How to do SEO Optimization with our free software

Our SEO Analyzer allows you SEO Optimization of your site for free. Indeed, in order to have a better positioning on search engines, you must take a set of more or less standard measures. Some of its metrics are: Add meta elements, your site performance and keywords. Prositeweb offers you a free tool to assist you in this regard. The tool is available via Below we offer a small SEO Optimization documentation to help you in its use.

Visit the site

If you want to do SEO Optimization for your site, the first step is to visit Via this site you can use the software as a visitor or a subscriber. The visitor tool gives you almost the same benefits as a subscriber. However, by creating an account, you have the possibility to update your analysis after adjusting your site. You also benefit from all our resources.

Steps to follow for SEO Optimization via our software (one step only)

Once on the site, you have access to a form similar to the screenshot below. It is simply a question of entering your URL, and clicking on “Analyze”. After a few seconds, the tool will generate a report on your screen. Among the options, you can view the advice on the screen or download the report in PDF format.

Interpret the result of our SEO analyzer

When you analyze your site, you get a detailed report with a balance sheet at the top of the page similar to the screenshot below. We will see together how to interpret this result.

SEO report

Summary tab “Overview”

It is simply the SEO report as a percentage. For example, you will notice 3 color indicators:

  • Green color – It represents SEO aspects that do not need to be improved
  • Orange color – These are elements that are passable; but that you can improve
  • The color red – represents SEO errors that have a major impact on your positioning.

In the summary tab, you also have access to a button to download the report in PDF version, a button to update (If you are connected). We also offer you the possibility of comparing your positioning with that of a competitor.

SEO tab

The SEO tab mainly talks about what search engines use to deliver your content to visitors. For example, you will see advice relating to:

  • Meta title – The title that appears when you do a Google search. This title must be between 10 and 70 characters
  • The meta description – A summary of the page that is intended to entice visitors to click on the link.
  • The use of tags h. Usually. Search engines use h tags to classify the topics on a page.
  • Alternative Image
  • The distribution of key words

The ergonomics of your website

In this section, the tool gives you a report on the ergonomics of your site. A site that is not sufficiently optimized may, for example, have advice on:

  • The length of your url . The less it takes, the easier it is to remember. Indeed, people are more apt to remember when it is short and relate to a concept known to all.
  • Your 404 page. Visitors are unlikely to leave your site directly if they come across a fairly illustrative error page. In other words, if a visitor mistakenly enters a page that does not exist, with the 404 page, you can give them options.
  • The size of your page. In countries with a high speed connection, it is easy to access almost any website. However, if a potential customer does not have access to high internet speed, they would not be able to access your site if the size is relatively large.
  • Page load time

SEO optimization – Increase your visibility on search engines

Improving the quality and quantity of your content plays an important role in SEO. Although it cannot be said with 100% guarantee that you will get first place in search results, you can still improve your position considerably.

Below are some simple steps to use our SEO Optimization software.

The steps are simple to follow.

Analyze your web page in less than 2 minutes

If you enter your URL (for example, ) in the form above, you will have an SEO report in less than 2 minutes. Our software will be able to analyze your website for SEO errors. You will also see recommendations on your computer screen. If you pay attention to it, you are going to notice recommendations of three different colors: green, red and yellow. You must resize your positioning if the color is red. The color yellow means SEO is average and green means everything is good.

Read the recommendations carefully and update your site

You have two options if you want to apply our guide for better improvement. The first option is for you to read screen and correct your web page. Alternatively, you can download the report in PDF format. I would personally recommend the download so that you can document your changes. In general, when you analyze your site, you have the following elements: “your meta-title is too short” or “your meta-title is too long”. To update your website, you will just need to increase / shorten the length of your meta title.

Run another scan test after the changes are complete

If you fix some (all) of the SEO errors reported during your first scan, you can run another SEO test to see the updates. For example, if you follow the directions and apply the recommendations carefully, you should see a difference. This is because if your score was 78% and you run another test, you could have 81% or maybe more. Running another scan is easy. Enter your URL again on the form and click analyze. The software may redirect you to the previous report. If this is the case, click on the orange button below, the referencing says “Update”. In this case, there are two scenarios; if you are logged in, the scan will run once. Otherwise, the tool will ask you to sign in. Connection is simple; you can do it with your email id or social media. We have Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Why optimize your website for better positioning?

SEO is not the only way to get traffic online. Plus, you don’t even need to optimize your website to make money. However, if you optimize your website, you will save money that you have to spend on marketing in the long run. Below are some advantages of SEO.

Improving your organic reach

Your potential customers are likely to come naturally to your web pages. In fact, with SEO, you have chances of getting more organic traffic from search engines.

Long-term expense reduction

By making sure you apply best development practices, you will naturally have more visitors. Hence, you spend less on trying to get customers or visitors to your website.

Improving your online reputation

People generally tend to believe that the results at the top of the search results are the best. For this reason, if you work on your SEO, you will build more trust with your target audience.

Better user experience

The more you practice SEO, the more you improve the quality of your website. In other words, you make your website easier to navigate and your visitors stay there longer.

Explain less what you offer as a service

One of the rules of SEO is the amount of content. When you improve the quality and quantity of your content, your visitors better understand what your faults are without asking too many questions.

Generate more leads and income

By making sure to improve your SEO, you increase your chances of getting good quality traffic to your website. With more quality, you could close more deals or gain more prospects.

Would you like to work with a team of experts?

Not everyone has the patience to fix SEO errors. If this is your case, we can work together.

Unlimited analysis

Perform an in-depth analysis of our most powerful servers. Stored reports make it easy to view progress and past work.

In-depth reviews

With our detailed website analysis, learn how to solve your SEO problems with clear definitions for each SEO metric.

Competitive analysis

You can compare your site with that of a competitor.

Optimize your website for better search engine positioning

Optimizing a website is essential for improving your search engine visibility, user experience, and security. This is because a website that is well optimized in terms of speed, performance or ergonomics encourages visitors to stay longer. In addition, you are more likely to increase your visibility and perform more conversions. Being reassured that your website is properly optimized is crucial for the survival of your platform. At Prositeweb Inc, we analyze your web platform in detail and suggest elements to put in place to reassure you of better performance.

Some to help you improve your website

We use modern tools to improve your SEO score.

Improve performance with

GTmetrix is one of the most popular platforms for analyzing website performance. You can download a report in PDF format or apply recommendations by searching the results on the screen. Prositeweb uses this platform and implements the proposals for a better return on your site.

Use our software to improve your SEO is a web application for resolving repository errors. It was put in place to allow its users to improve their visibility in search engines. For example, through our platform, you can have a detailed PDF report with all your SEO errors. The report also contains recommendations for better results.

Validate the syntax of your HTML documents with

The W3C Validator is a website at that defines standards on the web. The platform aims to analyze web pages and display HTML code errors. You will also find the lines of code to modify. It makes sense to make mistakes during the development process. The W3C can help you fix them

Use Google’s analytics tool to check if your website is mobile-friendly.

Google suggests a free tool that you can use to check if your web page is sensitive. As you probably already know, responsiveness plays a vital role in SEO. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that your webpage is accessible on mobiles and tablets. If you want to use the Google tool, follow this link. If you don’t want to change pages one after the other, you can submit your sitemap to Google Search Console.

Update your Meta and Alt elements

With less effort, you can improve your SEO by just adding a meta title, description, and alternate title to images. Part of the job of search engines is to analyze these latter elements to get a basic idea of your web pages. To give you an example, let’s say your web page talks about “Restaurant Montreal” and you want to appear in search results for those keywords. What you will need to do is add the title and meta description including your keywords. You will also ensure that it appears at least once on the alternate title of your images. In addition to that, you must include at most one h1 element on your page.

Write quality content

Improving search engine visibility isn’t just about adding keywords. Over time, search engines are getting smarter at detecting people who are trying to trick them with random occurrences of keywords. Therefore, besides adding information about Meta and Alt elements, be sure to write quality content. You can do this by researching your niche. Then, provide as much information as possible to make your content outbid that of your competition. Keep in mind that it might take a while to get to the top, but the more value you add, the more likely you are to improve your traffic.

Improve the quality of your website.

Some of the critical factors in SEO are performance and non-responsiveness. For example, no one will likely stay on your website longer if a page takes longer than 10 seconds to load. Moreover, if your visitors on mobile phones and tablets can easily access your website, you will lose most of it. In other words, having a good website will also help improve your rankings. Some of the things to consider are your website speed, responsiveness, security, and browser compatibility. If you use our SEO tool, you will generate a full report with the solutions.

Are you looking for SEO experts to improve your organic traffic?

If you don’t have the time to work on your SEO yourself, we can work together. As SEO experts, we’ve designed a personalized strategy to help you improve your rankings. Our team can help you achieve the following goals.

Analysis and optimization of web platforms

Using modern tools, we analyze and optimize web platforms for better performance. Indeed, all the analysis software used generate a report with elements to improve. We use these comments to improve your website.

On the other hand, we are reassured to offer you a web platform without code errors or blocking. At the end of our intervention, we guarantee you a fast, ergonomic (100% suitable for all types of screen) and more secure platform. Our team can also install monitoring tools allowing you to receive weekly notifications.

Updating servers and code

Most website development solutions improve their functions or systems in order to solve security or buggy issues. It is therefore essential to update your codes and your server to take advantage of these updates. Prositeweb can help you with this process. With several years of experience in backend development, we have had the opportunity to work on several types of servers. We therefore master the configuration you need and the features to take into account. Contact us today for a complete audit of your site. For example, we can provide you with personalized advice on the security and performance of your infrastructure.

Monitor your traffic

We offer you a personalized service in monitoring your traffic. Indeed, to avoid loss of traffic or unexpected problems, we automate monitoring. Our intervention allows you to receive a detailed weekly report on performance, areas for improvement and more. A dedicated expert works with you every day to help you always have the upper hand over your competition.

Consulting and training

Would you like to have the necessary knowledge on SEO Optimization? This service can help you. Indeed, having had the opportunity to work with several structures in optimization and improvement projects for Web platforms, we have implemented a strategy that could help you. Our services consist of training you on SEO tools and optimizations. We also give you techniques for implementing the recommendations. Contact us today to find out more.

The mistake 90% of website owners make

Most website owners do not always anticipate THE CHANGES to be observed in website development trends. It’s a misconception that having a website is the last bus stop to start generating profit online.

Many people would invest in building a website, and end up getting frustrated because they are not making any money. With more than a billion sites on the Internet, it is essential to put in the extra effort to be among the best.

Because of this, having a website without being able to get leads or sales from it is absolutely the same as not having it. Today that can change by getting a free report on your website performance.

Having a “limited marketing budget” is no excuse.

Using the “limited marketing budget” argument is akin to signing up for a review and not putting in the effort, hoping for sky-high results. The web standard isn’t just about budget. You can use your limited resources to do something more meaningful.

Indeed, to have more traffic and generate more profits depending on what you have as various resources, it is important to understand the different current trends of the Internet. Analyzing your website’s performance can help you define the best strategy for your business.

Six Signs That Your Website Is Not Up To Current Standards

  • Bounce rate too high.
  • Difficulties accessing your site
  • Order process not clear enough
  • Website not secure enough.
  • Non-compliance with the W3C standard
  • The content does not reflect the original information

Here are six steps to improve your website presence.

  • Re-evaluate your website.
  • Fixed SEO issues.
  • Redefine a better strategy.
  • Analyze the results.
  • Monitor your SEO.
  • Adjust to improve.

However, there are five key steps to ensure you achieve the desired results. Subscribe and receive lessons on how to quickly reach goals for your business.

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