party software of your choice.

E-commerce with WooCommerce

Drive your sales with the WooCommerce website

We are WooCommerce website design experts. WooCommerce is an important tool for building transactional websites. It's a tool that uses the power of WordPress to bring you quality platforms.

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Why a WooCommerce website?

The Woocommerce solution offers several advantages. Below are some examples.

100% free extension

WooCommerce is an extension of WordPress. Besides being used on the world's most popular platform, you can use it for free.

Open-source solution

All WooCommerce programming codes are accessible. Besides, you are free to make any changes to improve your site.

Very easy to use software

You don't need any technical skills to understand how WooCommerce works. The documentation is straightforward to understand

Extra extensions at your fingertips

You will find additional extensions for your site online very easily. You can save time and money on this.

Quick setup

With Woocommerce, the configuration is very fast via the WooCommerce-WizardLa. For this purpose, knowledge of HTML and CSS is generally not necessary.


wooCommerce guarantees you great scalability and reduced workshop costs compared to other workshop systems.

Why choose Prositeweb Inc.

We are experts in the development of WooCommerce and its integration. Below are some of the services offered.


Creation of online stores

We are professional WooCommerce developers with diverse skills in the field of various CMS. Besides, our team can help you build a professional website at a price you can afford.


Update or redesign of existing website

Prositeweb Inc. helps you improve the performance of your site. Besides, we help you maintain and update your store as per your current convenience. Some of our maintenance services are WooCommerce SEO performance, repair speed, and repairing code errors.


Development of WooCommerce models.

Also, we develop and customize the WooCommerce template based on the HTML or PSD templates. So contact us now to see what we can do for you.


Creation of WooCommerce extensions

Also, we have professionals in creating Woocommerce extensions. We can, therefore, develop one based on your specifications.


A unique and personalized solution

We work with businesses daily to help them redefine the purpose of their website. To achieve our objectives, we take the time to analyze the companies' profiles and offer them personalized solutions.


System security

Our priority is to ensure absolute site security for our customers.

What we can offer

E-commerce with WooCommerce

Website design / solutions

Redesigns / Redesign

Improvement of the existing solution

Development of solutions for Woocommerce

Consulting and training

Frequently asked questions

Prositeweb inc. is an agency specializing in the development of web solutions. Over the years, we have turned more and more towards e-commerce and SMEs.

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Prositeweb inc. offers personalized solutions that give businesses the opportunity to grow their businesses online. One of the particularities of Prositeweb inc. is that it is 100% conversion oriented. This is because we believe that all websites should achieve their goal of generating more leads or generating sales.

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Prositeweb inc. has established over the years a standard based on the quality, performance and visibility of web platforms. Prositeweb inc. offers a 100 %% solution suitable for all types of operating system or screen; optimized for performance and safety.

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The choice of the tool for the development of its website depends on factors, among other things, the structure you want for your site, then your team and finally your level of knowledge of the techniques to use.

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The time to spend on a project depends on the degree of knowledge that the developer has of the subject, the complexity of the project and the availability of the solutions sought.

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The development of a web solution whether it is a mobile application or a website depends on the need and the technique. Prositeweb inc. offers you a cost analysis for your project according to the specifications you present.

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