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Website 100% adapted to current trends
An evolutionary process

Website 100% adapted to current trends

Our team of experts is always on top of technological developments. As a result, we always offer you solutions that are 100% adapted to current trends. Indeed, being able to take advantage of a web solution requires above all planning and a strategy for the long term.


A secure solution that remains international standards.

We place particular emphasis on the performance of your website. In addition, throughout our development process, we are committed to offering you an optimized solution for better positioning on Google and allowing you to easily reach your target.

A secure solution that remains international standards.
A 100% turnkey website

A 100% turnkey website

Our development approach generally includes the use of content managers or database applications. This gives you the ability to be able to manage your content from an admin panel. At the end of the development, we offer you training.

Our location

A web designer team in Montreal East (Canada)

Prositeweb is a web designer agency in East Montreal . Although we are based in Canada, we are proud to offer our services to Canadian Companies and many other companies around the world. Our team has expertise in Backend and Frontend development.

A web designer team in Montreal East (Canada)
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Do you have a project in mind? Contact us for a free evaluation.

We are experts in creating websites, online stores and software based in Montreal.

Why work with us?


Unique and custom solutions

We offer each client the service that best suits their needs. You do not have to comply with the requirements of a technology thanks to our expertise.

Responsive design

The design of your website automatically adapts to mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. It helps you reach your target easily.

Follow w3c Guidelines

Our team scrupulously respects the recommendations of the W3C throughout the development process. You are guaranteed to have quality codes.


All the solutions we develop are ready for indexing for search engines. Thanks to our approach, you easily reach your target.

Turnkey solutions

Once your project is complete, you no longer have to rely on us for management or updates. Indeed, we offer turnkey solutions with training.

Project Manager

We will match you with a project manager who works exclusively on your solution. This facilitates communication and allows you to complete your project on time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled here the questions commonly asked by our customers. If you have any other concerns, you can send us a message using the button below.

Do we really need a website?

In today's environment, having a website can be very beneficial for a business. Here are some reasons why a website is important:

  1. Online visibility: A website gives your business visibility online, which is crucial because the majority of consumers do research online before purchasing a product or service.
  2. Credibility: Having a professional website can give your business an image of credibility and professionalism. Consumers tend to be wary of companies that don't have a website or have a poorly designed website.
  3. Accessibility: A website gives potential customers 24/7 access to your business, which means they can get information about your products or services at any time.
  4. Online Marketing: A website can be used to promote your business and your products or services online. You can use search engine optimization (SEO), online advertisements and social networks to attract visitors to your website.
  5. Communication: A website can be used to communicate with customers, gather feedback and reviews, answer customer questions, and even offer technical support.

In short, having a website can be an important asset for a business. Indeed, it helps to increase online visibility, improve credibility, provide continuous accessibility, facilitate online marketing and enable communication with customers.

How much will it cost to create my website / software?

The cost of creating a website or software varies depending on many factors. Some of the factors include the type of website or software, the complexity of the project, the number of features, the design, the technical skills of the team, the availability of resources, the geographical location, taxes, etc. .

The cost can vary greatly depending on these factors, so it's hard to give an exact figure without knowing the details of your project.

To get a more accurate cost estimate, it is recommended to speak with service providers in website creation or software development and provide them with clear and detailed specifications for the project.

It is important to note that the cost of creating a website or software should not be considered a one-time expense. Indeed, maintenance, updates and hosting costs can add to this initial expense. It is therefore crucial to plan a budget sustainably to cover all these costs.

How long will it take to create my showcase website?

The duration of creating a showcase website depends on several factors. Some of these factors include: the complexity of the design, the number of pages, the amount of content to be produced, the desired features, the level of customization and the time needed to gather all the elements necessary to create the website.

In general, this can take from a few weeks to several months. However, most showcase website projects take 4-12 weeks to complete.

It is important to note that the duration of the creation of the showcase website can also depend on the speed with which the client provides the content. You must also provide the essential information for the creation of the website. The speed of the exchanges between the client and the showcase website creation company can also often affect the deadlines.

If you have a project in mind, contact us today for a free evaluation.

How will you help me ensure the security of my showcase website?

Website security is a top concern for businesses. Prositeweb offers services to help businesses protect their website against hacker attacks and security threats. Here is a description of these services:

  1. Regular updates: Prositeweb ensures the regular updating of operating systems, software and plugins used on your website to ensure that the latest security updates are applied.
  2. Regular backups: Prositeweb regularly performs full backups of your website, so that you can recover your data in the event of a problem or data loss.
  3. Installation of SSL certificates: Prositeweb can install and configure an SSL certificate on your website to secure data exchanges between your site and visitors.
  4. Security monitoring: Prositeweb monitors the security of your website to detect suspicious activity and security threats, and intervenes quickly to minimize the risks.
  5. Security Tips: Prositeweb can also provide security tips to help businesses adopt appropriate security practices for their website and business.

By working with Prositeweb, businesses can rest assured that their website is protected against security threats and hacker attacks. Prositeweb's website security services allow businesses to focus on their core business, knowing that their website is secure and their data is protected.

What measures do you put in place to facilitate the use of a website?

When working with a showcase website design company, they should ensure that the website is easy for visitors to use. Here are some steps the business can take to ensure the usability of the showcase website:

  1. Needs analysis: The showcase website creation company must understand the needs of your target audience. This may include an analysis of what types of content, features, and website structure work best for your target audience.
  2. Website architecture planning: Based on the needs of your target audience, the showcase website creation company can plan a logical and user-friendly website architecture. This can include organizing website pages, providing a clear and easy-to-use navigation menu, and creating internal links to help visitors easily find the information they need.
  3. Designing an intuitive user interface: The showcase website creation company must design an intuitive user interface for the website. This can include using easy-to-read fonts, high-quality images and videos to communicate effectively, as well as creating a cohesive and attractive design for the website.
  4. Usability testing: Once the website is developed, the showcase website creation company should perform usability testing to ensure that the website is easy to use for visitors. This may include testing with real users to identify navigation and design issues and fix them.

By working closely with the showcase website creation company, you should be able to achieve an easy-to-use showcase website for your visitors. The company should ensure that the website architecture, user interface, and design are all designed with ease of use in mind.

What are the programming languages used to develop a website theme?

Developing website themes usually involves the use of multiple programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. However, the languages used may vary depending on the platform or CMS used for the website.

Is a website enough to generate income online?

The answer depends on the type of website and how it is designed to generate income. Some websites are designed to be direct sources of income, while other sites can generate income indirectly by attracting visitors and building awareness of a business or brand.

Here are some examples of websites that can generate income online:

  1. E-commerce: E-commerce sites are designed to sell products online. They can generate revenue by charging customers for products sold.
  2. Platform for advertising: Websites that generate revenue through advertising serve advertisements in exchange for compensation. The owners of these sites can earn money based on the number of clicks or ad impressions.
  3. Affiliate sites: Affiliate sites promote products or services of other companies, and receive a commission on sales made through their affiliate link.
  4. Online training: Online training sites offer paid or subscription-based online courses, which can generate revenue for the owners of these sites.
  5. Member subscription: Member sites allow users to subscribe to access exclusive content or additional features. The owners of these sites can thus generate income through subscriptions.

However, it is important to note that the mere existence of a website does not guarantee revenue generation. Therefore, it is essential to have an effective strategy in place to attract traffic and convert visitors into customers. Website quality, online marketing, pricing strategy, and competition can also play an important role in a website's ability to generate revenue online.