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Staff consultation and training

Let technology work for you with input from web development experts

Staff consultation and training

What all our customers get thanks to our collaboration

We work with you on several aspects surrounding web development. Namely, the quality of your content, the conversion and the improvement of the brand image of your company. Below is a summary of what you get with our services.

  • A solution 100% adapted to all types of screens

As you may already know, the ergonomics and adaptability of your web solution to all types of screens is essential to target customers of all age groups. That's why we put everything in place to offer you a solution tested and validated on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

  • Validate under different browsers and operating systems

During the development process, we can sometimes lose sight of the fact that customers will be using the solution under an operating system or browser different from ours. At Prositeweb, we have tools that allow us to test and validate that websites and applications are compatible with all current solutions.

  • All our codes respect the W3C standard in terms of syntax

The W3C establishes a set of development standards to promote performance, adaptability and above all security. At the end of development, we validate each line of code to be reassured that it does not use syntaxes which are no longer approved. In addition, we adopt the most modern approaches.

  • Solutions designed to be positioned at the top of search engines

From the analysis stage, we have in mind the SEO aspect of your website. The purpose is certainly to make more sales or to attract potential interested parties, we do everything we can to assist you in this regard. This depends above all on the quality of your website, the relevance of your content and your positioning against the competition.

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We have received your message and will contact you soon.

Thank you for choosing prositeweb, your web development agency in Montreal. Please call us at +1 (514) 548-2165 if you need immediate support.

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Consultation in technological choice

With thousands of software out there, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. We can, for example, make an assessment of your project and degree of knowledge in order to better advise you.

Consulting service in management and development of solutions

We can work with you both in your premises or our offices in Montreal to advance your projects. Our team can fully manage your projects. Alternatively, we can collaborate with your team for a skills exchange.

Staff training

Another aspect of our service consists of offering you the appropriate training to help you be autonomous in your tools. Indeed, at the end of the development of your project, we provide training to better explain how to manage the website. If you wish, for example, to improve the level of your team on the use of development software, we can also organize training.

Technical support and maintenance

We have a service 100% dedicated to updating or maintaining your web solutions. Our service consists, among other things, of modifying an existing solution, fixing bugs or performance problems. We can also help you audit your website to help you improve quality. Indeed, several factors can have an impact on the achievement of the objectives of a website. Among the factors, we can cite loading time, syntax errors, ergonomics and compatibility with web browsers. We use, for example, GTmetrix to test and improve performance and W3C validator to fix syntax errors.

Why work with us?

If you are looking for support from people who also master the technology you use for your website, you have come to the right place. Indeed, we have advanced knowledge in development tools for websites and applications. Combined with our notions in web server management, we can easily provide you with assistance, so you can better optimize your website.

The choice to move towards open-source solutions was largely influenced by the fact that many hosted software do not give flexibility and ease of learning. In other words, thanks to open-source solutions, we are constantly innovating and learning to offer you the best.

The w3C establishes a set of rules and recommendations to better guide the development approach of web solutions. These recommendations aim to improve the quality of web solutions. Compliance with these rules is essential throughout the development process.

The primary goal of your website or application being to easily reach your site, we make sure to do all the necessary validations before going online. Our validations can consist in validating the adaptability of the site with the types of screen.

Cybercrime is a major issue on the net. This is why it is important to establish barrier measures to better protect yourself. Measures include, among other things, the quality of codes and best practices.

Performance is a key element that you should not neglect if you want to better reach your target. Prositeweb works to apply a set of measures to ensure that your solution is relatively easy to navigate. For this, we adopt good practices and carry out a set of tests before the publication of the website.

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