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Increase your conversion rate with Email Marketing

Our email marketing software can be a great asset to your business. Indeed, thanks to our software, You can schedule newsletters, automate certain customer emails and much more.

What is Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing software is a tool that makes it easier for you to create newsletters and automate a set of email outings in your organization.

To interact more and more with your users, you can use email marketing software. It can help you on several levels:

  • When sending a mass email to all customers notifying them of major changes within your business.
  • Sending newsletters to redirect customers to an article or content on your website.
  • Welcome messages for new or potential customers registered on your site
  • Automation of adding to cart. This option is particularly useful when you are selling products online and would like to remind your customers to complete the order.

Companies that have understood the usefulness of email marketing software are using it on a daily basis to generate more revenue.

Why use our software?

We offer you several options to help you manage your email marketing effectively. We've simplified the email management process so you can focus on what matters most to your business. Below are some advantages of our tool.

  • Sends unlimited email. You can schedule and send emails to an unlimited number of customers through our tool.
  • Validate emails automatically before adding them to your list. We have integrated a tool that validates the existence of emails. This can help avoid filling your contact list with spam.
  • Easily connect the tool to your website via API credentials.
  • Technical support available. We are at your disposal to help you better understand how to use the platform.
  • Several designs are ready for use. We have several designs available that you can use as a template to schedule your emails.
  • Import your design. You can shop the designs online and use them in our tools to design your email template.

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