360° support in eCommerce design

We help you design your eCommerce from start to finish. Indeed, we are with you from the analysis stage to the management of your store. In our process, we use modern web design tools such as Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop or Shopify to provide you with unique solutions.

With many years of expertise and other assets, we can offer you the expertise you need to stand out.

Custom model development

We can create one from scratch that fits your needs 100%, or we can make a few tweaks to ensure you have less impact on load time or security.

Development of extensions and modules

If you need custom plugins or modules to extend the current functionality of your website, you have unquestionably come to the right place.

Update and redesign an existing e-commerce

If you are unhappy with your current e-commerce, we can work together to improve or redesign

Creating a new website for your business

Creating a new website is not always easy. First, you need to plan and cover various aspects. Next, you must make sure your website stands out from the competition. At Prositeweb, we make sure to help you in the process.

Connecting e-commerce with third-party solutions

Are CRMs, ERPs or marketing tools part of your company’s activities? Our team can work with you to connect your third-party solution to your e-commerce.

Performance optimization and SEO

Performance, security, and SEO are crucial to generating revenue for your business. We can work together to bring your website to its full potential.


Request an evaluation or subscribe to a solution

By clicking on the “Free evaluation” or “Subscribe” button, you can send us a request to request our services or products. Our team will respond to your request and send you information for tracking or downloading.


Login to your online account

We make our resources available through our online portal. If you contact us for a service, you will also have access to manage your project. In the case of a service, we will communicate with you beforehand for an agreement.


Collaboration and opinions on our services

Our mission is to provide you with quality services. It would be a pleasure to offer you the solution or service that meets your expectations. Leave your opinion to help us improve.

Why work with Prositeweb

We are a team of professional developers with several years of experience in eCommerce development and support

360° support

We work with you on all aspects of your e-commerce. Indeed, our team can guide you in the choices (domain name, technologies to use, hosting), development and management.

modern and personalized tools

Thanks to tools such as Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop, we design online stores to propel your sales. We distinguish ourselves from competitors, for example, by our approach oriented towards the customization of solutions

Why work with Prositeweb

tools necessary for the success of your business

Thanks to APIs and external resources, you can propel your activities and accelerate the development process of your e-commerce. We are at your disposal for the entire development and integration process.

Beyond installation and integration

With a bit of hindsight, we realized that a company’s success depends on personalization and not conformity. In other words, to set yourself apart from the competition, you need to make a unique solution that aligns with your business objectives.

Some answers to common questions

Do you have questions about online stores? We offer you some answers. However, you can contact us directly if you have any further questions.

An online store is a website that allows visitors to order and pay for products and services. WooCommerce has become one of the best ways to sell without many limitations. You can, among other things, sell online 24/7 to users in different countries or launch your business without opening any physical location.

The time required to create an online store depends on various parameters: your needs, your functionalities, the type of website and even the options you want to include. We generally estimate between 1 to 3 months to develop an excellent website. The time may vary depending on who is doing what. Providing content or photos for your site can be faster if you provide everything on time.

To start with e-commerce, you need to think of a product you want to sell. You can choose the software that best suits your needs if you already own products. Then you need to create your website. The next step will be adding your product information to your website and selling. We can work with you on the process of creating your online store.

No, you don’t necessarily need a website to sell online. You can sell your products on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, or Facebook. However, a website can be more advantageous regarding branding and marketing strategies. Most businesses use their websites and marketplace to optimize their sales. If you want to know how a website can benefit your business, contact us or check out our blog page.

Building an online store mostly depends on different criteria. Among these criteria, we have the type of e-commerce website you want to develop, the options you want to include and the resources you want to include. In our experience, the cost of setting up an online store can vary between $3,200 and $20,000

There is no single recipe for success with an online store. However, there are some things you need to do to be on the right track. Among them are planning, analyzing the competition and choosing a suitable product for a target audience. Additionally, marketing channels can play a vital role in advertising your products.

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We are a team of dedicated front-end and back-end developers based in Montreal. We help businesses to build and maintain their websites and applications.
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