Ruby is a free programming language. It is interpreted, object oriented and multi-paradigm.


About Ruby

Ruby is an interpreted, object-oriented, multi-paradigm programming language.

Why Ruby?

Ruby has several advantages. To know:

Flexible and easy to use

Ruby is a programming language recognized for its flexibility allowing to optimize the productivity while reducing the development time.

Effective for startups and prototyping

Ruby is ideal for a startup or any business that wants to deliver its software products quickly.

Some features of Ruby

This programming language has several features including:

The omnipresent object-oriented

It is natively object oriented unlike PHP.

The garbage collector

It automatically frees the memory.

The reflection

On Ruby, programs and objects can inspect themselves and modify themselves.

Some disadvantages of Ruby

Low community

Ruby’s support community is not as strong as PHP’s. Documents on programming in Ruby are sparse.

Slowness in processing

The response times of applications designed with Ruby are very slow compared to other languages like Java.



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