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An expertise in Magento, prestaShop, WooCommerce and shopify. Our team offers you a complete range of services in development, consulting and support in the implementation of your online platform.

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WooCommerce eCommerce development
WooCommerce eCommerce development
PrestaShop eCommerce Development
PrestaShop eCommerce Development
Magento eCommerce development
Magento eCommerce development
Shopify eCommerce development
Shopify eCommerce development

Ecommerce agency in Montreal master of several modern tools

We are an eCommerce agency in Montreal with many years of expertise in online sales solutions. Our team will accompany you throughout the process of creating your online store so you don't forget any step. Indeed, starting to sell online requires a certain amount of organization. Our goal is to guide you through every step.

Prositeweb Inc. is an eCommerce agency in Montreal passionate about developing e-commerce platforms. We offer a diversified and personalized range of services to support sellers. Our interventions are among others; needs analysis, site design, consultation and training. If needed, we help our clients in the maintenance and continuous improvement of their solution.

Ecommerce agency in Montreal master of several modern tools

Creation of functionalities and themes for e-commerce

In the field of e-commerce, we sometimes need a unique and personalized solution to our needs to be able to better control our resources. One of the biggest challenges for external resources is security management. Prositeweb Inc. offers you a different approach based on the design of your own theme or the functionalities of your site.


Keep a permanent control on your internal resources.

Unique Solution

Create a unique solution for your business.

Less expensive

No need for a subscription or additional costs in the medium term

Ready-to-use solution

Your team can take over without too much difficulty.

Ready-to-use solution

Development and integration of e-commerce sites

Our team of experts will accompany you on a daily basis in all types of e-commerce development projects. We have expertise in creating sites using different types of modern solutions. In addition, we have worked with companies from different sectors. Whether you are just starting out or in the process of improvement or restructuring, we can provide you with the support you need to better advance your business.

Development and integration of e-commerce sites

Why an e-commerce platform?

Selling online offers several advantages compared to the conventional type of business. Thanks to your online presence, you could have the following advantages.

  • Shop open 24/7

    With online sales, you no longer need to rely on business hours. Indeed, with online payment methods, and the availability of your site, your customers can pay at any time.

  • No border restrictions

    Expand your border limits with online sales. You no longer need to sell only in your locality. Whether your customers are across the country or internationally, you can offer your products to them.

  • Generate more income for your business

    With your e-business solution, if you have a good strategy, you could see your sales multiplied. There are several options available to you to win easily. One of these options is automation.

  • Spend as little as possible

    One of the advantages of selling online is that you may not need a lot of staff. Indeed, since many tasks are automated, you will only need to recruit the minimum number of people.

Combine the advantages of ecommerce with our expertise

Succeeding in online sales requires above all preparation and strategy implementation. Indeed, constrained to the physical sale where your customers can see and judge, the online shop is the only means used by customers. You must therefore have a team of experts to guide you in your choices.

We could, for example, give you the procedure to follow, present you with a winning formula and set up your shop. If you want to know more about what we have to offer, contact us today for a free evaluation.

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Using modern tools for your online store

Prositeweb Inc. offers you a set of tools at the cutting edge of technology to assist you in setting up your online store. Below is a small comparison of the tools we use.

Percentage for all sites 100 %

Percentage for all sites

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • Autres Outils
  • BigCommerce

Market of 1 Million of the most popular sites

WooCommerce 4.85%
Shopify 3.48%
Magento 1.29%
OpenCart 0.54%
Autres Outils 89.84%
BigCommerce 0.46%
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • Autres Outils
  • BigCommerce

Why Prositeweb Inc.

A team of experts in the development of online stores in Montreal will accompany you in your daily projects.

A unique and custom solutions

We work daily with companies to help them redefine the purpose of their website. To achieve our objectives, we take the time to analyze the profile of companies and offer them personalized solutions.

Website security is our priority

Website security becomes crucial, especially when we start talking about transactional websites. As a business, you need to have a strategy to ensure that your data and those of your customers are fully secure. Prositeweb can work with you to provide all you need to improve the security of your website.

SEO optimization

Optimizing websites for natural ranking is one of our core principles at Prositeweb Inc. We, for example, use modern tools to make sure that all your pages are SEO ready.

Fully responsive design

All of the websites we build are 100% responsive and suitable for all screen sizes. As such, you don't need additional spending on the mobile version of your site.

Learn more about e-commerce through our articles

We provide a variety of resources to help you become familiar with online sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions asked by our customers that can help you understand the advantages of the online shop.

The e-commerce or electronic commerce is to produce to a targeted customer via the tools on the internet. It is a fairly effective way to sell your products or services to people who are not necessarily in your geographical area or wishing to save time.

The cost of developing an online store can depend on several factors. Namely, your objective, your skills, the type of website and your long or medium term vision. If you want to spend as little as possible, you can for example invest less than 50$ in development by buying a hosting space and doing it by yourself. The latter will simply consist of buying a domain name and web hosting and doing the development by yourself. If you don't have web development skills and would like to have a quality solution, hiring an agency might be ideal. and are based on the same solution but have different concepts. gives you the opportunity to create your website for free via the official website However, with, you must download the software for free via to use it. You also have the possibility to use without downloading it from hosting providers offering this option.

A content manager is a tool that allows you to create a website easily without having to code everything from scratch. It has been designed so that you can download (if it is free), install and use it without necessarily having technical skills. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal are some examples of content managers. With our expertise in WordPress website development in Montreal, we can help you make the right choice.

The software you use to create your website can have a considerable impact on many aspects of your business. Indeed, some technologies are easier to use than others. The security is more reinforced on some applications. You must also choose a software package taking into consideration your objectives. For example, if you use a tool made for creating school websites as an e-commerce platform, it would require much more effort. Our experts can evaluate your need free of charge and offer you the right solution.

Our eCommerce agency in Montreal can guide you daily to improve your online presence. In addition we make sure your website is 100% adapted to all types of screens. Another advantage of working with us is our expertise in all aspects of web development; namely: design, backend development and search engine optimization. Contact us for a free evaluation.