Why Choose Shopify for your e-Commerce?

A 100% website hosted by Shopify

As a business owner, sometimes you want to focus on your business. With Shopify, you no longer need to worry about organizing or managing your server security. Also, a technical support team is at your disposal.

Access to thousands of features

An application platform is available to allow you to find what you need.

Easy to manage web platform

The administrator interface is straightforward and easy to understand. So you don't need long hours of training to know how to manage your content. Added to this, you have access to enough detailed documentation to accompany you if necessary.

Relatively low launch cost

The options offered by Shopify are ideally suited to your budget. For $14 a month, you can have an online store.

What we offer as services

We provide a range of services in Shopify. Indeed, with several years of experience in web solutions, we have had the opportunity to work with several companies like yours.


Development of online stores

We support you in the development process of your online store.


Updating or redesigning your site

A team of experts supports you in the process of updating and redesigning your store. To this end, we allow you to adapt to current trends.


Development of custom tools

If your business needs tools that are not available in the market, we can help you in development. Indeed, it is almost impossible to find everything you need on the net. However, a team of experts can help you make your vision a reality.


Integration of third-party solutions

To be able to manage your web platform effectively, you sometimes need external solutions. Our team supports you in the combination of external solutions such as CRM, social media ...


Website security is our priority

Website security becomes crucial, especially when we start talking about transactional websites. As a business, you need to have a strategy to ensure that your data and those of your customers are fully secure. Prositeweb can work with you to provide all you need to improve the security of your website.

Shopify Development in just four steps

Shopify Development in just four steps

We have simplified the development process to allow you to focus on the essentials


Analysis of your project

You submit your project for evaluation.


Proposal for designs + applications

Based on your specifications, we work together on design and applications.


Development of your site

Setting up your online store. This step includes updating products and content.


Tests and validation

Once you finish the website, we work together on testing and validation. Also, our team offers training.


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